Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl knocks at Rachna’s door worried. Gunjan comes there and calls Rachna. Gunjan heads to get Mayank when Rachna opens the door. Shayl comes in with Gunjan and asks is she alright. Rachna was quiet, she denies eating anything. Shayl says she doesn’t care about what her mother says now. Rachna says she has such hatred for KT in heart, that she doesn’t see her daughter’s pain. Gunjan takes the plate from Shayl, Shayl leaves. Gunjan sits besides Rachna and asks her to eat something. Rachna says she has said so, she doesn’t want to eat. Gunjan says since morning no one has taken anything, not even her baby. Rachna asks if she is crazy, but Gunjan says her baby will only eat when his buasi eats something. She makes Rachna eat, Rachna puts bites in Gunjan’s mouth, then hugs Gunjan saying she can’t live without KT. She will give up her life, without KT. Gunjan wipes her tears and says she is there, everything will be alright.
Shayl was lost as the milk boiled. Gunjan comes to the kitchen, Shayl asks did Rachna eat something. Gunjan says we must give another chance to Rachna and KT, they love each others. Rachna’s life will be easy with KT, and she knows she can make it easy. Shayl goes into thinking about it, Gunjan leaves.
Dayal asks Shayl if she really think they must do it. Shayl says there is no other way than this. We are parents and nothing can be greater that our daughter’s hapiness. Dayal says after so much happened, how can he believe in him a man who had betrayed her. Shayl says she is also reluctant to trust KT, still they have no way. Dayal says she must not do hurry. Shayl says she has to take this decision for their daughter.
On the table, Seema asks if Rachna has eaten anything. The bell rings, Mayank goes to see. He shouts that he is here again. They all go to the door, KT was there. Mayank calls him to get out. Rachna also comes downstairs. Dayal stops Mayank and says he called him here, and invites KT inside. KT comes in. Dayal says he has to talk to him about his and Rachna’s proposal. They were all shocked. Rachna cheers if this all is happening to her. Shayl says this all is for her happiness, if she is happy with him. Dayal says to KT he has been given a last chance. KT says thankyou, but Mayank interferes that he isnt welcome.
Mayank says to Rachna that this KT isnt ever going to get better, why she believes her. KT turns to him, and says he has given pain to his sister but he will get her rid of all her pains. Shayl says they all want so, that Rachan doesn’t get in pain. He must welcome him into family.
Rachna says she can’t stay happy without him, she wants to stay happy and she doesn’t remember when she was happy. Mayank hugs Rachna, they were all happy. Seema asks Bindia to get laddu, to sweeten all their mouths. Everyone celebrates. Bindia wasn’t much happy, but Seema sends her.
In the room, Gunjan offers Mayank the sweet. Gunjan says she will eat it else, in some days she herself is going to become a laddu. Mayank was sitting quiet. Shayl asks her to leave it, he might not be in a mood to eat laddu. Mayank says to Shayl how she can agree with this.
KT and Rachna come out together. KT turns to the smiling Rachna, she says that after much struggle they again met. This time she won’t let anything go wrong, she wants to make their love exemplary and hugs him saying I love you KT. KT hugs back saying I love you too, please forgive me for what I did.
Mayank asks what is the guarantee that he won’t repeat it. Shayl says there is no guarantee of anything in the world. Mayank says he doesn’t trust that man. Gunjan reminds him that tomorrow in their appointment. Shayl says it is Khushi’s anuprashan as well. Murli never picks her call, nor calls back.
KT gets into the car, Rachna returns back into the house. KT is worried, breathes heavily asking why he returned. Why he is stuck into all these promises.
Peehu talks to Murli, he was irritated. She asks what she must say to mummy. Murli asks her to tell hre mummy not to call him again. Dayal comes there and asks was it Murli, he wants to talk to him. Peehu says she has talked to him, he will come. Dayal says inviting Murli’s parents is also important. Peehu smiles saying, he has said that he will come, means he will. Dayal goes away, Peehu is worried that what will happen when he won’t come. She thanks God that he parents didn’t go to her in laws.
Gunjan tells Mayank that it is important to invite Murli, Murli opens the door to them. He was worried asking what they are doing here.
Rachna says to KT on phone, what he is wearing. He must wear green as she is working on pink and green theme. Shayl talks to him saying is he coming to their home. KT says yes. Shayl says he is abiding by her orders. KT says Rachna must be really happy hearing this all. Shayl says her hapiness means a lot to them, and they are all doing it for her hapiness only. KT hangs on, worried.
Rachna hugs Shayl, there.

PRECAP: In the anuprashan, Gunjan says to Peehu that she called Murli from her number and got to know about all the it.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Wondering why kt said those last words looks like he is not marrying rachana

  2. What is going on i don’t understand why is kt so worried

  3. Nice. ending happily

  4. rachna should show some fake anger to kt. as he left her once. some anger of rachna, some more romance, kt is trying to pacify her. but i hope kt and rachna’s family are not trying to cheat her.

  5. What is wrong with Kt?

  6. what the heck is going on? another twist?

  7. Why kt seems worried…???

  8. I am so frustrated about this soap fed fed fed up

  9. Your right kristelle

  10. nice episode. keep voting for sslk. sslk beat bandhan

  11. I love Mayank eh, but why he doesn’t hush!?!?! He forgot it was KT running up and down to investigate Charu to help prove Mayank’s innocence when he was locked up. And….Gunjan is right, she did give him a second chance, even when his mother was treating her like crap numerous times (case in point when she was obsessed with the Guru and when she accused her of carrying another man’s child). He should be the first one in forgiveness mode instead of being defiant.

  12. Dhan’yavāda = Thank you

  13. please tell me what is the hindi word for ‘Thank you’

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