Hello Pratibha 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the morning, Pratibha brings breakfast for Peehu was was texting. Pratibha tells her not to worry, she won’t let her insulted this time. Anmol comes there to hug her saying all the best. Mahen comes to ask Pratibha leave. Pratibha turns to look at Peehu.
In the audition, Pratibha is called inside. Mahen asks her to go inside. Pratibha was worried, and comes to hold the mike. The judge says her participation in contest has been interesting and controversial so they are giving her a new chance. The female judge says she is older than other contestants but is courageous, now she must show herself in front of everyone. Shubda ji asks to begin the singing, Pratibha winks at the spot light. She doesn’t begin the singing in her nervousness, the judge asks Pratibha to begin. Mahen asks her to sing. Pratibha nods, holds the mike and begin the singing. Shubda ji stops her in middle, she says she won’t sing this song. She says she wants to see her voice range and versatality, she must sing an item number and not a classical song. Pratibha is worried and asks item number? Shubda ji asks if she take her condition. Pratibha stood nervous, everyone’s hopes echo in Pratibha’s mind. She had her eyes closed. Pratibha says she will sing, then looks at Mahen and wipes her tear. She sings an item number, but forgets the lines in between. The girls murmur she can’t sing modern songs. Shubda ji says if she has problem singing one song, she is wasting their time. Pratibha again begins singing, the judges are impressed this time. Tears fell off Pratibha’s eyes while singing. As she ends, the crowd there claps. The two judges gives her a standing ovation anc claps for her. Pratibha felt relieved. The judge says she gave a great performance inspite of such pressure. The two judges give her 10/10 and wait for Shubda ji now. Shubda ji gets up and comes to Pratibha, she says though for two days but her institute will be known as Pratibha Agarwal came to learn here. She says it was the best performance Pratibha, she gave a classical turn to a modern song, she proved herself to be so enlightened. She says that Pratibha helped herself stand through all the thicks, her blessings are always with her. Pratibha cries, touches her feet and Shubda ji blesses her. She gives a 9/10 to Pratibha, she must remember she always have to get the one left number. She gives her the final round ticket for Kolkatta. There is high applause, Pratibha looks at smiling Mahen who comes nearer and so does the other crowd.
At home, the family watched Pratibha’s report of talent hunt. Anmol and Sanjeev dance in elation, Kaashi hugs everyone. Mahen and Pratibha enter, Anmol says to Pratibha she is the great. Anmol says she is a star now, everyone waits for his updates. Pratibha is happy because they are all so happy because of her. Peehu comes forward and says congrats mom. Mahen shows them the ticket for final selection to Kolkatta. He boasts that finally his wife is going to be a number 1 star. Sunidhi was curt.
At night, Pratibha watches the kids sleeping. She comes to Peehu’s bed, sits besides her and caress her face. In her room, Sunidhi was awake and says if Pratibha goes to Kolkatta, she will win for sure. She won’t let her go to Kolkatta anyway. Pratibha says she won’t let her shamed. Sunidhi says she must do whatever preparations she has to do, she isnt going to Kolkatta.

PRECAP: Shubda ji comes at Pratibha’s place, she tells Pratibha that the next round is really difficult; she must practice atleast 4 hours a day. Pratibha asks how 4 hours, Mahen says Sunidhi will look after all the work.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am so happy that Pratibha tried hard and won even though there were major set backs.Shubda ji did a good deed by letting go of all the grudges and helped her.Sundhi is such a negative and hateful person.She dislikes Pratibha for no kind of logical reasoning .

  2. Sunidhi is a dimwit person who has nothing to offer but negativity and Kashi is a two faced this minute she’s with Pratibha the next she’s blaming her… Way to go Pratibha you never gave up despite the struggles, that’s a strong woman right there

  3. fan of the show

    People who say that we don’t need to lean on our spouse or loved ones for anything are only partially right.

    When we are emotional wrecks, battered and bruised by our lack of confidence in ourselves and our abilities, it is certainly very helpful to have someone by your side who’s got your back, and supports you as you climb to your feet.Then is when it is important to have that support.

    After a few victories you grow in self confidence and eventually realize that you are the master of your own destiny, through your thoughts, actions, and self-image. Then you proceed much happier than you were before, and though you never stop being grateful for the support, you no longer need it to succeed, and you are no longer motivated by having to please anyone.

    Then you see the joy of blossoming to your full potential.

  4. Am so happy for pratibha,what i just want to tell her is that she should continue her gudness.she must surelly reap it.

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