Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th April 2014 Written Update

Sonal invites KT to Rachna’s farewell cake-cutting ceremony. He remembers his times with Rachna. Sonal wishes all the best to Rachna, smiling at her as she keeps her head on KT’s shoulder. As Rachna cuts the cake, she recalls her grand birthday celebration by Dadi and how KT had refused to take the cake by saying thank you. She now offers him the cake which he accepts saying thankyou. She says she must thank her for whatever she got to learn her, and a bright future she is taking with herself. She goes back to her seat.
Mayank was angry why Pihu came with an unknown person. Gunjan tries to make him relaxed telling him she will talk to Shayl about it.
Rachna tells KT she had prepared a list for tomorrow and asks her to check if something was left. He sees the list, telling all was done. She asks where his speech was, she must have a copy of it for back up. Sonal interferes telling her not to disturb him as he was busy. She tells her the speech was in the drawer giving her the keys. She finds a design in the drawer, takes it out exclaiming it was the best design until today. They must use it for the show. KT turns around, running towards her and snatches the paper from her. She asks him to work on this design while Sonal interrupt them and scolds her for spying on KT’s belongings and says she has told her the speech was in the second drawer the why did she open the first one? Rachna overhears her and asks KT to allow her to work on the design. Sonal tells her it was a secret design KT wanted to work on, but she spoiled the surprise. Rachna still insists on working on the design. KT firmly says No, he will work on it alone, tonight.
Gunjan comes to Shayl in the kitchen. She asks she wants to talk to her when Pihu enters calling Shayl. She tells her she has a head-ache, could she make tea for her? Shayl tells Pihu to go to the room; she will bring the tea in his room. Pihu says she will stay here, but Shayl asks her to go. She leaves reluctantly looking at Gunjan. Shayl asks what Gunjan was saying after Pihu had left. Gunjan tells her that she knows Shayl does not want to talk about Pihu but Pihu is going through a delicate time in her life, she should be a bit careful. She tells her that she and Mayank had seen her today, on bike with the same guy she met on the first day of the acting-school. Shayl gets alert. Gunjan further tells her that this guy called Pihu on the dining table that day too. Gunjan asks her to look after what Pihu was up to; this is all what she wanted to say. Shayl says she is very happy that Gunjan is worried about Pihu. She says that Vicky is a common name and it is a coincidence that her friend Bindiya’s brother is also Vicky and the guy in her class is also Vicky. She says Gunjan doesnot need to worry about Pihu much. She gets a phone call, excuses herself and leaves. Gunjan thinks that something is wrong.
Shayl gets Vicky’s call, who was angry. He warns Shayl that her son and daughter-in-law were mis-behaving with him, he could also respond to them which he didn’t. Shayl explains that they do not know anything about the plan and are just worried about their sister. She tells him that he must quickly make Pihu realize the importance of her husband. He tells her he will do it but her relatives must never warn him again. Shayl promises no one will do it again. She was worried that Gunjan must not ruin her plans.
Pihu was in her room, worried had Gunjan not tell her mother about her. She gets a call, and happily answers it. It was Murli ji. He asks if she was alright. She coldly responds she is al right and asks him had he called to blame her again for being irresponsible? She disconnects telling him she doesnot want to speak to him. She thinks why she could not love him like Vicky. There Murli thinks that he called her to tell her how he loved her and wanted her to come back home soon.
KT comes in the workshop and on the lights. Rachna was there, he asks what she was doing here this late. She tells him she wanted to work with him on the design. He asks had he told her family, warning that he didn’t want a drama on the show. She assures that no one will come and no drama will be created. She says she will never get this opportunity again. She asks what they must start with. Sonal was standing behind the door, and says to herself that you are trapped. Dadi calls them for dinner, they both leaves. Sonal comes in and hides the designs in the drawer saying what she will do when she will be blamed for misplacement of the designs.
Bau ji asks Shayl where Rachna was. She informs him she will remain in her office whole night as tomorrow is her fashion-show. Bell rings at the door. Shayl opens the door; it was the next-door lady who came to return the sugar. She asks if Pihu was still here, she had seen their son-in-law on a new bike. Pihu was sitting behind him. Shayl negates her saying she must have some misunderstanding, their son-in-law has no bike. She greets her forced farewell and heads towards the kitchen. Bauji stops her.

PRECAP: Sonal turns off the lights of workshop, and says she will see how KT and Rachna works together tonight.

Update Credit to: Sona

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