Mahakumbh 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady and her son bringing Shivanand to their home. She do some arrangements in cleaning the house and check his breath. She says nothing should happen to him before your dad comes. They see the time and are tensed. Maai brings Rudra to a fortune teller Tiwari and he will make your kundli and say what are the dangers existing around you. Tiwari sees Maai and makes a bad face. Tiwari asks his servant to send Ram to get makeup items, as Dusshera is here. Punnu holding his cheek and funny music plays…… He looks at Rudra. Maai shows money to Tiwari in flaunting style. Tiwari agrees to meet them. She gives some money and says she wants him to make Rudra’s kundli. Tiwari asks his name, father’s name, birth date and location, time.

Rudra says name, Rudra, father’s name Shivanand and gives all details. Tiwari says its tough to make his kundli, come tomorrow. Maai says then take notes tomorrow. Tiwari says you won’t understand this, if I put mind in this, it will take time, no one is here who can make his kundli. Rudra says he knows everything about his kundli and Maai is shocked. Rudra says he knows everything that problems are there in his kundli, does he want to know more. Tiwari says its my insult, you made the kid say this to make me look small. Maai apologizes and takes Rudra. Tiwari angrily slaps his son and leaves. The boy smiles being bowled over by Rudra.

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Maai brings Rudra home and does bad sight off him, and tells Udiya that if you saw what I have seen, you would have held everyone’s feet. Udiya says Surdas lines. Maai says you will teach a mum. Udiya says Rudra is blessed. She says we don’t know he is blessed or cursed, we have to see him, his parents are not here. Rudra goes out. Udiya Baba comes to him and asks what is he thinking, when he spoke, people were stunned, what is going on in your heart, tell me. Rudra says if I did not ask Baba to take me to Kumbh, then…. Udiya says then? Rudra says then Baba would have been here, but… Udiya asks but?? Rudra says but… Udiya explains him ti be away from this ghost who controls him always. He shows a game and says leave if and but, have trust, be happy. Rudra smiles and does with him. He asks did he make this poetry. Udiya says yes, I made I long time back for someone, don’t waste this time, it will never come back, so move out, play with kids, have a good time. Rudra smiles.

Tiwari’s son Punnu joins Rudra seeing his well shot. He stops Rudra and says don’t go on my clothes, I m different by inside. He removes his dhoti kurta and flaunts his western clothes and style. He asks Rudra to become his friend. Rudra shakes hands. The boy is very filmi, and says he will meet in evening, as he did friendship and have to keep it. Tiwari asks Punnu to come soon. Punnu is busy in nature’s call. Tiwari says he knows he wants to hear cricket commentary and leaves, as he is getting late. He goes in the boat and suddenly the boat breaks from mid. Tiwari gets tensed and asks the boat man to do anything. The boat man dives and leaves. Tiwari calls for help. Punnu sees him and shouts Baba. Tiwari asks anyone to help him. Punnu says someone save him, and asks the people. The people hold Punnu whole he shouts and asks everyone to save his father.

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Tiwari falls in the water. Rudra hears Punnu shouting Baba and he can get visuals of Tiwari sinking in the water. He runs to the ghaat and jumps into the waters. He swims to Tiwari. Maai sees people running and goes to see. She sees Rudra swimming. Punnu says Rudra Bhaiya…….. Maai and Udiya look on. Rudra swims in super speed. Punnu asks Rudra to save his father. Rudra goes under water, and Maai gets worried.

Rudra surfaces with Tiwari and Punnu smiles. Everyone is amazed. Rudra brings Tiwari to the shore. Rudra has a rope in his mouth, and everyone is stunned to see he pulled the boat out too. Tiwari is made lied down. Rudra pumps out the water. Tiwari gets fine. Maai sees the boat. Tiwari apologizes to Maai for scolding Rudra, he has saved me today. The people talk about Rudra. Maai takes him from the crowd. She sends him home, as Tiwari stops her. Rudra leaves. Tiwari says he always knew about his kundli, he will be surrounded by danger always, Lord should protect him. Maai gets worried. People come to her home, and she asks everyone to leave. She sees Rudra’s back sign. She recalls Tiwari’s words and thinks about the chains and blood marks disappearing. She realizes his super power and threats coming along.

Maai prays for Rudra. Pandey and many people get after Rudra. A blast happens again in the Kumbh mela. Maai runs towards Rudra.

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