Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD thinking it is 4 am in the morning, Dada ji will wake up and go to ghat. This discipline makes him different from us. Temple is shown and its bells are ringing. LD thinks why Dada ji didn’t come till now. Is he not well. His mother Sadhna comes and asks why did you wake up so early. Are you waiting for your Dada ji. LD says yes, but he didn’t come till now. Sadhna asks him not to worry as Dada ji never misses aarti. She asks him rest and says it seems you haven’t slept. LD thinks he had hurt Dada ji very much and recalls Dada ji words that he won’t accept Radha. He recalls Dadi Bua’s words and then he imagines Radha sitting at his side, waving him hi……Mere Rang Me music plays……..He sees her and closes the door. Then he looks at his family photo. He hears Radha calling him LD while holding bouquet in her hands and smiling. He gets surprised and closes the door.

Director applauds for Radha at the audition. Sudhakar says she is his daughter. Radha thanks the director. LD comes there and asks her to accompany him to Mathura right now. He says you are my wife. Radha gets shocked. He goes on stage and holds her hand. Radha asks him to leave her hand. She wakes up and says she got a dream again. She thinks what will happen if this dream comes true. She prays to God and requests him to give her film contract and also requests God to make LD’s family reject marriage proposal.

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LD is thinking….Sadhna asks what happened? LD says I took a decision regarding Radha. I couldn’t sleep entire night thinking about Dada ji’s and Radha. He asks Sadhna to call Suhasini and refuse. He says Radha is his first love and he will think that his love is incomplete. His brother hears him. LD says he respects Dada ji very much and can’t see him hurt if he choses Radha. Sadhna says I am feeling ashamed to call you as my son. I thought you are matured, but you don’t have confidence about your love. Within a night you are saying you will forget Radha. She asks him to be firm because of the promise. LD says he will be hurt to hurt his loves ones. He asks can you convince Dada ji. Sadhna asks do I have any other option. You can’t back off.

LD says don’t know what to do. Sadhna says I will talk to Dada ji. LD says you didn’t talk to him since 20 years. Sadhna says this situation didn’t arise any time. She says once I got weak and did a mistake, but I can’t repeat the mistake. I won’t accept defeat without trying. She asks him not to worry as this will happen after 20 years. LD and his brother are shocked. Sadhna prays to Kanha ji and asks him to support her. She heads towards Dada ji’s room. Murari and Jayshree see Sadhna going towards Dadaji’s room and wonders why she is going. Sadhna thinks she didn’t talk to Dadaji since 20 years, but now have to talk. Dadaji is seen praying and reciting holy book. Jayshree waits anxiously. Sadhna covers her head with Pallu and peeps in his room.

Dada ji is still reading the book. Sadhna pushes the door and comes inside. She steps inside while LD looks at her. Dadaji ends his prayers. Jayshree and Murari hides. Dadaji gets up and sees Sadhna standing in his room. He gets shocked and surprised. Dada ji says it is sure that you came here to talk about LD. He asks her to tell. Sadhna says may be you don’t like my talk, but I have to talk. Dada ji says you didn’t talk to me since 20 years. Last time you came here to send LD to city for his education. You took his decisions. What is the matter now? Sadhna says I came here to talk about LD and don’t think my words as your insult. Dadaji says matter have ended. He goes to hall and sits down. Sadhna says today you didn’t go to ghat for puja if matter is ended.

She says you can’t punish LD because of Phupha ji. She says Munim Ji’s son sent him money for his wife’s treatment, you said that he didn’t come. Dada ji asks her to come to point. Sadhna says being a mother she has to support her son when something wrong is happening with him. Dada ji asks what do you mean, am I doing wrong with him. Sadhna says yes. Everyone get shocked.

Sadhna requests him to see other side of the situation. She says you are taking a decision looking at one side of coin. LD respects you very much. Dada ji says you respects elders in this time. Sadhna says I can’t tell surely that he respects you a lot. He has decided to forget his love. Do you want him to sacrifice his love for our happiness. LD looks sad. Jayshree thinks she is talking too much. Sadhna says LD will marry someone else for us, but he won’t be happy. They can’t be united. Dada ji stands up and questions Sadhna, do you think that girl Radha will bring happiness in LD’s life. Can she be good bahu for this house.

Dada ji tells LD that he will take Radha’s test. They get tensed.

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  1. Nice episode!!! Story is going on correct track.

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