Mahakumbh 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maai scolding Rudra and asking why did he do this. Rudra says Punnu’s dad would have died. She says don’t do this again and prays for his safety, as he is born with a mystery. Grierson and the priest talks about Shivanand being the key to solve Mahakumbh mystery, and they can’t lose him, being so close to the mystery solution. Grierson says we will get him, my men are following him. The priest leaves saying he hopes he will succeed. The little boy looks at Shivanand lying on the sofa. Shivanand wakes up and says Rudra. The boy runs to his mum and says he got unconscious. The lady comes to Shivanand and gives him water. Shivanand sees Rudra in that boy. He lady asks her son Cuba to go inside.

Rudra sits alone. Grierson tries tracking Shivanand. He calls his men and says Shivanand has run away. He says he has activates the GPS chip connected to Shivanand’s body and I will send his address. His goons says he will get Shivanand, send the location. The man buries someone and leaves. Shivanand says he has to make a phone call and then he will leave. The lady says my husband will reach, please leave, no calling. Cuba tells about his dad and the lady sends him. She cleans the phone and says please go, my husband will be coming. She asks can he understand her? Shivanand sees her husband’s pic. She says I can’t tell you everything, and hides her wound marks.

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Shivanand sees the sticks. She says your accident happened by my car, I m sorry, you have to go now. Rudra swims and some people look for him. Pandey’s brother in law finds Rudra as he has promised Pandey. He asks his men to catch Rudra. All the men fail to catch Rudra, as some shields come in between. They are shocked. Shivanand asks the lady to think again, as she and her son have full right to be happy. She says she has compromised. He says I m sorry, and starts leaving. Cuba offers something. Shivanand says I can’t take this. He gives a toy for Rudra. He asks how do you know him. Cuba says you told his name even in sleep, who is he. Shivanand says Rudra is my son and accepts it.

The goons are shocked to see men with trishuls protecting Rudra and try to escape. The sadhus/saints beat the goons. Rudra turns and does not see anything, its calm waters. Pandey’s brother in law witnesses this and is shocked. Rudra stands in water and prays. He leaves. Pandey’s brother in law and the goons are dragged and taken, and Rudra is unaware of this. Tiwari talks to Punnu and prepares him for play in Kumbh. Other kids watch on and laugh seeing Punnu failing to say Dohas well. Tiwari asks him to repeat it, and slaps on his mistakes.

Punnu shows anger and starts crying, saying find someone else. He runs and comes to Rudra. He says dad wants me to become Hanuman. Tiwari comes and asks him to come. Punnu says I can’t become Ram. He asks then who will become, and say Dohas. Punnu smiles and says Rudra will become, you don’t know he is superman and can do anything, he has much knowledge.Tiwari says the Dohas and Rudra listens. Tiwari asks can he tell this difficult Doha. Rudra recalls his words and repeats it perfectly. Tiwari is stunned. He says you will become my Ram and is glad.

Shivanand sees few men coming and asks the lady do you know them. She says no, The men come to kidnap Shivanand. He asks them to go to the room and lock it, he will manage. He says don’t tell them anything. She goes to shut the door and they get inside. The man asks her about Shivanand, and slaps her. They catch Cuba. The lady asks them to leave Cuba. The man scares Cuba. Shivanand hears them crying. The man shows the knives set and scares the lady. She asks her to tell fast. She says he is inside, please don’t do anything to my son. The man loads the gun and proceeds to the room. Grierson sees the GPS location. Shivanand gets ready to face them.

Tiwari tells people that Rudra will become Ram. Swami ji scolds Pandey ji. Pandey says he is planning Rudra’s end.

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