Mahakumbh 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with hal hal cloud burst and people running all over. The Garudas try to save them. The place gets burnt. Shivanand uses his weapon and strikes the cloud. The fire ball dropping stop for a while. Shivanand says we can stop this small bits, but if it bursts, we have to use all our weapons. Rudra says it means we have to use one weapon to sacrifice. Shivanand says we can get one day time and we can find the third book. Tiwari says its sign that Amrit will come. Shivanand says yes, Amrit and Vish will come to maintain balance, we have to control this cloud bursting and send the vish to river again, else it will ruin the lives, and Amrit will give life. Rudra says if we don’t stop this, then everything will be ruined, till Garuda are here, Vish can’t stop Amrit, use your weapons and strike it.

Rudra sees Charles and Katherine backing off. Shivanand asks Thapadiya Maai to take care of Rudra, as its just his and her weapons, which can save Rudra from Naags. She says stop, your weapon will not be used to defend, but to attack. He explains the Garudas. Thapadiya Maai goes to the river shore and sacrifices her weapon to the hal hal cloud. The light strikes the sky and Thapadiya Maai gets weakened. Her weapon disappears and the cloud resizes to small one. Rudra holds her. She says she did heroic action and he smiles.

The sadhu does the vidhi. Rao comes there with Balivesh and Devesh. They bring Leela there. Vrish tells Dansh that nothing should happen to Leela, if she is sacrificed, he will be responsible. Rao says we can control our enemies by this vidhi. Devesh asks him to give saraswati kund to them. Rao says deal accepted and shakes hands. Balivesh asks Devesh why is he trusting foreign. Devesh tells his plan to give them what they want and snatch it.

Grierson asks Rao why is he trusting them. Rao says they are our enemies, we will kill them once we get Naags in our hand. Dakshak says I have seen Vrish’s state, till he does not get Leela back, he will not get peace, but you can get any Leela. Dansh says you said she is my protector, that if she is alive, then I will be alive. He says till shield protects, then they should keep it, if it comes between aim, then you should throw it, leave about Leela, and do this tunnel work, if Garudas find the third book, the it will be more tough.

Bhairavi concentrates and opens both the books. She keeps her hands on it and some light comes. Dansh says its imp to be alive till I reach my aim and I have to find Leela. Dakshak promises he will not let him die. Dansh says he heard the warning that I will not let him live, whats this. Dakshak says its punishment to be alive without their wish, if Garudas gets their book, and Amrit, then they will lose badly. Dansh says he will get Leela back and then Amrit.

Amrit manthan se judi…………..plays…….. Rudra comes and sits beside Bhairavi. He sees Bhairavi and concentrates along. Some lights are formed in many colors. Dansh tries to sense Leela and shouts Leela. Leela is unconscious and he runs to find her. Leela opens her eyes and sees the enemies. She screams being scared of the vidhi. Rudra holds Bhairavi’s hand and they open eyes to see.

They look at each other and see a visionary door opening, and gets images of Leela getting sacrificed. They are stunned and see each other again.

Shivanand says they were always born to die, whats the use of this duty. Bhairavi tells Rudra that this is kalyug. Thapadiya Maa asks will we not use Amrit. Shivanand says we will save it, but to save ourselves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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