Mahabharat 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 9th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with dushasan pulling off one end of draupadis saree to remove it at this moment draupadi memorises her friend govind(krishna). Kirshna looks at his hand n finds a piece of cloth which draupadi had tied wen kirshnas finger was wounded,he(krishna) removes that piece of cloth from his hand and here in sabha were dushasan is removing draupadis cloth the piece of cloth as Krishna unwinds from his finger is winded upon draupadis body,dushasan goes on pulling up the cloth n Krishna goes on winding the piece of cloth, bheem is shown n tears.

Dushasan pulls n pulls,lot of breeze flpows across the sabha n crowns n clothes of all the men in sabha flows with it,guru dron n mahamantri join their hands to thank the god.kirshna is also shown in tears ,dushasan falls down tired of pulling

the saree ,maharani gandhari n kunti enter the sabha n are shocked at the scene of wats happening with draupadi n run towards her but draupadi stops them and says rajmata kunti don’t touch me im no more ur sons wife n throws of the crown n one bead from crown falls in the feets of each pandav.

Draupadi says im no more bound to any vansha ,n not related to any of the relations ,i have shed tears of all the women in world at this moment n if u(kunti n gandhari)if u can save ur lives leave this sabha im no more alife m death now n curse this sabha ,gandhari says no draupadi don’t curse them don’t do what they have done don’t behave like them but draupadi says i will curse them she is again stopped by arjun who says plz give us a chance to take revenge of ur insult draupadi says how can wen ur jst a das of these evil men ,now onwards i will never tie my hair will not dress like a married women,arjun says i agree with u but plz give me a chance ,im asking u this as a friend not as a husband plz don’t lose ur calm,this reminds her of govinds words which had told here never to lose calm in any situation n draupadi falls down n hugs kunti crying a lot.

Kunti shouts on maharaj dirtrashtra saying ur brothers (pandus) family has again helped u go enjoy ur sukh(happiness) but only until my children are enslaved.once they are free,duryodhan says free,but mamashri says him to keep quite ,but kunti says let him speak gandhar raj(mamashri) it is his ego which is speaking i will go to dwarika n ask Krishna n balram to attack u n free my children n but not kill u because thats the right of my putravadhus(draupadis) husbands right n they will kill u , dritrashtra says don’t let this happen, forgive my children ,dritrashtra turns to draupadi n says ask for any wish n forgive me n my children.draupadi says can u delete this memory, gandhari says i know this cant happen n we will always be ashamed of it plz ask for a wish n do a favour to maharaj dirtrsahtra, drauapdi says give back pandu putra their weapons n wealth n respect back….!!!

Bheem says its my promise maharaj dritrashtras all sons will die in my hands ,arjun says there will be blood sheds there will be war there will be mahabharat…..

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks for daily quick updates

  2. really excitin episode, awesome it is. feelin proud abt draupadi.
    thanks for updates

  3. i agree with u poonam

  4. This is awesome episode,even serial too….i would like to request the starplus channel to telecast Mahabharat atleast for one hour…..

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