Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jignesh’s grandma confronting Ragini and telling whatever has to happen will happen and nobody can change destiny. Nishi asks Neil from when he will stay with them. Dr. Aman says Neil has promised to work in his hospital for 1 month and he is honoured to have one of world’s best cardiologist in his hospital. Nishi gets happy.

Ragini asks Nishi why did she ask Neil and his children to stay with them. Nishi says they are her dear ones and Agam was very happy in her engagement and wants to stay with us. Ragini says Neil came to India as he became insecure and came to take back his children. She says she and Neil made a deal that they will divide children and will not try to meet them or get emotional with each other’s children. Sunny tai asks how can she do that and says she cannot change destiny, shows an exam of trying to cut water and unable to. She says whatever, she tries, she cannot stop herself from uniting with her children, why did she started crying when she saw Agam and why does she prepares cake on Ranbir’s birthday and why she saves money in separate box. Ragini asks her to go and keep milk in fridge and walks into her room. She looks at her and Neil’s pic with children and cries vigorously.

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Pam asks Neil why did he accept offer to work in hospital in which Ragini works in the whole mumbai. He says hospital is not hers. She says it is her new husband’s and asks why he wants to go back to his old life, it is Ragini’s plan to lure him and get him back into her life. She says she knows he will attend her dinner party tomorrow. He says he will not and what if she would not have married. Dimpy comes there and Neil walks out. Dimpy asks why is she tensed. Pam says Neil is getting into Ragini’s trap again and will definitely attend her dinner party tomorrow. She says Neil knows Ragini well which we don’t know and says she will book dinner party for them and she does not have to worry.

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At hospital, Ragini scolds Nivedita for messing up work in her absence. Nivedita asks her to chill and is about to drink water from bottle when she sees Neil coming in and drops water on floor by mistake. Ragini asks her to stop staring Neil and be a fool and says she has given Neil a cabin next to her, she can stare him from there. Nivedita thanks her, goes to Neil’s cabin and asks if she can assist him in surgeries. He says he will inform her when surgery happens and says he need help in some administrative work. She says he has to take Ragini’s help then. She then goes to Ragini and says whoever has divorced him is a fool, he must have divorced his wife instead. Ragini says his wife divorced her and he is very arrogant and his looks and character are different. Nivedita asks how does she know. She says she knows those kind of men well.

Neil tries to increase AC of his cabin, but water falls on him from AC. He calls Ragini and says it is raining. She says it is winter season in Mumbai and if he would have told it is summer, she would have agreed. He says she is sae and tries to force her views always and says it is raining in his cabin and he wants her to come and check as an administrative head. She comes and asks where is rain. He says near window. She goes to check and he switches on AC. Water falls on her and she gets back and falls on him. He picks her up. She asks what drama he is doing and says she told this office has not been used since many years, then why did he take it. He says he did not take this cabin as it is in front of her cabin, but it is a big cabin and he does not like 2 x 2 cabin like Aman’s. She says she will send someone to repair AC and walks out.

Nishi calls Agam and asks if he is coming for the party. He says he is ready and will come there soon. Aman comes home and sees Agam in a gujrati dress and asks what is he wearing. He says it is gujrati dress and he will attend Nishi’s dinner party in this dress and meet her in-laws, he wants to experience everything. He says he will not go. Agam requests him to not stop him as he did not experience a family dinner in life and only attend dinner with Pam or Suhani. He says Nishi called him twice and made him realized how important he is. Neil says even then, he will not go. Agam says he will disobey and will go at any cost. Neil says he will also come with him. Agam gets happy and says he will get similar dress for him.

Precap: Neil attends Ragini’s dinner party and alleges her that she is trying to get closer to his children via Nishi and Nishi invited Agam twice. She says when he has come he should enjoy food and leave and not forget that he is her ex-husband. He says he has forgotten that, then why is she trying to remind him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nyc epi

  2. Someone plz tell dr.nil the truth. And plz someone kill this pam . No need of her in nil’s life.

  3. Please some one tel m hw is suhani raginis daughter? As Neil had online 2 sons ranvir and agam

  4. Please some one tel m hw is suhani raginis daughter? As Neil had onli 2 sons ranvir and agam

  5. Hi akshi don’t know about suhani
    But Neil n ragini have 4 kids
    1) ranveer
    3)twins agam/ Arav

  6. Suhani is maybe Pam’s daughter or Neil’s adopted daugther

  7. Thx ashna

  8. Who are suhani parents??????

  9. The serial is going superb……….

  10. Suhani n agam both r neil n raginiz child. it was disclosed initially

  11. suhani is dr Neil and Nevedita ki illegal daughter !!!

  12. Really really enjoying this serial,love the flashbacks,so awesome,hope it becomes a 5 day serial.

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