Mahakumbh 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rao taking to Wilson, from PM’s office, and asks about the sectors chosen and sone local groups are opposing them. He says they will not make me clean Ganga to save it, its becoming spoiled by them, we have to save it. Wilson says I will talk to them to support you. He comes to know target is moving, and asks his staff to follow it. He calls Charles, while he is swimming. Charles takes the call. Rao says I have given you a girl’s pic. Charles says yes, I did not forget that Greece girl. Rao says she is coming to Allahabad by train, just steal her luggage. Charles says don’t worry, send me details and job will be done. Rao sends the details.

The girl bumps into police constables, and talks to them. They take her bag offering help and also her ticket to take her to the right seat. She says you are good, I was finding my seat since long. The bring her to the seat. Rudra and Maya are in same compartment. Maya says its too much now, we are here and we will manage. They say its out duty to take care of foreigners. The lady talks to them and clicks pics. She asks Maya is she coming to Mahakumbh, that’s great, me too, I m Katherine, I m going to buy Moksh/Nirvana. Rudra leaves being annoyed. She asks what happened. Maya says nothing, he wants some fresh air. Katherine says I love Ganga, I m excited.

Maya goes to Rudra and asks him to get over this, how long will be suppress the burden in his heart. Rudra says till I get revenge for Maai Mui’s death. A man is scared and says Thapadiya Maai. Even the TT is scared seeing her. Thapadiya Maai comes there. Katherine says look at her hair, amazing. Thapadiya Maai sits holding her. Katherine asks whats Thapadiya. She slaps Katherine, and scolds her speaking in foul language. The TT says this means Thapadiya….Katherine asks what is she doing. Maya asks her to leave her. Thapadiya Maai says you all will go to hell, and even you, and says scary things.

She goes to slap Maya. Rudra holds her hand and looks in her eyes. Thapadiya Maai moves Maya and sits beside Rudra. She sings a song and claps. Rudra gets down at the platform. Charles comes there to take Katherine’s bag. They pass by each other and does not meet. Rudra buys water. The train leaves. A fortune teller sees Katherine’s hand and praises her fate. He says anyone can love you, and get attracted. Charles holds his hand and asks what is his fate, looks like he is beaten up in jail.

He says see his legs, you don’t even bath, what did you do, what crime. The fortune teller says you have insulted me. Charles says he is a thug seeing the foreigner. Katherine stops Charles and says I m a fool, I believed him, thanks a lot for saving me. Charles says I m Charles. She says m going to Mahakumbh. Charles says me too, I got photography project there. She says great. He asks her to try the Indian snacks. She says she will take a click. He serves the samosa and chillies, and adds chilli inside it. He signs to the man and wins. He pays the man and asks Katherine to try it. She eats it and finds it very spicy. She says its burning, I want water.

He gives her water. He looks at her bag, and sees her. He smiles and takes her bag. He disappears before she could see. She says Charles and sees her bag gone. She says thief stole my bag and runs. Charles is leaving. Rudra sees him, and Katherine says he stole my bag. Rudra runs after Charles. Katherine says please help me, the bag has my passport. Rudra stops Charles and a chase begins in the train. Charles falls and Rudra catches him. They fight. Charles pulls his shirt and sees the sign on his back. He says wait, you are my friend, wait. Rudra beats him. Charles asks did he not identify him.

Rudra beats him more. Charles says listen to me. Charles says stop, where did the note go. He takes his wallet and Rudra is about to kick him, and stops seeing the half note. He recalls his friend Charles and the half note.

Rudra sees the note. Charles asks did you identify the Hamilton Papa, Mahabali Rudra, and gives his hand. Rudra holds his hand and hugs him. Rudra says you are still in wrong things. Charles says I missed you a lot, everything will be fine now as I got my friend. He says don’t trap friend for a girl, and runs with the bag. Katherine says what will I do without my bag. Thapadiya Maai curses the thief. Maya says don’t cry, you will get your bag soon. Rudra comes and is empty handed. Katherine cries and says where will I go. Maya says you can stay with me. Katherine thanks her. Thapadiya Maai says I m with you, come. They come to Swami ji’s place. Maya brings Rudra to Swami and refers to him as Mama ji. Swami stares at Rudra.

An old pandit tells Rudra about the man who ruined him, Rudra shouts to get Pandey. Swami ji yes Pandey and gives to Rudra asking him to fulfill his revenge. Rudra meets an old lady and hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. There is no new episode of mahakumbh on Friday which is not fair as it is a mon-fri

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