Rang Rasiya 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
dhruv says your marriage, you cant marry, maayra says why? my fiancé’s name is rohit, dhruv says no, you cant marry, maayra says why are you saying this, he says because you have to live with me and papa, rudra comes and says that dhruv go to your room, dhruv says she is marrying, rudra ask him to go, maayra says don’t force him, rudra says don’t talk inbetween my matter, dhruv and koyal leaves, maayra says that day you shouted on me but today you shouted on your son, he is a child, rudra says you don’t know anything about my family and life so just don’t talk, he is about to leave but maayra says that your son must on her mother because he cant be like you, I want your wife to put some senses in you, I don’t know how she bear you, actually I want to meet her, I don’t know how she lives with you, I would have ran away before marrying you or would commit suicide, rudra is too much hurt and leaves from there in tear, Maithili comes there and says you shouldn’t talk with him like this, maayra says why, you are typical male dominated family, where man is always right, Maithili says no because he is a very good human being and also very good father, he askd fhruv to go to his room because he was saving him from getting hurt by answering you , you don’t know about him, about his pain, he is just in pain for seven years and just don’t say anything to anyone, he is being father and mother both to dhruv. Maithili tell maayra that rudra’s wife is dead, maayra is shocked and in tears, his wife dies 7 years ago and you hurt him today very much, if you feel right then say sorry to him.

Scene 2
rudra comes to dhruv, rudra says you think that maayra is your mother? dhruv says she can be rudra says that I also want some miracle happens and your mother comes back but I knew your mother very well and this maayra cant be your mother, dhruv ask how do you know? if she is my mother and forgot everything. Maithili says ok I accept, maybe she forgot that she is your mother so we will play a game, game is till maayra is here, you should hide from her that she is your mother, you wont talk to her about your mother, dhruv says ok then papa will agree that she is my mother, Maithili says ok, promise, dhruv says I will not talk to maayra about mom now, he leaves, Maithili says to rudra that I know I lied to pacify dhruv but we all know maayra cant be paro, she can never be our paro, she leaves.
rudra loos at his and paro’s pic and puts in drawer, he says that sorry but I don’t want maayra to know about you, on pic falls on ground, maayra takes it but doesn’t see it, she says sorry to rudra and says that I didn’t know about your wife, I am really sorry, rudra says what if you didn’t know, it doesn’t make any difference, maayra says I came here to say sorry but whats your problem with me? why you hate me, I understand your state of mind, rudra says what you know about me, you don’t know anything because you haven’t lost anyone close to you so you don’t know the pain of losing someone whom you love the most, eho dies and takes last breath in your lap, I don’t hate you but I hate your attitude of rich spoil brat, you just thinks about herself and takes all things as joke, maayra says you know what, I am better than you as I don’t carry baggage of any sorrow, I live my life to fullest not like you who cant come out of his past grief and is just living in past, dhruv comes there and ask why are you fighting? maayra says what? we aren’t fighting, I was just clearing my throat, he ask how, maayra shouts funnily and says like this, she ask dhruv to do this too, they scream funnily together, rudra just look on confused as how maayra handled dhruv, dhruv says I liked screaming, rudra stands stunned.

Scene 2
mohini gives water to danveer and says this is wrong, absolutely wrong, danveer says yes, don’t know how dhruv and rudra will cope with that girl, god give her strength, mohini says sumer is taking all money from maayrs, this is wrong, danveer says so much happened and you are thinking about money, mohini says that sumer is getting 25,000 rs per day, danveer says that sumer and shtabdi have givben their room with dressing table to maayra so they are getting money, think If gave her our room, where will we sleep, in hall? mohini agrees.
koyal says to dhruv that I want doll but nobody is giving me, dhruv sayas all family member denied to give you doll, koyal says why, I have saved 300 for it and doll is of 800, I just need 500rs, dhruv says its not about money, Maithili was saying, you have many dolls so you have to play with them 1st, koyal says all my school mate have that doll, nobody likes me and dsoesnt give me that doll, dhruv says don’t worry, I will do something, I will buy you that doll.
dhruv wakes up in morning, he checks rudra if he is sleepin g, rudra is fast asleep, he goes to dressing table and finds rudra’s wallet, he thinks and says that I am doing this for koyal papa, I will give you back this money saving my pocket money, he steals the wallet and runs from the room, maayra who is going yoga outside room sees dhruv running from room.

Scene 3
dhruv is taking out money from rudra’s wallet when maayra comes and says you are stealing that too from your father’s wallet, I didn’t expect this from good boy, why were you stealing money? dhruv says today is raksha bandhan so I wanted to gift doll to koyal, maayra says you could have asked your father to give you money, dhruv says he will not give me more than 100 rs, maayra he is very bad, dhruv says no, koyal’s parents denied to give her doll so rudra wont allow me to gift her, maayra oh I see, so you need 500 rs and I can give you, dhruv says no this is more wrong, maayra sasy we will have a deal, she ask dhruv to go to her room while she will ptu rudra’s wallet in his room.

Scene 4
maayra comes to rudra’s room to put wallet back, rudra comes and pins her to wall, he ask what were you doing in my room, maayra tries to fool him and says did you listen some sound, rudra says no, what sound, rudra says leave it what are you doing in my rom, maayra says nothing, I just came to say good morning, maayra says actually I am good person so.. rudra says enough and go out of my room, he points her to door while maayra stealthily puts back his wallet on table, rudra sees it and ask why did you touch my wallet? maayra says I don’t need to steal your money, I can buy anything from my credit card so time please. rudra says my blood boils to see your foolish acts, maayra says seeing your face my blood boils too but she cant say it properly in hindi, maayra again listens the sound and ask from where it is coming.

PRECAP-maayra is making video and says today is raksha bandhan, Maithili gives rakhi to rudra sasing sunehri sent it, rudra ask Maithili where is dhruv? she says I don’t know where is he, maayra thinks that if this devil comes to know that dhruv is doing my work than he will not leave me, dhruv shouts from room aahh!! mummy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. it was good.the way rudra pin myrah in wall was superb.what work dhruv is doing that too for myrah.and myrah dont even know proper hindi then how can she be paro.but she can be good mum to dhruv.thank for update.

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