Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indrajeet asking the designer if Barkha liked any lehenga. Designer says no. Indrajeet says he will bring Barkha to her boutique. Apsara hears her and informs Shlok. Kalindi is leaving from home. Ajju asks where are you going? Kalindi says she will inform once she comes back. She says she is going to meet her friend and leaves. Ajju thinks don’t know what has happened to Kalindi. Astha comes out of her car and collides with Shlok. Shlok asks you are here? Astha says yes, she came to buy lehenga for her marriage. She goes to the designer with Shlok. The designer asks her to choose saree or suit for her. Astha selects one, and looks at Shlok. Shlok signs no. Astha rejects it and tries other sarees. Shlok signs no, so she rejects it. Astha tries a maharastrian saree. Shlok smiles seeing it. Astha chooses it. The designer says it is typical Maharashtrian saree. Astha says so what. I liked it. She tries the jewellery and buys with Shlok’s choice as well.

The designer gets her mum’s call and says she is busy. She tells Astha that she is sure that her mum loves her very much. Astha says every mum is same. She gets sad. Shlok says I didn’t know that you have this emotion as well. Astha says how did you know me so well. He offers to drop her. Astha says she will go by her car. Shlok thinks Astha will question Indrajeet about her mum.

Astha comes home and is sad. Indrajeet asks what is the matter? Astha says nothing. Indrajeet says I called all the guests for our marriage. Astha looks surprised and asks what about my parents. Indrajeet gets stunned and shocked. Astha says you didn’t make me meet my parents till now. I am fine now and wants to meet them. Please take me to them. Indrajeet says sure and gets thinking. Shlok thinks all the problems will be solved if Aayi comes here. He gets Kalindi’s call. He says he will message Indrajeet’s address. He hopes Astha gets her memory seeing Kalindi. Shlok calls Indrajeet and says you planned your marriage with all the rituals, but how can you forget the important ritual Kanyadaan. He says who will do the Kanyadaan. Indrajeet gets shocked.

Shlok says you might be thinking. My work is done to give you tension. Indrajeet thinks he has to do something. Astha brings something for Indrajeet. He asks her to sit down and asks why you are upset with me. Astha says nothing. Indrajeet says you wants your parents to do your kanyadaan. We want the same, but doctor asked me not to make you remember the past. He says you don’t identify them. Astha says relations never end. She insists to meet him. Indrajeet says your parents will come, but they won’t be real. You will accept them. He calls someone and says he needs a fake parents for his wife. He offers to pay in advance. Astha thinks Indrajeet said that he will make me meet my parents, but nobody came till now.

Shantanu and Mishti are playing. Astha is sitting in thoughts. Mishti complains to Astha that Shantanu is not giving her hair band. Astha goes inside. Shantanu says lets cheer her up. Shlok says he didn’t want to tell Kalindi that Astha is with Indrajeet, but time has come. He says he needed her help. He calls Apsara and says make sure Kalindi meets Astha. Apsara says okay. Apsara informs Astha that some lady came to meet her. Astha says she don’t want to meet anyone. Apsara says Indrajeet is calling her in study and goes. Shantanu and Mishti come there wearing masks on their faces. Astha teases them.

Kalindi comes to meet Indrajeet and how dare you to keep Astha with you here. Indrajeet asks her to calm down. Kalindi asks where is my daughter? How can you stoop so low? Where is she? Indrajeet says I didn’t do anything to her. He says I will tell you in detail. He cooks up a fake story that he saw Astha injured and took her to hospital. He says I knew her as Sapna and started loving her. I took her to hospital and thought to inform you. When she opened her eyes, she lost her memory. She addressed me as her husband. My kids loves her too. He says he is marrying her with all the rituals. Kalindi is shocked.

Kalindi says her daughter is very happy with Indrajeet and God gave her a new life after she lost her memory. Shlok is shocked. Indrajeet comes and keeps his hand on Shlok’s shoulder.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kalindi is overacting. Cute n handsome damad ko chod apani pyari beti buddhe k havale karane ja rahi hai .

    1. yes ur right nisha

  2. u r so l8 amena..

  3. Everyone is blaming Avinash but Shrenu is not looking innocent
    Initially she use to stick Avi n also mentioning Avi again n again in interviews.Evetuo

  4. Thnx ameena fr the upto….heaven wat has got in kalindis head…

  5. Aastha we r very sad that this show is going to end.We miss u alot.But what to d do not have story with them.This is d right time to end d show.And even,after shl n soj marriage in real they wish to be together more on as they would be new couple that time.It is just human psychology of each n every hus n wife.But we have not watched d show for shl n soj till now.Aastha next time, u listen to d story first n take a good decision n even hero should match to ur cute face.Shlok looks father to u such huge face n body n height.Best of luck Shrenu.Love u loads.

  6. * update

  7. u r mad kalindi..get lost

  8. Worst precap!
    Hw cn ds happen to shlok?
    Vn ll astha gain memory?
    Waiting for dt…

  9. Current track is really so stupid.Devar ,apni bhabhi ko saath mein rakhna with out bhai n bacchi,uski biwi kise aur ke saath rehna n yeh sab bas nahi hai aur uper se apni hi maa apni bheti ko kise aur ke saath rehna ke liye support kar rahi hai.D most worst story of all shows in d whole WORLD.Iam just following d updates now.I do not have guts to see that Sojal n Shlok any more.

  10. Hey kalindi r u mad? I thought ualso very smart like Aastha.I was wrong.This mom doesnt know her daughters choice.Bappa pls give her sensesback!!. But if this is a plan of kalindi and Shlok it will B good

  11. Everyone is blaming n abusing Avinash but Shrenu doesn’t look innocent. Initially she use 2 stick Avi also mentioning Avi again n again in inte
    Avi-Rubi k breakup ka reason sab Shrenu ko hi manate te bt she never take an objection on that.Ye tab hua jab in June-july2014 me news spread hui k she n avi r more than a co-stars.May be her parents had pretirised her to stay awy from avi.Usake bath yani after august2014 without makeu n badhi hui dadhi wala Avi nazar ane laga.
    Poor Avi his Shrenu k liye Rubi ko choda usi Shrenu ne Avi k Dial ko toda

  12. Shrenu darling leave this senseless serial soon n find a good project with young n energetic daring dashing n handsome hero.I think Suhail zargar suits u better with his small n cute face n lean n medium height n he looks very young,he matches u when u stand side by side.

  13. Meanae pehlae hi guess karthiya

  14. Im definitely gonna miss this show damn so much. I have developed an unconditional love towards Shlok and Aastha and have felt they are part of my family. I used to watch all 4 telecasts a day previously. They were the cutest couple on screen. I’ve never missed track of the story!! I just wish to see both guys in better tracks with better characters. But I know this show will always be close to my heart. I can never forget AASHLOK




  16. What nonsense kalindi, don’t ever tik of separating my shlok and Astha,dey re meant 2 b…love u guys…

  17. stupid precap and only ashlok scene is good and nice today and kalindi if u had said this lines to show tat great grandpa IS and help sholk secretly otherwise u really feel Great grandpa irritating idiot IS is showering a great love(fake)to bharkha more than shlok shown a great pure love to aastha it is also ok our shlok is enough to bring aastha’s memory back.after aastha gets her memory back she will shower a great love to kalindi(if she taught shlok is wrong than IS)love u ashlok waiting for ur unity day

  18. Suhasini didi is that you?

  19. I don’t think it is kalindis plan…evn if it is her plan Shlok knws nthng about it….he was hwaving so shocking expressions in precap

  20. NO yaar Nidhi,Shrenu was close to Avi as a good friend just because they both hail from Guj till Avi loved Shal.When they started liking eachother,Shrenu as she is agood mannered girl she would not come in between them n as far as d news Shal closeness with Avi was d main reason for rubi avi break up.What u gave d message in jun or jul,before that it self on jan 24-2014,avi shal relationship came out though avi denied that time.The first reason was Shal.

  21. Everything just like I guessed earlier. Kalindi will be really satisfied with Indrajeet as her son in law. She is behaving as she is absolutely senseless. Atleast she should have considered that Indrajeet looks more older than Aastha’s dad. And prefering him as husband for her daughter….she has completely gone mad. Really I want to slap not only Indtajeet,but Kalindi too… She is actually testing my patience..

  22. Hmm wat gnna hppn I thnk

  23. I love Aastha n Shlok very much.They r cutest couple on d screen of all star plus shows.But I think this is d right time to end d show because Aashlok died long back and now only Avi n Shrenu r alive on d show who r bringing their personal grudges on d show n made d relationship lifeless.They both r acting for money n contract they have sighned earlier.Just physically n outwardly they r present.

  24. Haiii viju did u c todays epi?

  25. I love ashlok soooooo much.

  26. I am not indian. Show was recommended by a friend to watch. This is a stupid show. This is what happened in real life?

  27. Shrenu I lobe u sooooooooooooooo much.We r going to miss u.

  28. Avinash tumhare akal pe jung lag gaya hai kya? Jabase tumhare aur ugly Shal k bare me suna hai tumhe dekhake bhi vommit ati hai.Ywaaaaaak us Shal k sath tum chieeeeeeeeee Avi
    Tumane Jo thode acche karma kiye honge isliye at least onscreen tumhaye layak wives mili I.e SHRENU n RUBY otherwise tumane to apane liye creature finalise kiya hai.

  29. I love ASHLOK They r cutest n best couple in the world. I m really very upset k in real life they r not 2 gether
    I HATE STAR PLUS not going to watch even a single show after ipkknd 2

  30. Why star plus is giving such a bad treatment to this show .The show was really nice but always underestimated by channel.Kya isake pahele kabhi koi show of air nahi hua? They are not reapiting the show even a single time.
    I don’t want this show to end ever
    I LOVE AVINASH and SHRENU.Most dezirable to win best jodi award but unfortunately channel is doing parciality.

  31. Avinash my all friends n fami

  32. Avinash my all friends n family is praying fr u.We r begging u PLEEEEEEZ do not marry with Ugly chudai SHAL so that we will keep loving u throughout our whole life.
    Avi she is not right choice fr u .U dezerv most beautiful girl

  33. Aastha shlok I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Much Avinash & Shrenu I am ur biggest fan don’t end tis show pls pls pls

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