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The Episode starts with Jagat saying you both have cheated me, I did not any hope from Anjali, but you also cheated me. Sarita says I did not expect this from you, you don’t have any hope from her, but she won NIM’s best student award, she wants to fulfill your dream. He says she is not in her senses, and if you think she can do it, you also lost your senses, no one can climb Everest like this, no ordinary girl can do this, your daughter will die, and you will be responsible for it. She cries. Jagat says but I will be blamed for this, that I have allowed my daughter to go on this dangerous mission. She says this is the difference, you just see her failure, and everyone else see hope of her winning, maybe she don’t know anything, but the people who chose her, are professionals, they might have seen something in her. He says do they know her more than me, Anjali is just media story for them, if anything happens to her, I will become the villain.

He says I was making her engaged here in two days and you have sent her there. She says she is doing this for you, she wants to win your love, try to understand this. He says explain her, she is a girl, not guy, if my son did this, I would have supported him, but I won’t let Anjali do this, call her back today. She says no, please don’t do this. Jagat says no arguments, I said it, call her back today itself. Phone rings. Jagat takes his bag and leaves for office. Shikha sees Akash’s news on tv and smiles. She says he is my son, see he is so brave, and looks very handsome, did anyone see such lovely guy before.

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Seema says yes, I have seen your real son Gaurav, whom this Akash has killed. Shikha says that was an accident, which we are trying to forget, he has bear a lot. He is risking his life for me and my operation fees, Lord should protect him. Seema says he went to lighten his burden of heart, as he knows he is responsible for Gaurav’s death, he did not go for you, how can you accept him, did you forget Gaurav. Vidhaan and Vikram come to meet Jagat. Sarita asks them to come. Vidhaan says congrats aunty. She calls Jagat. Vikram greets Jagat. Sarita goes to get tea.

Vikram praises Anjali and says it’s a matter of pride for us, your daughter has reached Everest. Jagat says she is being foolish. Vidhaan says no, its not foolish,, its her love, she went to fulfill your dream, she told me, so we postponed the engagement. He says I think you should be really proud of her, I m sorry for hiding this from you, as I wanted to support her in this try. He says Anjali respects you a lot, she can do anything for you, she is a wonderful daughter. Jagat says she is senseless, she does not know what is Everest, it is the highest peak in the world, people take training year by year and then think to climb Everest. Even I took training for years, Anjali is not a mountaineer, she can’t do this, it’s a huge challenge Vidhaan, its not girls’ thing. Vidhaan says I don’t agree with you uncle.

Vidhaan says training is necessary but talented people make new examples. Jagat says who said Anjali is talented, she does not have any physical ability, she is being foolish and world will laugh on her, and on me too because of her. Sarita brings tea. Jagat says I decided, I m calling Anjali back, and we are starting engagement arrangements. Vidhaan and Vikram look at each other. Vikram says I don’t agree with you Jagat, but Anjali is your daughter, you have a right to take decision for her. I just want to say, till she comes back from this mission, we should postpone this engagement, and when she is back, we will call pandit and get a mahurat. He asks Sarita is this fine. Sarita looks at Jagat.

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Akash records Yeti’s footprints. Anjali comes and sees Akash recording Pulva putting colored clothes on a thin rope, to make fencing about the footprint. Akash asks why is he putting this. Pulva says this is his house and we are in his house, we are not alone here, this reminds us. Akash asks him to talk to him, and he leaves. Anjali asks Akash to talk to Nasir. Nasir greets him and says oh, he got this. Akash says yes, he scared me. Nasir laughs and says he talks less. He says I will talk to him. Anjali asks him about Yeti, did he hear any story. Nasir jokes and leaves. Ramesh comes to everyone and says we are on tv. Anjali asks what and worries. Ramesh says you are a star now, and Akash too, and Arjun is already a star. She says Papa….

Anjali calls home and talks to Sarita. She asks about the news, did Papa see it. Sarita says yes, he has seen it. Anjali says oh God, and asks is he very angry, what did he say, tell me. Sarita says many calls came to say congrats and he could not say anything. Anjali asks shall I talk to him. Sarita says not now, he will not hear anything now, Vikram postponed the engagement. Anjali says he will be more annoyed now. Sarita says yes, Vidhaan told him that you told him everything before, you call Vidhaan too. Anjali says not now, I will call later. She asks will Papa talk to me. Sarita says no, the way he got this news, he is super shocked, he will need some time. I will tell him that you called and you are in touch with Vidhaan. Anjali says fine, say sorry to him from my side. Sarita asks her to take care and ends the call. Sarita cries. Anjali says I m sorry Papa.

Arjun says I want to do summit without oxygen cylinders. Nasir tells Ramesh that we met somewhere and I don’t remember. Vidhaan meets Maithili. Anjali tells Akash that her dad has fixed her marriage with Vidhaan. Akash is shocked.

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