Everything Is Fair In Love Chapter 34

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Episode  34

Ragini stood there at the door wide eyed like a deer caught in the head light. Swara was very embarrassed where as Laksh a bit angry. Swara tried to move but Laksh held her in place.

Ragini: Well your position and the condition of the office just means you two are together again….. (With a sly smile)

Laksh: Well we were never really separated…. Were we?

Swara: Ragu ya its true…. (Cutting Laksh)

Ragini: Well then

Laksh: I own you a big for this Ragini, it won’t have been possible without your help…..

Swara: Well what did you do Ragu? (Narrowing her eyes towards Ragini)

Ragini: I did nothing like your boyfriend is suggesting Shona. I think his PA just eavesdropped a very private conversation. Isn’t it? (With an evil smile)

Laksh: Well you were not talking much privately, were you?

Swara: That I will surely find out but thanks any way Ragu….. You again proved that you are my best friend and one without comparison.( Hugging Ragini)

Ragini: Well what to say you are too lucky to have me…..

Laksh: Hmmmm……

Just then Swara’s phone rings she sees the caller and says

Swara: I have to take this call Lucky its Aryan bhiya’s phone

Saying this Swara went out to take the call leaving behind Ragini and Laksh…

Laksh: Make it short dear….( He called out)

Ragini:(Arranging the paper in the file Swara had just kept) So everything sorted?

Laksh: Ya misunderstandings removed apologies said…..

Ragini: Well it was high time….

Laksh: But again thanks for letting me know she was about to resign…

Ragini: That’s nothing Laksh, I had seen suffer all though these years without, and the sad part was that she suffered everything for no fault of her…

Laksh: Hmmmm

Laksh really knew when to shut up and let the other person speak, especially Ragini, whom he knew would speak much without thinking when in a flow. He somewhere needed to know the truth….

Ragini: You know when you heard her that day, talking about loving you only for your money, and all the other bull shit she did not even had the phone on….

Laksh: Really….. (Amused and curious)

Ragini: Ya and the man of your intelligence should have probed deeper into her action, that seemed to change in a single day…..

Laksh: Ya I know….

Ragini: But you without thinking a bit just classified her has a gold digger, a tramp after you money and family status, when those things had never mattered to her at the least…

Laksh: Ya I was too messed up at that time and with dad’s death everything was just murky…

Ragini: I know that but you should have at least believed her as you loved her…..

Laksh: Ya I know…

Ragini: Well if anyone else had asked her to break up the relationship with you she would had slapped the person or would have feed them to dogs. But how coud she have refused your mother…. Her badi maa whom she considered more than her own mom and respected most in this world…… She just could not even though it killed her form inside, knowing you would never forgive her she still went for it….. That was her extent of love for you…..

As she was saying this she did notice that Laksh’s face had turned as white as ghost. His face showed pain as if kicked into his sheen. And the person who was topic here was unaware of all this and talking animatedly on her phone…..

Laksh: Ar…. Are yo… You sure of what you j…. just said Ragini…? (Stammering and able to believe what he just heard)

Ragini: What!!!!! You mean Swara did not tell you this, but you said all misunderstandings were cleared……. (could not believe she just wake a sleeping dragon and let the cat slip)

Laksh: No….. Swara never said it till now…. (still not able to believe)

Ragini: I am sorry Laksh… just forget what I said just now. Please………. Please rub that off. If Swara gets to know she will really kill me or worse would never talk to me….. Please………. Please don’t ask her anything. Just forget what I said just now…

Laksh tried to speak but no words came out he still could not believe he and Swara were separated due to his mother, when she was the happiest person to know about their relationship……

Just then Swara entered his cabin unaware of the storm started by Ragini…..

Swara: What were you guys talking about…. (Seeing their tensed faces)

Laksh: (masking his emotions and grabbing Swara’s hands) Let’s go…..

Swara: Where to (a bit shocked)

Laksh: (Holding both her cheeks) Home….. we have to inform mom and others…

Swara: Okk

Just as they were going Ragini called out

Ragini: Just remember Shona for how long we have been friends, and what all things I did for you and I love always…..

Swara: (Moving out) Why did she just say that….

Laksh: Well she knows that I have completely booked your days and nights that’s why (Trying to change the topic)

He just leaned and kissed her softly on lips and said

Laksh: I love you….

Swara: I love you too…. But Lucky we are still in office anyone can see us (A bit scared)

Laksh: Like I care…

Swara: Well still….

Laksh: Don’t be such a chicken they will get to know soon. We have waited enough….

Just as they entered the hallway they saw Mrs.D’Costa smiling ear to ear. She had seen her boos this happy and satisfied after a long time and she knew this smile is there to stay. Swara was always better than Kavya for her boss in each and every way…..

Swara: Thank you Mrs.D’Costa you should get that promised holiday for your superb acting, but well thanks anyway…..

Laksh: Yes Mrs.D’Costa you will surely get it…

Saying that he took her hand and went to his private elevator. As soon as the doors got shut he just stopped the elevator grabbed Swara’s hands and asked

Laksh: Forgive me Shona. Please forgive me for all the shit I did and said to you during last few weeks. Please…… God do I even deserve your forgiveness… (Feeling guilty)

Swara: Shut up you idiot! You were forgiven long back….. And to forgive you I at least have to be angry with you na….

Laksh: What!!! You forgave me so easily….. Even after I blackmailed you, tortured you and in the farm house…… (could not able to believe)

Swara: (Laughing)

Laksh: What’s so funny? (not able to understand her)

Swara: Well Lucky I am afraid of only weighing machine, Ginny aunty and angry Ragu…..  and you are not any of them….. (Caressing his face)

Laksh: But those papers….

Swara: Ho…! That. I knew you would never harm Aryan bhiya even if they were true. And I could have got those papers anytime I would have wanted them…..

Laksh: Thanks for your confidence in me, but getting those papers were next to impossible…..

Swara: You really think so… Well if I had said about those papers to Adresh Bhai or badi maa you have returned those papers to me on your knees mister.

Laksh: Well there you got me. But if you could have got the paper any time then why you did took all those shit from me all this week’s…..

Swara: Well I was pathetic…. Even when you were angry at me shouting at me at leat you were near me talking to me that was much better to me then your long silence of 4 years and for that I did not mind your foul mood too…..

Other things that Swara wished to say were lost in maddening kiss by Laksh. After that they started for home. Throughout the way Laksh kept saying “I love you” Like a broken record. But after some time Swara got annoyed and said

Swara: Let me enjoy the Lamborghini please… You just shut up

Laksh: But I still love you

Swara: Lucky……


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