Yeh Jawaani 31st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 31st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid is beaten up by Billu in front of Devika and all college students. Sid is still talking big mouth. All students laugh at him. Dodo comes and hears Billu asking Cheeku what he thought that he brought Sid there. Dodo runs away from there. Billu tells Cheeku that him and Sid are his toys now, he will play with them any time he wants. Devika laughs at Sid and leaves.

The brothers return home. Their parents are talking about a gold chain. Cheeku thinks it’s a gift for him on his birthday. They go in. Their mum shows concern only for Sid. She goes to get aid for him. Their dad asks Sid what happened. Sid says he had an accident. His dad tells Cheeku that is what he was saying, it can be seen clearly that Sid got beaten up by someone, but he’s not complaining. He took all the pain and is saying he had an accident. Their mum returns and does aid for Sid.

Cheeku video chats with Kimaya. She asks him if everything is okay. Cheeku tells her that Billu beat Sid up and his dad declared him a crying baby. She tells him to leave all that, think about what he will do on 23rd. Cheeku gets happy knowing she knows about his birthday. He starts getting feelings for her again. Seeing his face, she laughs at him and says he looks very cute like this. He wonders if she has any feelings for him. He tells her they will chat later now. Cheeku tells himself, she is his friend, that’s all.

Dodo tells Sid how Devika was laughing. Sid asks him if he’s consoling him or making fun. Dodo says he has a plan. His dream is to make out and Sid wants Devika. They can get both, but they have to involve Cheeku in their plan somehow. Cheeku comes. Dodo tells his plan to Cheeku that his birthday is coming up and his parents don’t remember about it. All he will have to do is make them feel guilty. Cheeku says that won’t be right thing to do with their parents, but he agrees when Dodo asks him if he wants to get rid off Billu or no.

Next day, Cheeku comes to Billu and says he’s starting to get impress from him, his style, body, manliness. Billu asks him if he has gone crazy. Cheeku says yes, he has gone crazy for him. He’s in love. He says, I love you. Billu asks him to leave. Cheeku keeps going closer to him. Billu runs away from there. Later, Billu is bullying other students and Cheeku sends him a flying kiss. Later, he delivers him a love letter. Cheeku and his friend laugh. Cheeku says, Billu won’t even come around me next time. Dodo comes. Cheeku tells him what a brilliant idea.

In night, Cheeku is having dinner with his family. Cheeku acts of being upset. He leaves from there. Dodo and Sid make their parents feel guilty for forgetting Cheeku’s birthday. Their mum says, they can’t cancel wedding plan. Dodo says he has an idea to make him happy. They can keep a surprise party and invite his friends. His dad asks what makes them think that he will give permission. Cheeku’s mum interrupts and says there will be a party. Sid and Dodo get happy. Dodo tells his parents not to worry, it will be a simple party.

Dodo gets a message from Radhika that she finalized her dress and is waiting for party. He gets excited. Sid tells Cheeku, it wasn’t looking like he will get any wishes, and now he’s getting a party. Cheeku is happy and says now it looks like nothing can go wrong. Just then he gets a message from Billu that he loves him too. Sid and Dodo laugh.

Next day, Cheeku is nervous in college. His friend, Hansraj, comes to him and he shows Billu’s message to him. They hear Billu laughing. They go to check. Billu is sitting with Dodo. He thanks Dodo and gives him money for giving him the idea to get rid off Cheeku. Cheeku’s friend asks him if Dodo is on his side or Billu’s.

Cheeku is video chatting with Kimaya again. Kimaya laughs and says Dodo is very smart. Cheeku is not happy. She asks him if he’s hurt. He says, no, he knows his brothers very well. No matter what way, they did his work for him. Kimaya asks him what’s his plan for his birthday. Whom he’s inviting for the party. Cheeku says, Hansraj and his list ends there. Kimaya asks if he won’t invite her? He asks how she will come from US. She says that will be his responsibility, but if she comes, then she will have a great surprise for him.

Dodo and Sid hope to impress Radhika and Devika in their own backyard now. They decide not to invite any faltu character. Cheeku comes out. He’s looking very happy. His brothers wonder what happened to him and say, no faltu character. Cheeku says in his mind, there will be dance, cake, Kimaya. This birthday will change his life.

Precap: Kimaya wishes Cheeku in advance. Sid and Dodo invite Devika and Radhika for the party. Radhika says she wants to come, but it will be hard to get permission from her dad. Devika avoids Sid, but he tells her that he wants to talk to her privately. Dodo returns to his home and hears music. He thinks that the party is on. He is excited about it and says, Cheeku will go in and Aditya (His real name) will come out of that party.

Update Credit to: Tina

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