Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th April 2014 Written Update

At Kailash, the Annapurna function has begun. Mata Parvati distributes to all the people assembled. Mahadev also takes the prasad and tells Parvati, it is impossible to not take Annapurna’s prasad. He tells everyone to eat.

Here in Vaikuntha, Brahmadev tells Vishnu to come, but Vishnu tells BSNL to go without him.
BSNL (N = Narada) go without Narayana to Kailasa. Mahadev tells Parvati he knew Narayana will not come.
Meanwhile Banasura comes and tells Mahadev, “Raksha Kijiye.” He prays to Parvati, and she gives the prasad. But he hesitates to take. Our Indradev criticises and says you didn’t hesitate to kill so many people with 1000 hands but you hesitate for taking Annapurna’s prasad!
Muruga gets very angry and tells Banasura

that he has insulted Parvati and so he can get lost. Banasura says it was not his intention. He can never insult Mata Parvati, so no one should mistake him. He is actually afraid of his uncontrolled 1000 hands which can unknowingly insult Mata.

Mahadev tells him take the prasad. He takes it. And then Brahmadev disappears.
Banasura tells Mahadev: “You told me to control my shakti, but I cannot. So please protect me, according to your promise. PLease come to SHonitapura.
Ganesha and Muruga protest but Banasura says he wants to make sure he doesn’t misuse his boon. But Muruga says that he is misusing his rights and a true bhakt will not separate Mahadev from Kailasa.
Banasura says he is not like Ravana, but Mahadev should come to protect the unievrse from Bansura’s 1000 hands. Parvati asks Mahadev his decision.

Back to Vaikuntha. Brahmadev gives WU update of what happened here.LOL
Narayana says, “Banasur Mahadev ki vardaan ka laabh utha raha hain.” (WHAT?) “This problem will further increase.”

In Kailasa, Mahadev summons Bhairava and tells him it is the time to fulfil his boon.
Bhairava is surprised and says that he will punish Banasura. But then Banasura’s 1000 hands appear and he comes to fight. But Mahadev stops the two and says it is his duty to protect his bhakta. He tells Parvati to remember his advice. Muruga protests, but Mahadev tells him it is for the whole universe’s benefit.

Mahadev and Banasura then leave to Shonitapura and everyone looks at him sadly.

Precap: Narayana says Mahadev is doing what he wishes so I will not interfere. Banasura tells the public that Mahadev will be with them only. But his alter ego tells him that Mahadev has stolen all his good credit, and what has Banasura got in return?

Update Credit to: Surya_krsnbhakti

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