Beintehaa 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 9th April 2014 Written Update

Zain he is not getting sleep. Aaliya says she knows how to make him sleep. She does oil massage on his head. She says even she does not get sleep without chitchatting with him. Beintehaa…. song plays in the background. Zain enjoys oil massage.

Aayath gets Rizwan’s call. She thinks she will scold him and picks the call. Rizwan asks Aayath if she thinks Zain as her brother. If yes, then to call him as he needs a sister today. Zain sleeps after oil massage. Aayath calls Zain, but Aaliya picks it and asks why did she call. Aayath asks if Zain is alright. She says he slept just now. She says Rizwan called her and told Zain needs sister. Aaliya says Rizwan is a very good guy. Aayath says she will call her later and cuts the call.

Aaliya goes near Zain. Zain catches her hand in sleep. Aaliya

gets emotional and lets her hand with Zain. Ishq khuda hai, Ishq khuda hai…. song plays in the background. They both sleep embracing each other. Zain wakes up and sees himself holding Aaliya’s hand. He frees her hand and sees her romantically. He embraces her. Aaliya wakes up and sees him holding her. She asks what is he doing. He says he is checking if she is breathing. She says his fate is not that good. Zain asks if she did not remove her hand as he will wake up. He asks if she is mad to do that. She says even he sad the whole night when they went on a picnic and asks if he is mad. Aaliya asks Zain let us start finding Barkath now.

Aaliya sees Chandbibi coming out of Surayya’s room with breakfast. She asks why did she bring back Surayya’s breakfast. Chandbibi says Surayya told she is not hungry. Aaliya takes breakfast from her and goes to Surayya’s room. She greets Surayya and tries to console her. She says she spoke to Ghulam as she had many questions in her mind. She says Surayya’s hate against Bhopal and its people is valid. She came to know via Ghulam that he has a brother Meer Khan. Aaliya says Ghulam did not speak or kept Meer’s pic in his house and is feeling guilty about his brother. She says she will remove Surayya’s hate against Bhopal herself and promises that she will bring back Barkath. Surayya asks Aaliya what does she think of herself. She and Usman searched Barkath a lot and they could not find her in 18 years. Aaliya says after 18 years, they found Meer Khan. Like Allah showed Meer Khan, Allah himself will show the path. Her heart says, they all will get back Barkath. She says she promised Surayya and Ghulam and will not break it. Usman says Surayya that Aaliya is telling right, after so many years if Meer has come out, then it is Allah’s wish, everything will be alright.

Shaziya sees Nafisa and says if Aaliya brings Barkath in this house, she will be the favourite of Surayya and property will be divided more. Nafisa says if Barkath comes back, property will be shared with her and what will they get then. Shaziya says babaji ka thullu and says we should find Barkath before Aaliya finds her.

Zain says Aaliya she made a big promise of finding Barkath and asks if she has any plan regarding that. Aaliya asks him to have faith on Allah. She asks if he hates her that she is Meer Khan’s neice. He says even she did not know that, so why will he hate her. Aaliya says we should go to the place where we found Meer Khan. Zain asks Aaliya if she has faith on Allah. She says yes.

Precap: Zain and Aaliya show Meer Khan’s pic to someone who calls his boss and says 2 people have come searching Meer Khan. Zain says we did not tell you his name is Meer Khan, then how did you identify him.

Update Credit to: MA

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