Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav insists Abhiman to play cricket with family. Abhiman says he is not interested and wants to go to office. Soniya gives him office keys and says office is closed on second Saturday. Raghav says he gave them 3 days’ time to stay in this house, still they have 2 days left and he has to obey family’s rule for 2 days. Sisters taunt Abhiman is afraid of losing against them, so he does not want to participate in match. Deepika says she will be on Abhiman’s side. Raghav says he will win the match as he is winning since 7 years. Abhiman says he is winning as he did not compete with him, so this time he will be defeated by him. Ratna gets happy hearing Abiman’s accepting to play match.

Match starts with Abhiman and Raghav as rival teams, Daada as commentator, and Ratna as umpire. Raghav wins toss and opts for batting. Dada announces 1 samosa for 1 wicket and sixer/four runs. Rathi comes on pitch as an opening batsman and loses after 1 wicket. Abhiman’s team enjoys samosas. Soniya goes for batting next. She scores 4 runs. Everyone claps for her. Fruity’s wicket is lost. Raghav comes for batting with lots of attitude. Abhiman bowls and Raghav scores 4s and 6s. Soniya bats next and scores 4s. Abhiman bowls again and Ratna declares Raghav LBW out. Raghav’s team starts bowling next. Anjali starts batting and Raghav takes her wicket with a runout. Deepu comes for batting next. Abhiman starts batting next as a left-hand batsman and scores 4s and 6s. Deepu and Abhiman continue making scores. Raghav asks Abhiman when he did not learn cricket, how does he know such a good batting. Abhiman says he used to play roadside gilli danda. Two runs to win. Raghav bowls. Abhiman bats and runs, but loses on runout. Ratna declares him not out and makes him win.

Soniya sees injury on Abhiman’s hand and gets concerned. Ratna also sees and runs towards him. They take him to home and try to nurse his wound. Abhiman says he is fine. Soniya says they accepted all his demands, now he has to accept their demand and get wound nursed. He looks at Ratna and says when he used to get injured in childhood, nobody was there to pamper him, especially his mother who was in lavish mansion and did not hear his pleas at all.

Precap: Abhiman warns Ratna that if she does not send Raghav out by tomorrow, he will leave home else.

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