Beintehaa 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain and Aaliya starts fighting after getting locked into the cold storage room. Zain asks why did she come as Aaliya Bhatt. Aaliya says he knew it is her and insulted her purposefully. She says thinking about someone other girl when one’s wife is present is a big sin, god will punish them for that.

Fahad says Usman and family that he will put Meer Khan behind bars. Barkath says we will not give police complaint and says Meer Khan is ill and will die soon. Usman says he thinks Meer’s Khan wants to do something bad to our family. Barkath says he has very few days to live, so what can he do to us. Shaziya asks Barkath why is she favouring Meer Khan. Surayya says Barkath saved Usman from Meer Khan. Fahad says we wil have to get Meer Khan arrest to teach him a lesson. Usman says Barkath is right, let god punish him. Barkath gives evil smile after hearing that.

Zain starts shivering and getting drowsy with cold and hypothermia, he says he is getting sleep. Aaliya tries to wake him up and wraps his jacket over him.

Aaliya tries to keep Zain awake by talking to him. She says she was jealous that he was thinking off other girl. Zain asks if she is confessing as he is dying. Aaliiya says not to tell that. She goes and hits the door calling for help, but nobody opens the door. She then sees Zain about to fall asleep and goes back to wake him up. Ishq ka jazba…. song plays in the background. She starts crying and hugs him tightly. Zain says Aaliya I love you.

Fahad calls Zain and Aaliya but does not get a reply. He informs Surayya about that and says staff informed Zain was in hotel with a woman, but Aaliya has also not come back. Barkath says Surayya that she will bring taweez from dargah for abbu. Surayya permits her and says may god give a daughter like you to everyone. Fahad calls his staff and asks him to search Zain and Aaliya.

Aaliya prays god to save his husband/Zain and take her life instead. Zain says I love you Aaliya. Muskurane ki wajah tum ho… song plays in the background. She looks at Zain emotionally and asks why is he remembering Aaliya Bhatt even in this state. Zain thinks he said Aaliya Zain Abdulla this time. He then closes his eyes back. Aaliya asks him not to sleep and tries to warm him up. Staff opens the door and takes them out of cold storage room. Aaliya takes her to room and asks staff to bring coffee. Staff says Zain that Fahad has called and he wants to talk to her. Zain picks calls. Fahad informs about Usman getting injured by Meer Khan.

Barkath meets Meer Khan and says she someone managed this time, but he will go to jail next time if he does any mistake. Meer Khan says until his daughter is in their house and their daughter, nobody can touch him. Barkath asks him to stop thinking like thief, she wants to take him to that house as its owner. Meer says he does not know where is real Barkath, if she alive or not. He says Barkath that he is seeing his characteristics in her. Barkath says she is having brain which he does not have and gives him Usman’s “will” signed by him as a proof of it. She says will has not been executed and she knows how to execute it.

Surayya informs Zain and Aaliya that Barkathfought bravely with Meer Khan. Zain asks Fahad why did not he call police and got Meer Khan arrested. Fahad says Barkath stopped him from doing that and said Meer Khan is suffering from severe illness. Aaliya says Barkath is a kid and does not know anything, if Meer Khan has illness, he would not have done that again and asks Zain to inform police.

Barkath says she knows everyone in that house and says she can Fahad, Zain, Shaziya and Nafisa, but problem is with his neice Aaliya. She is her cousin sister, but she wants to prove herself as good bahu, she caught her smoking beedi and checking will papers. She says about her friend and says she was competing with her but met with an accident, so moral of story is whoever messes up with her will not be spared. Meer Khan hears door knocking sound and finds police and Aaliya on the door. He informs fake Barkath about that. She says Aaliya is her big problem. She then opens the door. Aaliya and Zain are surpised to see Barkath there. Meer Khan comes from behind.

Precap: Zain asks Aaliya if it is true what she told in cold storage room, that she was jealous of him seeing another woman. Aaliya asks him not to take those words serious as she lied to him.

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  2. Zain is ok his actin is gud but his looks are nt so much tbh. Barkat will probs make some story wen der Abdullah family see her wiv mir khan is it true she will cry n usmaan will see n she will tell him she told lie to her husband so he’ll tell her 2 tell zain truth bout her feelings cnt help wondering buh wer is ayyat or rizwan or even gauhar???? G been missin for days

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