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Sakshi smiles as she stands beside Sharda who is busy praying. She is happy to see her Ma in the same temple (at home) which has always been hers. Sharda smiles. I have come here but I am scared for some reason. I have promised Pallavi that I will take care of her kids. What if I am unable to do it? what if I make a mistake? Sakshi is sure her Ma can never make a mistake. Sharda wonders if she is doing the right thing. now I realise that Suresh might not have liked / loved her ever. Sakshi knows her Ma has a big heart. You are trying to handle the kids of that lady because of who your whole life has turned upside down. It isn’t easy to understand the relation that you share with Pallavi. Papa will understand things in time. Leave it all on time for it has all the answers. Listen to your heart and leave the rest on God. They both fold their hands in prayer yet again.

Suresh is looking for a file (Khanna Industries). He is sure Sharda might have kept it somewhere. She would have started tidying the house as soon as she came here. Why cant she mind her business?

Sharda is telling Lata what all places to clean. Pallavi smiles at this. She sits down with everyone else in the living hall. An irked Suresh comes to ask Sharda about the file but controls himself as he notices Pallavi. He doesn’t want any drama from her so calmly asks Sharda. She tells him where she has kept it. pallavi is happy to see that her plan has had an effect on Suresh. But I will not believe it till he apologizes to Sharda from heart. Sharda wants to go to bring it for him but Pallavi stops her. She instead tells Lata to bring it.

Door bell rings. Few reporters have come over. Suresh tells them that he cannot give an interview right now as he is upset but they shock him by saying that they have come to take Sharda Mehta’s interview. Pallavi smiles. Shanaya doesn’t look interested.

Sakshi brings her Ma there. Pallavi is sad to see Shanaya leave from there when Sharda comes there. The reporters talk well about Sharda doing extraordinary work even after being an ordinary woman. She declines but Sakshi supports the reporters. Suresh watches this intently. Sharda is asked about her journey of transformation. She tells them that she had to face problems to find her new identity. Sharda calls Sakshi her inspiration (which shocks Suresh). She took the darkness away from my life. I was illiterate but today I am a little literate and smart because of her only. Its all down to my DIL Sakshi and son Karan. Pallavi talks about Sharda’s talent of making patola sarees and how Meeta Manchanda was impressed by her work. They ask about her relation with Sharda for which Sharda addresses her as her sister.

Pallavi suggests the reporters to take Suresh’s interview (as he is the reason of her success). He acts up but comes to talk to them. They ask about his contribution in Sharda’s success. Pallavi tells him to tell them about Sharda’s study and how he helped her in setting up the factory. Suresh smiles in acknowledgement whereas Pallavi tells them that he dint help Sharda at all. Shocker for him! Actually Sharda doesn’t need anyone’s help. She did everything on her own. It is all because of Sakshi and Karan. They are the reason behind her success. Only Sharda is behind her success. Everyone is happy except Suresh. He excuses himself on the pretext of taking a call. Sakshi is happy that the reporters are trying to share her Ma’s story with everyone. Pallavi sits down beside Sharda.

Suresh is upset with Pallavi as she keeps on insulting him in front of everyone. She simply told the truth. Sharda has made her new identity all by herself. You too know this. I have never seen an insensitive person like you. Sharda has struggled so much and you don’t see a thing. It doesn’t matter to him. it was her own choice to walk out of this house. Don’t forget that you and your daughter had also increased her struggle. She agrees. She did it as she wanted to make Sharda an independent and strong woman which she has become today. She and Karan have made a new identity for themselves after separating from you. He is taken aback. He in turn calls her selfish. You brought Sharda in this house, our life as you are worried only about your kids’ future. She nods. Which mom will not want her kids to have such a good upbringing? Her belief, her love, her tolerance is unmatchable. I cannot be happier if I see my kids being brought up with the same values. I feel pity for you. You are so blind that you cannot even see her one good point. You have always insulted her. He replies that he might have as he doesn’t consider Sharda as his wife. Pallavi is shocked by his statement. My family pushed me into this relation with an illiterate, uneducated girl but I have fulfilled all my duties therefore I don’t have to apologize to Sharda for anything. I hope you understand. He leaves from there. She feels that she never understood him. Who can hate a woman like Sharda who still loves you very much after whatever happened. If it would have been anyone else then she would have left you long back.

The kitchen is under Sakshi for today. She has Chirag, Karan and Aarav as her assistants. Sharda leaves but tells them to be careful and keep the kitchen clean.

Karan wipes his tears as he cuts onions. Sakshi teases him about it. They all have a great time teasing and talking to each other including Aarav. Shanaya comes to ask for water from Lata and is surprised to see all of them there. Sakshi asks her to join them but Shanaya denies. sharda witnesses this from outside and then looks at her kids in kitchen who are busy cooking the dinner. Pallavi notices her thus. She is happy for Sharda as the kids have given her a break. You have become a celebrity. Your interview will be in tomorrow’s magazine. Sharda smiles a shy smile. They hear the laughter of their kids. They both smile. I don’t think we will get dinner today. she offers to cook it but Sharda stops her. you should rest. Pallavi doesn’t want to be an ill patient. Let me do what I like please. Sharda agrees but tells her to sit down / rest or call her if she feels unwell. Pallavi goes inside.

Everyone sits down for dinner. Sharda calls Chirag but he isn’t hungry right now. Pallavi makes Sharda sit down as well. I have made the food so I will serve it. I will give it (firstly) to the head of the family. Suresh smiles and puts his plate before him but much to his shock, Pallavi gives it to Sharda first. Everyone is pleased to see this except Suresh and Shanaya. Pallavi tells them that the one who takes care of the family or worries about them the most is the head of the family. karan, Sakshi and Dadi feel happy for Sharda. She has made everyone’s favourite dishes. They all love the aroma of the food. She adds food in Suresh’s plate telling him that she has made his favourite dish for him. She winks at Sharda. He takes a bite and starts coughing badly. She gives him water. The dish is a little too spicy for him. she replies that she was upset with him so maybe the food turned out that ways. He says that even Sharda used to get upset with me but it never showed in the food that she cooked. Pallavi agrees. This is because she loves you more than she loves herself. Everyone stares at her speechless. Suresh gets up from there upset. Sharda asks Pallavi to join them. Pallavi walks towards a chair and feels dizzy. Everyone rushes to her side. Shanaya wants to take her mom on her own and tells Karan to leave her but Sharda tells her to let Karan do it. Karan and Aarav help Pallavi. Meanwhile Shanaya is upset. You all have snatched everything from me already but now you are snatching my mom from me too. She gets a call from someone and agrees to go to some party.

Sharda tells Pallavi to rest while she wants to go call the doc. Pallavi wants to talk to her. She is pained to see Shanaya’s reaction. She is not even trying whereas your kids have accepted Aarav whole heartedly. Maybe my upbringing isn’t as good as yours. sharda declines. she is a kid. She will understand with time. Pallavi replies that intelligence isn’t related with age. Sharda nods. Some kids understand fast. Shanaya too will understand. A gardener takes care of those plants as well whose flowers take time to blossom. Pallavi wishes to spend some more time with her. I could have learned something more from you and taught it to my children. I don’t know how to make Shanaya understand. Sharda remembers that it is Rakhi tomorrow. I will try to do something tomorrow. everything will be fine. Pallavi has full faith in her. you will win my daughter somehow. I will go peacefully if she gels with you people. Epi ends on Sharda’s sad face.

Precap: Pallavi gifts Sharda (as a sister) a gift on Rakhi. It is a pair of beautiful bangles. Title song plays. Sharda gets emotional.

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