Belan Wali Bahu 20th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa knows about Naren and Suzzi’s affair

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Belan Wali Bahu 20th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In morning, Dada comes in lounge. Roopa asks if he needs anything? Dada says leave it. Suzzi brings juice and says I made it for Dada. Naren comes there and drinks it. Dada shouts this was my juice. Suzzi says I can make another. Dada says it was my juice. Suzzi says this orange juice was sour. Dada says but this Naren can have it? Suzzi says he is young, he has immunity and wont get ill. Dada says you are talking about my age? this Naren is trying to take everything from me, he asks Naren to have fist fight with hi, Naren says but. Dada says sit down and do it. Dada have fist fight with him. Naren lets him win. Dada says I have power, Naren says I made you win. Dada says have another round, Naren puts his fist down. Roopa asks Dada why you are behind Naren? Dada says this Naren is lying. Dada thinks to tell that this Naren and Suzzi are meeting secretly and have affair, he says I cant tell otherwise this house will shake, he leaves. Naren says to Roopa that Dada is miffed me with me, what to do? Roopa says I can bring a gift for him. Naren says what gift should I give to him? Roopa tells him an idea.

Naren comes to Dada and says I know you are miffed with me over something but I know how to pacify you. Dada says you remain away from heer and I will be fine. Naren asks who? Dada says I mean go away from my face and I will be fine. Naren says you can show as much anger as you want but I will pacify you, see what I brought for you. He shows him an antique tape recorder and says this have 7k songs which are your favorites. Dada says you want gift from me too? Naren says no you will slap me, Dada says no. He blesses him. Naren gives him recorder, Dada slaps him and says you think I hear old songs because I am old and you are young? dont ever try to gift me anything, he leaves.

Naren comes to Roopa and says Dada didnt take my gift. Roopa says dont know why he is angry these days. Naren leaves. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that talk to Dada about why he is angry these days. Roopa says good idea.

Dada is reading Geeta which says that what is yours will be of someone else someday. Dada says no whats mine cant be of someone else, I wont let it be someone else, never. Roopa comes there and says you are reading Geeta, its a good thing in this age. Dada says what is all this about age? Roopa says I mean we should read Geeta at any age especially young, dashing person like you. Dada is flattered, Roopa says Geeta says whatever happens happen for good. Dada shouts no what happened was not good and I wont let it happen. Roopa asks why he is so worried? tell me. Dada says its.. um.. no. Roopa says swear on Dadi.. he says no. Roopa says swear on Suzzi. Dada says let me tell you, he tells her how he saw Naren and Suzzi kissing and them hugging, he cries. Roopa consoles him and says I think you have some misunderstanding, they cant do it. Dada says no, I saw it. Dada says my grandson who I loved so much is keeping an eye on woman like his grandmother. Roopa says what? Dada says I mean she is like his mother, Roopa says what? Dada says I mean she is like his sister. Roopa says yes. Dada says they were taking selfie with faces close, will it be good that Suzzi gets married from here and comes back here only. Roopa says yes you will be confused if to send her off or welcome her back.. Dada glares at her. Roopa says sorry, everything will be fine, I will talk to Naren and Suzzi.

Scene 2
Suzzi comes to Roopa. Roopa thinks I should talk to her. Roopa asks her if everything is right? she says yes. Roopa says what about consequences? Suzzi says I left everything on fate, she leaves. Roopa says Dada was right.

Naren is talking on call and says dont worry, we will run off. Roopa comes there and says you and Suzzi? Naren says yes, you got to know about it? Roopa says you think you are doing right? Naren says yes only I could do it with Suzzi as Jitendra is married. Roopa says were you not scared? He says yes I was but Suzzi hugged me with love and I got guts, you people ask me to be mature so I am taking up responsibility. Roopa says what now? Naren says I have to work my life now, I have work, he leaves. Roopa is tensed.

Roopa comes to Prem and says I want to talk to you. He asks if its a long talk? Roopa says to Prem that its a little long, he says okay talk. Roopa says Naren.. I wanted to talk about him. Prem says what about him? he is not that important that I leave all my work to talk about him, you go some work and I will finish my work(drinking) too. Roopa says no, Naren have an affair. Prem laughs and says let it happen, he will get tired and have breakup. Roopa says this time, matter is going towards marriage. Prem says its a good thing, he will get stable and wont have to look around for affairs, Roopa says they might get married without telling anyone. Prem says its good, we wont have to spend on wedding then and I will dance so much in his marriage like a snake dance, ask Lata to not stop me from drinking his wedding, Roopa says okay you continue, she leaves. Prem drinks wine.
Roopa thinks Prem doesnt care about anything unless its not about wine but what is happening is not good for family’s respect. Roopa is walking in corridor, she sees Naren on call and hides. Roopa hears Naren talking on call and says okay at 4PM, outside mandir? Dada hears Suzzi talking on call, she says bring garlands and come to mandir. Dada fumes in anger hearing it. Suzzi is in lounge, she sees Naren on terrace and smiles. Roopa sees it and is shocked. She realizes they are talking on call about wedding.
PRECAP- Suzzi is dressed in a red saree and says to Dada that I will return in one hour. Dada says everything will be changed then, she doesnt understand and says I have to go, bye, she leaves.
Roopa says to Dada that they have gone to get married. Dada says I know, we have to stop them, its about my life.
In mandir, priest says groom and bride will exchange garlands. A man is recording their wedding. Naren and Suzzi exchange garlands. Dada and Roopa comes there and sees them doing it. Priest says Naren and Suzzi, you are now husband and wife. Dada and Roopa are shocked to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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