Mahabharat 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, pandavas visit bhishma to take blessings but bhishma denise to meet them at first but later allows them, bhishma says i will give away my weapon only when i die n its ur duty to fight rightly n accept the results n also killing me is ur duty n if any of u fail i will be heartbroken i know u all are sad to learn that i will no more be with u , all my life i have seen hardship n now its time to end this hardship n this end to hardship will be given by u , so fulfil the last wish of me n while killing me don’t let ur emotions overcome ur duty, arjun says u had promised not to leave us until u see strength n dharma combine n elect the right king for hastinapur, bheem says we will miss ur blessings n guidance , bhishma says before leaving the world i will fulfil all my promises n i witnessed draupadis insult so me bhishma is sentenced to death n now u all shall leave, all the pandavas n draupadi take bhishmas blessings n leave, bhishma stops draupadi n ask her for forgiveness , bhishma says do u remember in dut sabha u had cursed me for keeping shut plz forgive me n release me from this curse n i accept whatever punishment u shall give me, draupadi says plz don’t do this, bhishma says im jst elder to u by age n not by deeds u have sacrificed a lot for my family so forgive me , draupadi agrees n forgives him .
Gandharis dasi is oiling the 100 lamps lit Check with the local court for a list of in your area to help meet these requirements. by kunti , mahamantri vidhur arrives n asks dritrashtra is the news abt bhishma n shikhandani true , dritrashtra says yes it is n asks vidhur to make some arrangements n sent message to bhishma to quit warfiled , mahamantri says thats not possible its time for sunrise n with few hours war will begin.
Bhishma while getting ready for war , guru dron requests bhishma to assit him to get ready for the last time, bhishma says u need no permission ur a guru, dron says a guru is never bound but i am after ur death even i will also embrace death n then shall i get my tittle as guru back n guru dron helps bhishma ready for war, bhishma says now we shall meet in heaven n guru dron hands bhishma his weapon.
Draupadi wishes luck to shikhandini n says i shall pray that today ur wishes my fulfil.

Mamashri shakuni attacks shikhandini.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Dr. Ved Mitra Sharma

    I consider this as the best episode so far in the serial. The sheer force of the words uttered by Bhishma, the emotion he exhibits while delivering each word and his powerful acting made me tearful with emotion. Here is a man of steel melting in the heat of certain wrong decisions he took and looking away from the wrongs being committed before his very eyes. His acting is superb all through but this was matchless.

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