where there is LOVE there is LIFE (Epi 12)

Here again

Early you know ?

Some thing big on its way i mean in Epi

One thing more Now account is quilified ???


Twi sitting with Rt and just lost in her own world

Rt: Twinkle

Twi: ……

Rt: Twinkle

Twi: Ohhh you were saying something

Rt: You sit here with Cherry me and Mr.malhotra has some work

Twi: Ohhh okkk *pissed off*

Twinkle was sitting and getting angry on kunj

“where the hell Kunj is? if he will not come i will never talk to him” Twinkle think

Che: Remember me? *smirk*

twi: No because my Dads friend has many dogs and i don’t like 7remeber all *Winning smirk* (My fav. line)

che: i think you didn’t enjoy that day

Twi: You.. but before she can say anything Twinkle saw kunj coming there With his perfect smile

“here i am dying and he is smiling but thank God he came” Twi think

Kunj reached near twinkle in mean time Rt also come

kunj: Good Noon *take blessing from Rt*

Rt: Ohhhh.. Kunj Good noon How you came?

Kunj: Twinkle Called me and if i would have not come she will never talk to me

He was saying like they were perfect couple and can’t say no to eachother

Che: You? *confused*

kunj: Kunj….. Kunj Sarna Nephew of Rt uncle and Husband of Twinkle

Wait did he just say Husband of twinkle? I can’t belive thats mean he knew it and he was saying like they were living togather as husband wife And its a common thing

Che: Ohhh.. nice to meet you

Kunj: Same here

Twinkle is still in shock She can’t belive (Shocking for me too btw its the big thing)

Kunj: Twinkle

twi: …….

Kunj: Twinki

Twi: What? what just you say

Kunj: Twinkle! did you here something else? *Smirk*

Twi: No nothing

Kunj: Uncle why not to go home? Mom will be waiting for you

Rt: Ohhh lets go

They Trio went toward car The drive was silent just kunj Answering Rt’s question (after all he is son.in.law) Twinkle was sitting ofcourse on front seat but just thinking what happened some time before She feel like happiest Girl ever

Soon they reach Sarna mansion And went inside Usha greet them

kunj went in his room Twinkle went in kitchen and Rt tell Usha about all the happenings Usha was happy thag finally kunj accept Twinkle

Kunj come down stair and sit beside usha Soon twinkle Come with Tea and snacks

She put tray on table and start pouring tea

Usha: Rt i want there engagement to be done

Rt: Ofcourse but if they both don’t have any objection

Kunj: I don’t have any

Twi: As you all wish

Usha stand up and went toward her room After sometime she come with a beautiful Decorated tray which has two Rings Both rings were tie with A ribbon

Usha tell kunj and twinkle to make eachother wear ring they do so and thn usha cut the ribbon (Actually its turkish)

Thn usha and Rt start talking Twinkle took her tea and Went outside Kunj saw her he also took his tea and went outside Twinkle was sitting on stairs kunj sit beside her

Kunj: Ahmm Ahmm *fake cough*

Twi: ohh you

Kunj: Yes me your Husband

Twi: Huh… husband why don’t you tell me that you know all the things already

Kunj: I was waiting for perfect time

Twi: Hmmmm…

Kunj: Btw you know i am the First person whose engagement is after marriege (i found this line soo cute)

Twi: Me too ?

Kunj: btw where you wanna go tommorrow

Twi: Blue mosque (my fav. place)

kunj: As you wish Siyyapa Queen

twi: Hawwww.. i am not a siyyapa queen

Kunj: You are.. ?

Twi: Youuu youuu…

Kunj: what me?

Twi: Sadu Sarna

Kunj: I am not

Twi: You are

Kunj: noo

Twi: Yess

kunj: nooo

Twi: Yesss

Kunj: nooo

Twi: Nooo

Kunj: Yess

Twi: Yeahhhhhh you except it

Kunj: Youuu

Twi: Yes me Twinkle Kunj Sarna ?

And went inside

Kunj: Jhaali Siyappa Queen ?

and he also went inside s

oon the day end


Epi also

This Epi had a surprise next one will have a shock ?

Love you all

Nisa ❤

  1. Superb episode dear really I can’t believe this wow what a beautiful surprise their engagement wow yaar next episode shock waiting for that post soon

  2. Really brilliant epispde yaar can’t describe u how awsm it was can’t wait a bit also for th enext epsipd2 love u take care psot soon

  3. surprise was great but u said next will be shock….so it means u r up to something …..
    it was amazing dear

  4. Anaya_Ali

    Hey yr sorry for such a late cmnt …
    Epi was awsm…
    So finally kunj a hi gya Bechara Warna twinkle us sa Bt na krti…
    Kunj’s into to cherry was great…
    Twinkle was shock me too??..
    Twinj engagement ? was shock… So suddenly…
    Their last scene was cute…??
    Post nxt also soon…
    Luv u babes…

    1. Lovey_kz

      Gottchaaa b*t*h ?

  5. Cute and short epi

  6. Aamna_2690

    Nisa ?
    Episode was Fantastic Dear ??
    Loved it ??
    Read whole story in a Go and it’s just amazing ??
    Concept ?? And finally kunj accepted he is twinkle’s husband and next Episode mein shock ?? please woh cherry ne kich ulta karnama Kiya na toh I will kill him ?? post soon ??

    1. Lovey_kz

      Thank you soo much for love no cherry is not Up to something its just something else

  7. awesome episode
    finally twinj are engaged
    waiting for the next episode
    post soon

  8. Awesome epi dear…
    Kunj’s acceptance was unexpected…..and fun too

  9. Awesome epi dear…
    Kunj’s acceptance was unexpected and fun too…

  10. Loved it a lottt …..
    Don’t know what are you upto by eagerly waiting for it

  11. Lovely episode. And Kunj ‘s entry was awesome.

  12. Awesome.
    I didn’t expect Kunj will accept it.
    Awesome one

  13. SSK

    Amazing episode

  14. Superb episode dear
    Awesome surprise
    Luvvv u

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