Devon ke Dev Mahadev 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with guru ji worship to mahadev then mahadev transform their face and says, you will help these pisach to set them free from this birth. Andhak comes and says to rohitang, you must take your meal for your aim. Rohitang ask about andhak’s son. Then she says, injustice happen to us, i have given birth to him and mahadev has killed him, but now you are my son. Rohitang says, who is mahadev, i am feeling shame that i am part of mahadev and he always killed son from his mother. Guru ji comes and calls pisach. Jivak arise and says, now i will make you pisach. Guru ji says, this person will help me from you and set my students free from you. Jivak says, he looks fearful, how will he save you. Guru ji says, kill them.
Mahadev says, kill evil not person. Jivak says, animals also kill each other then why will they not become pisach. Mahadev says, they balance the world and you are not evil from birth. you had killed a devotee thats why you are facing this phase. Jivak says, i also did worship of mahadev then why would not people come to me. Mahadev says, i was just a proud. If person worship with no profit then he get that he deserve. Mahadev says, dont you deserve another birth. Jivak says, no i am happy with these birth. Rohitang thinks about mahadev and calls to him, come on, arise in front of me, if you want to kill me then why will you give birth to me. Rohitang beat the stone. Mahadev’s shadow arise in front of rohitang. He dances in front of him. Rohitang says to himself, who is he? Rohitang tries to touch the shadow but it’s gone. Mahadev says to jivak, there is lot of darkness in your heart and if you will not clear this darkness then you could not go into good path. There is difference between you and vrahad. YOu thinks that you have completed your worship but vrahad always tries to drown into worship. Jivak ask, who are you, you are not simple person. How do you know my heart’s thinking. Please tell me. Please give me your proper view. Mahadev comes into his actual view.
Jivak says, i know prabhu, i did wrong but i didn’t get any path and if possible then let me free from this pisach birth. Mahadev gives them new life. Jivak gives thanks to mahadev. Guru ji says, you have make this place very pure, so please stay here and make well to people who came here. Mahadev stay shivling on this place and declared it as “Pisachaver shivling”. Rohitang tries practise on stone and draw mahadev’s statue on stone. Rohitang gets surprised then prithvi mata arise then rohitang hugs her. Rohitang says, you always know my worried thats why you arise. Prithvi mata says, this is the first answer of your question. This is your father. You want to see him thats why he has come in front of you. Rohitang says, why will not he come in front of me in actual way. mata says, you didnt find him properly. ROhitang says, but i dont know how to do sculpture. Mata says, you born from mahadev sweat thats why you have so many art of mahadev and it is one of them. Rohitang says, can you tell me who is mahadev. Mata says, You have to find him alone.

Precap ;- Rohitang says to andhak, brother, i love you alot but i want to know that why will you trying to make me warrior. Andhak gets angry and says, how will you thinking it then andhak spy to rohitang. Mahadev says, rohitang’s heart is going to transform.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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