Mahabharat 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Duryodhan shielding Shakuni from Yudisthira, Duryodhana tells Shakuni to stay there while he marches against Yudtshira, Shakuni fearing his life tries to run again. Duryodhana and Yudisthira are fighting, Yudisthira is trying to strike Duryodhana but Duryodhan’s body is not at all affected, Duryodhan starts beating Yudisthira. Shakuni is running when Nakul approaches him, Shakuni seeks forgiveness fearing his life, Shakuni runs again and hides under a soldiers body to conceal himself.

Elsewhere, Arjuna and Aswathama are having a duel, Arjuna breaks Aswathama’s bow with his arrow, Aswathaa quickly takes out a sword and jumps from chariot intending to challenge Arjuna to a sword fight, just when Aswathama is about to challenge Arjuna, Dhristadyumna comes and challenges Aswathama and tells Arjuna to go and help Yudisthira.

Shakuni is still hiding under the dead-body, Nakul tries to find him, suddenly two dice ( similar to one’s used in the Dyuta Sabha ), are thrown near Shakuni’s hiding place, Nakul discovers Shakuni and tells him that he cant run today, Shakuni again seeks forgiveness, Bhima enters the scene and picks up Shakuni in the air,. Shakuni is shown very scared and is repeatedly saying sorry, Shakuni requests Bhima to take him to Sabha and proceed trial to him, Nakul says that there will only punishment – no trials, Bhima shouts at Shakuni that he ( Bhima ) only wants revenge, meanwhile Sahadev also comes to the scene. Bhima then starts counting Shakuni’s sins, Bhima firstly tells Shakuni to recount he ( Shakuni ) poisoned him, Bhima throws Shakuni towards Nakul, Nakul asks Shakuni to recount how he ( Shakuni ) tried to burn his family in Lakshagraha. Nakul throws Shakuni towards Sahadev, Sahadev asks Shakuni to recount the Dyut Sabha and the horrors of it. ( Flashbacks of each event is shown when the event in mentioned). Sahadev punches Shakuni who goes towards Bhima. A scared Shakuni screams for Duryodhana to help him. Duryodhana hears his Mamashree’s screams and beats Yudisthira so that he can go help Shakuni. Duryodhana tries to proceed to help Shakuni but is stopped by Arjuna who is holding a mace, Duryodhana tells Arjuna that his weapons wont be able to stop him today, Duryodhana then throws a big boulder at Arjuna but Arjuna destorys it in mid-air, Duryodhan in anger throws a chariot and Arjuna destroys that as well, Arjuna sarcastically asks Duryodhana to wait and teach him a few things about mace, Duryodhana gets angry and starts attacking Arjuna, Arjuna tries to harm Duryodhana but cannot due to Vajra in his body.

Shakuni starts to run but is soon surrounded by the 4 Pandavas ( Yudi, Sahadev, Nakul and Bhima ), Shakuni again shouts for help, Shakuni says that he his weaponless and he cant be attacked, Nakul gives him his axe but Shakun breaks it so that he can stay weaponless, Sahadev gives a spear but Shakuni breaks that also. Sahadev angrily tells that Wrestling does not need any weapon and starts beating Shakuni. Soon Duryodhana comes to his aid, 5 Pandavas for a circle and they start to beat Shakuni and throw him to another Pandava before Duryodhana can reach Shakuni. Shakuni, after getting beaten black and blue , escapes the Pandava circle. Bhima, Nakul and Sahadev starts pursuing a running Shakuni while Arjuna and Yudisthira interrupt Duryodhan’s path, those 3 start to have duel. Shakuni is running when Sahadev ties his leg from a rope and starts dragging him, Shakuni repeatedly shouts for help, Duryodhana is shown busy fighting Yudisthira and Arjuna. Sahadev is dragging Shakuni through a rope when Shakuni takes out his knife and cuts the rope. Sahadev in angry runs towards a lying Shakuni, Sahadev picks up an axe lying nearby and jumps and peirces the axe into the lying Shakuni, Shakuni shouts “Mere Bache’ and dies. Duryodhana hears Shakuni’s shouts and rushes towards the spot, on seeing Shakuni dead – Duryodhana gets emotional and angry, in anger Duryodhana shouts at Sahadev that he ( Dury ) will break all of his limbs and will give him so much pain that none in the world have got. Bhima shouts at Duryodhana and picks up Shakuni’s body and throws it in the lake, Bhima taunts Duryodhana to get his Mama’s Body otherwise he ( Shakuni ) wont get Mukti and fishes will eat him, Duryodhana angrily roars and rushes towards the lake.

The 4 Pandavas and Krishna talk on the battlefield about how Duryodhan can be killed, Bhima then says he has promised Draupadi that he would kill Duryodhana today, Krishna replies that killing Duryodhana seems almost impossible, Bhima says that nothing is impossible and if God wants Draupadi to not get revenge and if God wants to kill the Dharmic people and save the Adharmic ( Duryodhana ) he will accept Gods decision, Bhima then says that we have struggled so much for revenge and started this great war, we cannot stand back even if God wants us to. Nakul takes a handful of ‘Mitti’ and chants some mantras, Nakul tries to apply the sand but Bhima declines and says that he ( Bhima ) will contiue having Dwanda Yudha before any result comes out, Krishna says that they will need a plan for it, Bhima replies that there is only plan – Attack and if God wants him to win, Sheshnaag himself will come to his aid.

Precap – Bhima and the Pandavas are at the beach, Bhima shouts to Duryodhana to come out of the water otherwise he will die, Duryodhana suddenly emerges from the water with his eyes red in wrath, Bhima and Duryodhana starts to wrestle.

Update Credit to: TheWatcher

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  1. happy to hear about sakuni’s death..really an wondeful imaginary description…

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