Devon ke Dev Mahadev 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev calls his family and informs abt Brhmdev’s new boon which says that Andhak’s son would get the knowledge of warfare training from Mahadev. He asks everyone to cooperate with him. Parvati ma is worried and telepathically informs Mahadev that she doesn’t want to do this, Mahadev explains her not to judge him personally but with his works.

Back in asur lok, mahrishi prays to Mahadev..chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’ then Devrishi Narad arrives and speaks that teh rishi gets to know abt any peril and would straight away comes to Mahadev’s refuge for help..

The rishi says that he is worried abt Mansa as she has gone to Mrityu lo and may get astray from her real goal. Narad assures him that she is fine..but he as of now needs to focus on how he’ll explain it to Mansa abt the ways of she has gotten to know of some terrible facts there.

At Kailash everyone is worried hearing maahdev’s say abt Aade..they need to give the guy one chance..n nt judge Aade on his personal profile..Ganesh agrees to Mahadev’s say and shares that even Andhak did realize his mistake at the end. It would be unjust if they dnt give him a chance says Ganesh.

Parvatidevi gets reminded of Andhak’s dirty words…Mahadev says that her thoughts are important to him…she says that he should respect Brhmdev’s boon and there is nuthin more they can say on it.

Mansa goes back to the asur rishi and narrates that humans have blind faith in superstitions …anyone can be god, any one can dupe ppl.. nobody believes in hard work n patience..instead they have faith in magic..some abraka dabra stuff..she seems very upset abt the ignorance that prevails and finds herself helpless abt it..

Then the rishi asks her to see in his eyes n focus..then she does as said and finds her calm in him..she says it only he who an understand her.

Abck in patallok, Aade goes to asur mata Aditi and seek her blessings, she tells him to keep his personal differences to himself and focus on his training. he in himself that its everything personal..!
Everyone has great expectations from him, he says he’d do that..she further says whatever he does..his karm would give him its result..and his fate would take him to situations ..depending on what ever act she does..and nuthing is without any reason

Aditi blesses him to do things in honour of his clan and forefathers..may he be successful in the good deeds he does.

At Kailash Parvatidevi gets reminded of Andhak’s nasty acts when she was around…Mahadev comes to her and before he touches to console her she stops him (BG was fab)
She says that she can’t judge anyone’s profile by their deeds..she cant forget taht he is Andhak ..who humiliated him and his dear ones..
How can she forget how they had to separate cause of that man..he cleans her tears and pacifies her saying that he understands, but if Adi’s energies are related to Andhak’s then he too is related to him…and if he does start something now, even he himself cant stop from including in it

Parvati devi asks when will this test be over…Mahadev console her. There can be no end to ones own patr..the guy needs them and its their duty to help him,..if they try to mend him then there will be lot less issues in the future.
And now one more of his energies is being nurtured in Nag lok…as Mansaa
They both have to focus on that.

At Nag lok Mansaa wanders…saptrishis goes to Halahal, the latter feels glad abt their arrival..they put forth their request to see they have heard good things of her and also him- who is taking very good care of her.
Halahal feels blessed to take care of her and the saptrishis are grateful n appreciate him to take care of Mahadev’s energies..rishi Kashap says that its not easy for anyone to bear the strng energies that emit from Mansa..Rishi Brigu asks abt Mansa..Halahal says that she wanders all over the place fr her answers.

Rishi Kashyap says that the sole reason why Mansa was given to him was to hide her reality her powers from teh eye of the evil ones..and if she wanders they fear if she gets into some trouble..
Mansa walks and is followed by a snake..

Rishi Brigu in froms that Mansa’s powers will now get activated and they need to be alert.

A few guys shooo away the of the guys mock that her dad does a lot of prayers..may be he must have done a lot of sins. She retorts that he does prayers in devotion and not to repent.He is a good guy..
If he was a good guy then what is the need for him to do prayers all the time..he must have surely done something wrong that’s why he is always appeasing god. she asks them if they have ever seen god.

THen one of the guy counters that the gal is a fighter cock and thus have no friends..thy all laugh at her
Mansa is raged…due to her energies all the snakes from near by ant hills come out..they mock at her anger too..then when she had had enough of their ragging..her anger mounts and she dons her full form with the hood of her snake form getting evident.

Parvati devi gently walks to Shiva..where as Shiva is boiling over some Parvati devi utters swami..he throws his trishul at her.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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