Ek Boond Ishq 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mj and tara are hugging, tara pushes him and ask how this can happen, yu were infront of me and I did your lasy rituals, mj says he was someone else, he says this is a long story I will tell you later, tara says why didn’t you come out in opne, mj says I was convicted for crime, so it was better that world thinks that I am dead then I made a gang against kala, tara says you were their leader so what I was feeling from many days was true, mj says yes it was true, you was right to doubt me as mj, tara slaps mj and says you were seeing me suffering, you kept looking at me but didn’t think to tell me that you are mj, you always made me wrong in thinking that and I thought I am fool to think you as mj, I thought I ma mad, she ask to not touch and you kept hiding from me, kept lying to me, she pushes him away, mj says listen t me, he says I didn’t want to weak, I wanted your pain make you give strength to fight with kala, I thought you will take revenge of my death but my thinking was wrong, he ask are you understanding me, tara says I am understanding everything, tara says what kind of love is this, you were seeing me hurt but you didn’t say anything, I don’t want your love, I hate you, she beats mj, mj tries to hold her and hugs her to comfort her, tara 1st resists but then gievs in and hugs him back, mj cups her face and says you cried a lot now please forgive me, mj lifts her in arms and takes her in hut.

Sccne 2
mj and tara are looking at each other smiling, (tum ho from rockstar movie plays). mj kisses her hands, tara is shy, mj blows air, mj is about to kiss her on lips but tara stops him and goes from there, mj comes from behind and hugs, he open thread of her back, she hugs him tightly, mj makes tara lie down and he on top of her and they make love.
in morning, tara meets nimmo and guru in jungle, tara says you both saved mj, nimmo nods, tara says that means you knew mj was alive, nimmo says I knew everything but didn knew that rudra was kala, on holi day I listened to rudra saying that take out mj from jail to kill him, I told this to guru, guru says when mj was taken out from jail I also ran away from jai, tara says but he was hanged infront of me, nimmo says that was half truth, do you remember when kala put cloth on mj’s face, you start beating his goon, he says in fight, we replaced mj with kala’s goon, tara says how could I not recognize that it was not mj seeing his deadbody, mj says kala asked her goons to throw stones at my deadbody so my face got ruined. you couldn’t think that it was not me, tara ask do jairaj know that mj is alive? nimmo says no we cant tell him as he think rudra innocent, tara says I am sorry, I was thought that you don’t take mj as your son, nimmo says you didn’t think wrongly, I didn’t do justice with mj but then I got to know that mj is biologically my son, guru says when mj was born rudra told nimmo that child died, and child mj was given to me to kill him but I couldn’t and now that child is son of shikawats, nimmo says don’t tell this to jairaj, tara says I promise I will not, tara says the biggest sin rudra did was to snatch child from mother and now rudra have to pay, mj says now we will win and rudra will have to lose.

Scene 3
nandu is talking with rudra’s pic, nandu says tara is not to be seen from night, where must be she, tara comes in her room from window. tara comes in nandu’s room, nandu is saying that what if tara is lost then what will happen to us, tara says what are talking? nandu is shocked to see her and ask where was she? tara says I was in my room only then I went on roof then in balcony, nandu says enough, I am not asking your time table, tara ask you seem worried, nandu says that adi is not budging, till when I will keep giving him injections, tara sayas I know your case is complicated but adi can be soft when someone from his own house comes here, tara says remember rudra broke me buy threaten me to hurt my family, nandu says he is close to meethi and I cant bring her, tara says so bring mother, tara says when he will see mother hurt then he will be your slave, nandu says I don’t want slave but his love, tara says another idea, we will bring nirmala then I will hurt her, you save her then adi will love this innocent nandu, tara says I will bring nimmo, you trust me, she ask nandu to lets go and see how bring her here, tara thinks I have to bring family.

Scene 4
tara comes to stable, tara says nimmo must be thinking when our bad days will end, tara says I know you must be having problems to stay here, nimmo says so will you make it five star hotel, tara says I have one deal why don’t you come and stay in villa, nandu is listening to all this hiding, meethi says why are bothering her, tara says I don’t want to take her but her son is missing her, tara shows adi’s tied picture to meethi, meethi grabs her, tara says I will hurt adi leave me, she ask meethi to ask nimmo to come with her in villa, meethi pleads nimmo and says I will handle baba, tara says don’t tell about this to police otherwise.. meethi says no I will not but please don’t hurt adi, tara says I promise I will not, she ask nimmo to come with her, nandu is pleased.

PRECAP- tara opens her cupboard, mj is sitting there and scares her, tara screams, nandu from her room ask what happened, mj puts hand on tara’s mouth, nandu comes there, mj hides in cupboard, nandu looks in wardrobe.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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