Balika Vadhu 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga massaging Dadisaa’s legs and talks to her. A ball comes inside breaking the glass. Dadisaa gets angry and goes out. She asks, who have broken the window glass? Ganga looks on. Dadisaa catches Nandu, Mannu and Jagya and questions them. Jagya says, Nandu. Nandu says, Mannu broke the glass. Bhairov and Basant come there. They say they were just playing cricket with kids to make them happy. Gehna and Sumitra come there with snacks plates. Ganga says, we shall play with them.

Dadisaa takes the bat and says I will do the batting first being the eldest amongst you all. Everyone laughs. She plays cricket with her family. Everyone is happy. They play one by one. Nandu and Mannu see the match.

Amol says goodnight to everyone. Daddu says, he seems happy today. Anandi tells them that he is going to watch film with his friends. Amol asks 100 Rs from Shiv. Buaji asks, why you are asking money from him. He says, I want money for my friend Pankaj. Daddu agrees to give money for Pankaj. Shiv says, lets the kids do it as it will make them good. Daddu says he is right. Dadisaa looks at the grains packet. Phulli says, I will go and come back. Dadisaa says, I would have send Makhan, but he is busy. She asks her to go with Munim Ji.

Anandi and Shiv come to school to drop Amol. Anandi tells Amol that she will come to pick him at 5 pm. Shiv asks the kids to enjoy. Driver stops the car, Phulli gets down the car. Driver checks it and says I have to call the mechanic. He asks her to sit in the jeep or go to the nearby mandir. Phulli gets Dadisaa’s call. She tells her that work is done. She tells Dadisaa that Munim ji stopped there and their car stopped midway. Dadisaa says, he should have come with you. She says, I am on the way. I will come to take you. She asks her to sit in the mandir till then.

Anandi calls Shiv and tells about the exporters meet at NGO. She asks Shiv to pick Amol. Shiv agrees. Shiv is informed by his assistant about the building collapsing. Shiv rushes to the place. Phulli hears some goons talking about anandi and Jagya. They say about the photo which will ruin Jagya and Anandi’s image. Phulli gets shocked and thinks to record. She records the conversation.

Just then Dadisaa calls her and says she will be reaching there in 5 mins. Phulli again tries to record their conversation. Het Singh’s son is seen talking with the goons. Phulli gets tensed. Some goon come there and hold Phulli. Phulli gets shocked. Het Singh’s son laughs seeing her. Phulli gets tensed. Het Singh’s son says time has come to take revenge.

Dadisaa is with Phulli and shoots at the goons.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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