Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini saying to Sudhakar that Rupa hide her report. Sudhakar says you asks her why she is hiding her report from us. Do you have any answer. LD falls on Dadaji’s feet and requests him to change his thinking. He says we are very far from world because of our culture. We thinks everyone wrong because of our customs. Why it is so? We can make new rules. You are my ideal. Your words are very important to me. He continues that being modern means moving with the time.

Govind asks him to stop it. Dadaji says today you wants to know about my old thinking. Come with me. He says relations do suffer because of your modern thinking. He shows him Devyani/ Dadi bua and tells that she is unable to understand if it is her birthday or death day today. She fills her maang with sindoor everyday, but she freezes for a moment as she doesn’t know if she is married or not. Govind asks why you are scratching the wounds. Dadaji says we have turned face from the truth. Time has come to reveal the secret to everyone. Devyani asks Dadaji to stop. Dadaji says no one shall go until I returns. LD looks on.

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Radha feeds food to her sister Rupa. She says mom felt bad as you hide about your result from her. I knows that you was scared. I would have talked to Papa and set everything right. Are you angry with mamma? She says Mamma and Papa’s scolding are blessings for us. We should make them happy whenever they are upset with us. She feeds her more parathas. She asks how many auditions did I gave till now. Rupa counts on her fingers. Radha says shall I give up? She says happiness doubles if someone succeeds after failure. She says she got selected in auditions and will tell her mamma later. She prays for her family’s happiness.

Dadaji throws so many things from the balcony and comes downstairs. He asks LD to see it carefully. He shows that these things are coming from different countries and are sent by your phupha ji/Ashok for your Dadi Bua, but he didn’t come even once to see your dadi bua. LD thinks what he wants to say. Dadaji says Phuphaji is rich, but poor from relations. We have claimed that their marriage is a happy marriage, but it is not like that. Phuphaji is rich and we had selected him because of his qualities. Every year you used to get gifts from Phuphaji, actually Dadi bua got those gifts for you all. Dadaji says your Phuphaji don’t even know how many kids are there in our house. He recalls seeing Phuphaji dancing with a girl when he went to his house with Dadi bua……

Dadi bua is shocked to see her husband dancing with other woman. Phupha ji gets shocked and says you should have informed me before coming here. Dadaji says yes, you are right. We haven’t seen this if informed you before. Phuphaji says it is part of his work. He asks do you wants me to dance with your sister. Dadaji says we sent you to city so that you can learn something. Today I came to drop my sister here as she is your wife. Phuphaji says I send gifts for her every year. Dadaji asks what do you think that we don’t have money. Ashok says I repaid for your favour and have been sending precious gifts for your illiterate sister.

He insults his wife and says she doesn’t know how to keep her husband happy and questions Devyani. Devyani asks him not to insult her brother and promises to do as he says. Ashok picks alcohol and asks Devyani to drink it. Dadaji feels bad and shocked. Ashok asks her to change for him and give introduction to his guests. Devyani takes the glass from his hand. Ashok asks her to drink it. She is about to drink it, but Dadaji throws the glass stopping her. Devyani cries and hugs her brother.

Dadaji calls him mad and says one day you will repent. Ashok says you are mad and says he wants to end this matter right now. Dadaji asks what and holds his collar. Ashok asks him to leave it. Dadaji apologizes to him and cries. He says my sister won’t be able to take it. Ashok asks him to beg infront of Devyani and goes to resume the party. Flashback ends. Dadaji cries. LD sits down and apologizes to Dadaji. He says I do love her, but I don’t know that my family will be troubled. Dadaji says love is not wrong, but human are wrong. Dadaji says to LD that he don’t have any objection with his love, but have objection with that girl.

Suhasini calls LD and says she wants to talk to his Dadaji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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