Mahabharat 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dritrashtra wakes from nightmare of duryodhans death he hears voices of duryodhan asking to save him n bheem trying to kill duryodhan , dritrashtra is brought to calm by mahamantri vidhur dritrashtra pleas him to save his children from death he cant see him dying n this thought is killing him. Mahamantri says u have to face this ur children have invited all this situations all by themselves , they have crossed all the limits drirashtra says shutup no one will talk abt my children death or else will kill u vidhur vidhur says i have already died its jst my body i had died long back during dut n this situation is killing me every single moment dritrashtra says vidhur my brother show me a way to get out of this vidhur says ask ur children to ask for plea n forgiveness to pandavas dritrashtra says in any of the situation mychildren will be killed vidhur says ask them to fall in feet of draupadi n ask for forgiveness bcoz she is only one who can save ur children.

Draupadi shows subhadra the raksha kavach which she will be tying in abhimanyus hand subhadra requests draupadi to tie this bracelet to abhimanyu as his life is all around draupadis revenge n abhimanyu belongs to draupadi first draupadi agrees with it. Abhimanyu is getting ready for marriage arjun is helping him abhimanyu says wat if draupadi n Krishna after marriage bans me from war draupadi comes in n says i promise i will not stop u n ties the bracelet in his hands saying all the 5 pandu putras will protect u n this bracelet will enlighten ur importance , but the bracelet breaks down into pieces draupadi gets shocked abhimanyu says don’t lie the burden of my protection on pandu putrus they need to focus on war n not me n don’t worry i will tie this bracelet n no one can harm me wen i have blessings of two mothers.

Gandhari calls duryodhan n shows him the 100 diyas lighted by kunti n tells him y has she done so duryodhan says its faith of one which decides death n not kunti she has done so to scare u lets see i blow away one of the diya which belongs to me lets see if i die duryodhan blows of the diya but it lightens itself gandhari says ur death is in war field n so the diya will remain enlighten n so i request u to ask draupadi for plea duryodhan says impossible pandavas had insulted me in mayasabha n my revenge will be their death on war field gandhari says ur father has lost all his cool this situation is haunting him n even im dying every moment wen i hear abt the war duryodhan says u inform kunti that she will also go through pain as ur going bcoz am gonna kill her children n don’t get scared from this diyas they are jst to scare u n im the only one who will win the war n will be declared the king of world…..

Draupadi asks Krishna who all will die in war field n why did her raksha kavach break….????

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