Mahakaali 20th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati and Vishnu come to Madhu and Ketap

Mahakaali 20th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati fights Madhu and Ketap. She says I am giving you one more chance. I am forgiving this one as a mistake for first time but if you repeat you two will have to die.
Adi says to pandit I know what you have to ask from Mahadev and then use it against him. We will rule this world together.

Parvati tells Shiv I have given them last warning. He says they are both not ordinary. They are very powerful. The pandit says Mahadev after praying for all these years you didn’t come. If you don’t come I will burn myself. You have to me. He cuts his hand. Parvati says why don’t yous stop him. He says I give promises based on people’s faith not on blackmailing. He cuts his legs. Parvati says please stop it. he says I should have trusted asurs. I thougth you would meet me. You proved asurs right. I should pray for believing in you. PArvati says you have to go. He says it will have consequences. Parvati says but he will lose his life. I request you please go. Shiv goes there. He says if faith is true nothing can stop me from coming to that person. Shiv gives him his hands and legs back. Shiv says you will be awarded for what you want. He says give me power that whoever I put hand on dies. Shiv gives him that power and says you will be known as bhasmasur. Shiv says if you misuse it will turn against you.

Parvati says Shiv you look worried. SHiv says Bhasmasur will use this reward for his evil wills. Adi says to Bhasmasur go to Kelash and do what Mahdev didn’t even imagine.
Parvati says to Shiv after all this why are you smiling? Your smile reminds me of all things we have spent together. When we are togehter nothing is tough for me.
i know Bhasmasur wont sit calm. He will misuse his power for sure.

Scene 2
Bhasmasur comes to Kelash. Nandi stops him. He says I am Mahadev’s man. I came her to meet him. Nandi says wait her. Parvati comes. He says Mahadev I am here to meet Mahadev. But Nandi is stopping me. Parvati says if Nandi is stopping you there must be a reason. It’s Nandi’s faith to protect Kelash. He says Mahadev loved my faith. He gave me power that I can kill anyone. I got to know that the worst power is in front of me. Its Mahadev. I will go to him and use my powers. And then you. Nandi says how dare you say this. Kartika gets his weapon. Shiv comes and says stop. You are right Bhasmasur. You can kill me but for that first you will have to catch me. He disappears. Bhasmasur says you can hide wherever you want but I will come to you. He leaves. Nandi says can we stop him? Parvati says only Nandi knows how but for that he has to ge that with his yogata. Nandi opens his eyes. He says we have to go to Mahadev.

Adi comes to Ketap and Madhu as Parvati. He says you will be blessed with my blessings. But first do what I ask you to. You have all my powers. He says go and attack Bharamdev first. No one will stop you.
Bhasmasur comes after Mahadev but he can’t catch him. He looks around Mahadev is everywhere. A woman comes. He stops. He says you are so pretty I want to marry you. She says don’t be so hasty. She says you have to do what I ask. He says I can do anything. I will do what you ask. I will kill whoever I put my hand on. She says you have win my heart to marry me. He says I will do anything. She dances in front of him and says you have to dance better than me. He dances with her. Suddenly he turns into fire. He is shocked, SHiv says this is the reward of your sins Bhasmasur. You couldn’t understand it. He is burnt and turns into ashes.
Parvati comes there. The woman was Vishnu. Parvati says only you could save the world from him. Shiv says everything is not fine now. Madhu and Ketap will attack Bharamlok. Parati says I will teach them a lesson. Vishnu says I wil help her.

Madhu and Ketap come to fight Bharamdev. Ketap tries to take his powers. They lock him. Madhu says we have to take all these powers. Parvarti comes and says how dare you.Madhu says but you asked us to do this. They run from there. Parvati says we have to know what Madhu and Ketap said.
Parvati and Vishnu come to Madhu and Ketap. Madhu says we are far more powerful than you ask for what you want. Vishnu says give us power to kill you. He says you can kill us but we can’t be killed on land. We can’t be killed in water either. Parvati and Vishnu become large. Vishnu kills them both.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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