Mahabharat 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, shikhandni is upset with yudishtirs decision of not letting her participate in the war , bhishma is making arrangements for the dead people to burn them after war shikhandani comes n says none of these arrangements is for u but for the mere pity soldiers who will be killed in the war but one person will happily take responsibility of these n tats u ,bhishma says god knows i have never ever done any such things in my whole life n tat decision of war for u wasn’t by me shikhandani says false ur a lie im the one who died as amba n tat fire of amba is still in me all this happening is all tat revenge n this war is ur responsibility how could u leave so long when u know im there behind u to kill u don’t u feel ashamed of ur life bhishma says u had sais wen i will be old u will come to kill me n my soul is waiting for the death n its not in my hands u can enter this war only wen ur a male shikhandani says i will find my way in war n tat will be only wen u see ur whole vansh(family) die in front of u so see all this n wait for me to kill u wait for ur death.

Abhimanyu is supervising all the pre war activities , 2 days before war karna is offering his prayers to lord sun wen lord sun arrives in front of him , karna offers his prays n thanks him karna asks him to help him in war situation lord says ur goodness of helping others is ur biggest help but now i want u to help me n its tat now no more will u do any favours for anyone karna says how is that possible that my promise that i will help others lord says don’t forget that ur enemies like u are also lord dvraj indras son n so they will ask u to give away ur kundal n kavach bcoz wen ur without that arjun can easily defeat u karna says i will willingly give away my kavach n kundal bcoz my strength is my knowledge of archery , n with help of my strength i will kill arjun n show the world i can defeat him without my kavach.

Bhishma says angraj still haven’t given me the assurance abt his support to us duryodhan says he dosent need to give assurance bcoz i know he is surely with us bhishma says during war all the supporting rajas need to listen to my orders n to give orders karna should first give me assurance so tell him to do so before the commencement of war.

Mamashri calls karna n informs him abt the assurance to be given to bhishma duryodhan says i don’t thing karna needs that he shd fight with his own skills n needs no orders from bhishma mamashri says theres no onewho has leadership like bhishma karna says my leadership is as powerful as bhishma n i will prove wen right time comes duryodhan says more than bhishma i trust on karnas kavach , karna says i can defeat pandavas without kavach duryodhan says i know that but ur magical kavach will save me from pandavas wars n till u stand in front of me with ur kavach no one can kill me .

Devraj comes to meet karna , karna says ask me wat favour u want from me to save ur son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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