Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita being shocked to see Adi and Shagun. Adi asks them to see mum. Raman and Ishita take Shagun and ask her to come home. Adi says I told this to her, and she said we don’t have any home. Shagun says yes, we don’t have home. Ishita says Adi, you are not alone, you have a home, we are here. They take Adi and Shagun home. Everyone at home talk about Ishita and Raman’s date and joke. Mrs. Bhalla says my son is not rat, he is tiger, and blesses them for their love and togetherness. They have done things for others always, its time they do something for each other. Raman rings the bell and Simmi opens the door. They ask what happened, why did he come home. They are shocked to see Ishita bringing drunkard Shagun and Adi.

They ask what happened. Raman asks Simmi to take Adi. Simmi takes Adi. Ishita asks Simmi to help in taking Shagun upstairs. Mrs. Bhalla makes Adi have water. Its night, Ishita takes care of Shagun and makes her rest. Raman stands outside the room and says Ishita is doing so such for the woman, who did not do anything for you, I m lucky to have a good wife like you. Mrs. Bhalla says its fine, trust Lord, everything will be fine. Raman says did you see Adi’s state, what life did I give to my children. She says we all will manage. He says I m afraid Shagun and Adi does not misbehave with Ishita. She says don’t worry, she will manage, its good Adi came to us, don’t let him see your state, you have to become strong for Adi’s sake. Raman says you go, I will come.

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Simmi asks Adi to have milk. Raman looks on. Everyone see Adi very upset. Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman that Adi is very tensed, don’t know what have he seen. Raman tells Simmi that Adi does not like hot milk, he likes chocolate milkshake, I will make it. Mrs. Bhalla tells Adi that Raman loves her and he is making it himself. Raman brings it and gives Adi. He says if you don’t drink, your Dadi will have it, its her fav too. He makes Adi drink it. Ashok drinks wine and says I married Mihika and no one can stop from spending suhaagraat with her, Mihika my love, I m coming.

Mihika sees her and Mihir’s pics in her mobile and is upset. Ashok brings wine glasses and says sorry baby, I made you wait a lot. She beats him with pillow and asks him to get out. Ashok says you are my wife and its out first night together. She says what do you think you have right on me, I will break your hand. She says you think you will get everything, we married for a reason. FB shows Ashok and Suraj acting. Mihika comes rushing and asks what happened to him. Ashok says Suraj is in coma and Mihir did this, how did he hit Suraj. Mihika requests doctor to treat Suraj. The doctor says Suraj is critical and inform police. Mihika stops Ashok from calling police. Ashok says I will get Mihir punished.

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Mihika begs him not to call police. He says fine, you will have to marry me. She comes in present and says you won, you took revenge from everyone by marrying me, I became trophy and just keep me, we can’t have any relation. She asks him to get out of the room. Ashok says I won’t go. She says she will call police and tell that he is forcing me, then what will happen, you will have domestic violence case and you will go jail, if you don’t want this, just leave. Ashok says lets compromise, I will sleep on sofa. She kicks him out and says don’t come inside the room without permission. Ashok says whats this, Shagun was better than her. She asks is he missing Shagun, good, think about her, this would have not happened if you married Shagun, now bear the punishment. He leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi to have food and makes him eat. Raman asks where did he get Shagun in this state, what happened with her. Mrs. Bhalla says tell us. Adi says Ashok calls mum and he called her to meet, mum said they will be marrying soon. FB shows the relevant scene. Adi says mum did not come home, so I called, and some uncle told me…. He cries. Raman asks what did he say. Adi says he said mum is drunk, and fell down, when I reached there, she was much drunk. Raman asks then… my son has taken care of her. Mr. Bhalla asks what did Ashok do. Adi says mum said Ashok uncle got married. Raman says what. Adi says Ashok insulted mum and called her junk, and kicked her out. Raman asks whom did Ashok marry. Adi says Mihika aunty. They all are shocked. Ashok drinks wine in the living room. Raman comes and beats him on the head. Ishita asks where is Mihika and goes to her. Raman beats Ashok for blackmailing Mihika.

Ishita confronts Mihika for marrying Ashok. She says she will free her, just tell me why did she do this, you did this last time also, you are an idiot, you should have told me and Raman. Mihika says relax, you have habit to get senti and overreact, I married Ashok by my wish, he did not force or blackmail me, I m happy. Ishita says see in my eyes and tell this, and holds her face. She asks did you wanted to marry Ashok. Mihika says yes. Ishita says you are lying, are you mad. Why are you not growing up, all this is nonsense, this is not marriage, did you think about Mihir, did you talk to him? She says we are with you, we came to take you, remove this mangalsutra. Mihika says enough, don’t say that, Ashok is my husband, don’t touch this, I don’t like it.

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Raman beats Ashok. Ishita cries and says come with me. Mihika says I was about to marry Mihir, but think, I felt he is not the guy for me. Mihika says whats your husband, Raman, he is CEO of a company, rich and powerful. Why should I marry his slave then, not fair, and I m ambitious, I love money and power, I want these things, I struggled whole life and now I m Mrs. Ashok Khanna, wife of a rich and powerful man, when the scandal happened, I have seen Mihir, he is weak and doubted me, he did not save me, so I thought to save myself, I married Ashok, look at me and my house, luxury and power, Ashok will open a company for me, I will the boss. Ishita says I don’t know who are you.

Mihika says I loved Mihir, but weak people can’t make successful life, I had a choice, I chose power and money, I think I took the best decision, I m being honest, I have seen Amma struggle, I can’t do it, I can’t live like Vandu and Bala, I want all this, I married a rich eligible bachelor, why should I regret, calm down. She says lets not waste time. Ishita slaps her.

Ishita tells Shagun that Adi has seen a lot, I really feel he need home environment. Shagun says I m guest and should have fixed leaving date, I want respect for Adi and me. She goes out and says now I will see who will be guest and who not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ab adi ko ishita ki goodness ke baare me pata chlega

  2. Ashok & Shaun ke shaath jo bhi ho raha hai achha hi ho raha hai….

  3. we did not get to see any surprise on 3 we hope atleast on christmas or on new year we will be able to see something good. we want this serial to be the best and always top .plz finish this drama as soon as possible.plz. and ishitha is never a guest as said by shagun. and today i saw adi how he looked upon ishitha. hope even his custody goes to ishitha because shagun does not desreve it at all and in saturdays episode while pleading ashok she told she will leave adi for him as she already left ruhi and raman. kaisi aurath hai.

  4. yaa……jaisa karo ge. .waise bharo ge. …
    mihika good ha. .jis tarha se tumne. .ashok se bat ki hai. .very good. ..ab dono. .bhaiya on se achche se badla lo. ..

  5. After an entry of shagun in bhalla house I am dedecating this song to raman and ishita “Chaar dino da pyaar oh rabba badi lambi judaai hoto me aaye mere jaan duhai badi lambi judaai”

  6. what the blo*dy nonsense yaar. acchi khadi chalthi serial ko ek mazak bana diya hai .ek ke baad ek sab log apna pehla pyar kho dete hai jaise raman ishitha mihir mihika sarika simmi shagun aur ek ke baad ek sab ki zindagiyaan barbaad ho rahi hai jaise simmi sarika shagun mihika mihir bala and who knows ishra.mihika ne mihir ko chood diya ab mihir ghar pe bait ke sar mein haath rakh ke roooyega.mihika ki wajeh se sab kuch hua hai.ab tak toh shagun shadi ashok ho gayi hoti phir baad mein jo bhi hota atleast woh ishitha aur mihika ko blame toh nahi karthi.aur woh shagun konsi acchayi ki devi hai woh toh hameesha vamp hi rahegi .bhootni kahiki.

  7. No P aisa mat bolo…….

  8. I always had this fear in mind that the stupid apshagun will enter bhalla family. But why did she say that she has no one . All these days she was not in asok’s house. Why can’t she go back there. She has a super chef mom & a brother. She should go and live with her mom and leave adi to raman and ishita or make him stay with her and raman will financially support adi. And please please leave from our eyesight. We only want happy ishra and cutie ruhi in the frame with bubbly and lively tamil punjabi family. Plzzzzzzz let them live and love peacefully

  9. I guess shagun would create enough drama n raman would angrily declare his love fr ishita wich would b d much awaited love proposal

  10. Yeh Shagun ko God uske bad dids ke liye punishment de rahe hai……phir bhi yeh Shagun hai ke sudharne ka
    naam-o-nishan hi nahi hai……….kaisi aurat hai Shagu…….Ishita tumhe Aadi ki fikar hai to Aadi ko apne paas rakho par wo Shagun khud keh rahi hai ki wo guest hai to use jane do pls……

  11. kya khele yaar. ..jaipur raj joshiley. ..
    .maza aagaya. …….I. …hope ki. .ye team. .final tak. .Jaye. ..

  12. yeh show toh bass sauthanon ka bhandaar hai .jaise shagun ishitha ki ,mihika shagun ki ,raina vandu ki,pehle trisha mihika ki, simmi aur sarika ki toh kaiyi saare sauthan honge,sanjana ishitha ki toh bhai aur kitne sauthan hai yaar.

  13. prayosha ab shagun aayi hai toh kuch na kuch kargi hi so issliye song diya hai

  14. Are yaar ye shagun kaise woman hai. …itna San kuch hoga uss k sath. …..jis se woh shadi karna. .chahati thi. ..uss ne usse. .beech raste main chod gaya. ….apni galtiyan maan ne k bajai. …IshRa. …ki life spoil karnepar toli hai. ……shagun jis se tum guest . karahi ho. …Mrs. raman kumar bhalla hai. …tum uss ki jaga kabhi nahin lesak ti. …..

  15. Par P tum ne hi to kaha tha yeh drama short hoga……I hope aisa hi ho……agar Shagun koi problem creat karegi aur jab Raman uski iss bat par sab ke saamne insult jareg to maja aayegw….and yeh Shagun kaisi aurt hai……Selfrespect naam ki koi cheez hai yaaa nahi usme…..

  16. Hey Isjra & P tumne IshRa ke romance track par kise vote kiya Good or Bad…..
    Maine to Bad ko vote kiya kyonki Romance ka yeh track muje bilkul pasand nahi…..IshRa ke bich kuch Interesting ho hi nahi raha….to Bad ko hi vote karenge naa tabhi to makers ko pata chalega ki hume yeh track bilkul pasand nahi……..

  17. Yeh Ekta apni films me had se jyada & daily soap me humari ummido se kam closeness dikhati hai…….dono bakwaas…..
    Yar tum apni films me had se jyada romance dikhati ho and daily soaps me itna kam……ek kaam karo apni films se thoda romance nikalkar apne daily soap me add kar do dono super duper hit ho jayenge…….

  18. prayosha maine bhi bad. ..ko vote kiya. ….kyun ki is track main romance k. .alawa sab dikha rahe hai. …par IshRa romance nahin dikha re ……..I. …hope k. ..shagun k ghar Se. ………Jane k baad. ..IshRa. …..ka thoda sa toh bhi achcha wala scene dikha de. ……IshRa ka a hugging scene hi dikha de. …….

  19. Nice prayosha. .kya. .suggestion hai. …….film main itna romance. ..aur serials itna kam romance. …..galat baat hai haan. .aaisi pershelity….not fair. …

  20. Shagun kaisi aurath hai yar thu jisne thuje bhalla house mein layi thum usi ko guest kehri. shagun thum ishra ke beeh mein nahi aasakthi bcoz their lv is strng isliye koyi b un dhonon ke beech mein nahi aasakthe tho thum kya cheez ho…all yhm fans want to see ishra scenes bt nt all nonsense se bhara hua track…

  21. What is wrong with mihika, I feel sorry for mihir and ishita. I just hope there will be no problems in ishra’s life

  22. bas ab yeh shagun ki sachi adi ke samne bhi aaye and adi fir humesa ki liye ishra ke pass hi raye.

  23. Oh God…ab X-mas me sirf do din reh gaye hai……us se pehle iss Shagun ko Bhalla house se bahar nikalo……because…….hume new year se pehle IshRa ka love confession & romance dekhana hai…….

  24. Pls yaar ekta y r u making this very boring ahh……..
    I hope iss shagun ki vajese ishra ki life koi kadbad name ho

  25. sab log trp ke liye serial ko accha banathe hai lekin ekta maam toh trp kam karne jaa rahi hai.bahut sare comments main bahut saare log serial chadne ki baat kar rahe hai.plz jald se jald khatam keejiye.

  26. iss se backwaaz promo maine aaj tak nahi dekhe hai.pehle hi shagun kachre se padkar aathi hai .kya phir se kachre main padkar aathi hai kya ?yahin toh dikha promo main

  27. yeh shagun apne saat hamesha musibat lekar kyu aati hai…?

  28. yeh show tho bass hame pagal bana raha hai. matlab ki iss shagun mihika ashok ke drama aur shagun bhalla house aa ke ishra ke beech misunderstanding karegi yeh sab kuch toh saare website pe hai lekin aage kya hoga ,konsa misundestanding,will raman recognize shagun s bad intentions,will shagun go out of bhalla house and mihir ka kya hoga etc sab kuch hai hi nahi kisi bhi website pe.plz kuch toh likhiye atleast uss thought pe toh relieve honge yaar

    1. Raman aur ishita ne ashok ka ghar ko jana tha lekin raman ashok ko marna nahi tha koyn ki mihika ko mihir ne unka sath nahi diya tha koyn ki mihika-ashok ka bed ka scandal ne mihir ka pyar katam ho gaya, aur mihika ko dusara rastha na hi tha,Isliye raman over react ho ke ashok ko marna bura kam hai, jab kudh ka ghar me raman shagun ko unke bas me na rak sakta tha aur shagun ek kud garz aurat tha samaj ke liye dabha tha aur beta ko barbad kar rahi tha, na raman ko kush rakha, na ashok ko kush rakha tha, na adi ko kush rakha tha, na kudh kush hai, sirf voh ek sadist aur kud garzh be ghar aurat hai, shagun ke jaisa aurat ish duniya me bahut log hai, aur raman jisa marad log ne bahut kam dushara shadi kar pathata ish leye ki bech me children ke zingagi I yad me bahut log dusahra shadhi nahi kartha, agar kartha tho divorse hone se kam log kar patha, ish leya raman jhadha shagun ke liye soch bura hota hai, raman ne shagun ko ashok ka uper badakaya tha ke property shagun ke nam karne ke liye, aur shagun ne ashok ko dhamki diya tha ki agar property shagun ke nam pe na karta tho shadhi ruk jayega, ish leye ashok shagun ko chutkara kar leya tha, pura galthi raman ke tha na raman shagun se adjust kar ke un se life beth saktha na ishitha se pyar kar para, ish leye raman ashok ko marna galat tha,aur mihika tho mihir se pyar katha tha, aur shagun ko ashok ka shadhi thodne ke liye ashok ko phasa ne ke leye kud scandal me phas gayi, yeh malum hote bi agar ashok shagun ka shadhi ko rokh ne se raman pe aur ishita pe bhoj banega, ish leya isihta mihika ko marna galat hai, jab mihika ko kuch bi regret na hi hai tab ishita-raman ko kuyn adhok ka ghar jana tha ?, abi raman aur isitha ke life me shagun thofan layegi, un ke galthi ne raman aur isitha ko abhi bukatna padega.

  29. hope adi see ishitha that she is too good.

  30. Send Shagun and Adi to her brother Mihir place yaar.. Y Ishita has to take all the headache in the world.. This is foolishness of Ishita not the goodness

    1. Foolish ness itina hai ki kudh isitha shagun ke lugguge unke ghar la ye thi

  31. Pls koi muje batao ki aaj SBS & SBB me YHM ke bare me koi news aai thi???

  32. I think it is better to stop watching this serial.. Stupidity.. Too much ..

  33. manpreet kaur

    now i don’t like this serial

  34. for sure one day the big hearted Ishita will sign that ” Divorce Papers” which is signed by Raman already and will step out from bhalla house.. but of course Raman will come after herrrrrrrrrrr

    1. Yes this will happen because ishitha gave shagun a chance to ruin her life

  35. shayad iss drama ke wajah se raman ko adi milega.

  36. Plzz shagun(monkey) should die or go to zoo bcz zoo is the ri8 place for monkeyss(shagun):-P;-)…

  37. Go to helll shagun…:-\bcz we hate you…you should die…nd cut ur nerve nd die….

    1. Shagun tho tissue paper se bhi bura hai, na unko sharam hai 2 children ke maa hote raman ko chodke ashok ke paise ke leye raman ko dohka diya tha aur bin shadhi se ashok ke sath 6 years tha, yeh sab unke barbadi ke result hai

  38. Hi!
    mihika tumne iss baaar thoda to accha kaamm kiya…

  39. Sorry everyone me meri identity reveal nahin karna chati thi par sadddahaqrox jhootth bol rahi thi to mujhe usske aagainst me jaana tha par me nayi hu mujhe laga koi belive nahin karega
    aur isliye ### jo har baar opppse karta h uska name uuse kiya
    plz 4gv me meine meri galti accept karli h

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