Ek Boond Ishq 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
The police man asks omakr how is sia now ? he says I couldn’t meet yher yesterday. She was not feeling well. Could you figure out why she as saying all this ? Why she called herself tara. Omakra says its justa disorder. he says let m, meet her I will talk to her about childhood. She might feel better. omkar says she is sleeping. Some other time. The man says okay I will come earlier tomorrow. omakr says okay better. he says I wanted to talk to you as well.

Scene 2
The celebration is on going at kala’s place. Omakr’s sister tries to call lado but she is not receiving. She what is that balli comes here to kill tara. Vida is here too. The whole plan will be flopped. I have to stop laddo. She call again.

Mj reaches the house. he is outside. Tara is in the balcony. SHe sees a man there. She wonders who was it. She goes back to her bed. Mj tries to reach her room. He gets in from the balcony.
Vida says pleas omkar. omkar says wher is my arrest warrant ? how can you even think that ? he says that’s not what I think. I got the complain. Do you know ali ? He has filed a complaint against your hospital.
Mj enters tara’s room. She is in her bed. Mj points the pistol at her. he looks at tara closely. He can’t shoot. He recalls lado ordering him to kill that girl. He points the gun again. he steps back and hits a vase. Tara wakes up and say who are you and what are you doing in my room. Tara can’t se her face because of the dark. She sees the gun. SHe shouts please help me. He will kill me. All three of them come upstaits and ask her to open the door. Vida opens the door. tara points some where and says he wants to kill me. Omkar says no one is here . She hugs omkar’s sister. SHe say bhabhi no one is here. Tara says he was here I am not lying. Mj is hidden besides the balcony. Vida is looking everuone he goes back in. Omkar says last tiem you said this as well. There is no one here. You need to rest. Mj jumps in the balcony again. Tara says I am nit lying. Vida says I have looked everywhere. Omkar’s sister says I will sit here with bhabhi. Via says take care of yourself. I would have stayed and talked to you but its too late.

Scene 3
There is a man in OT. he says where am I ? Omakr says you are in OT> HE says but I am fine now. Why have your brought me here ? Omkar says you have been detected with honesty. This is worst than caner. The other doctor says one kideney has been removed and we will remove the other now. HE says I got it. I filed a complaint against you. Please pardon me. The nurse gives injection to the doctor. The man says stop please. Omkar says what are you doing ? Doctor says I am giving him anesthesia ? omkar says its not needed. take the kidney out with it. The doctor is about to cut. Omakr says stop it what are you doing ? CAn’t you se how bad is he crying. Still you want to take his kidney out. omkar says to the man. You know what to do. HE says yeah I will cancel my complaint. Omakr says I like it.

Scene 4
tara says to the sister the man was really here / She says could you see his face. Tara says I felt like I knew him but I couldn’t see his face. She says lets go and watch a movie. Tara says not in mood to. Manat asks who is your favorite actor ? tara says shahrukh khan. SHe say I will be in Bhopal and meet mj. I am sleepy now we will talk later on. She leaves.

A man comes and says to omkar why you called me here ? He says I asked you not to scare sia. What were you doing there ? The man says I don’t even enter your house withour your permission. The other says he is right he was woth us this evening. Omkar wonders who was It ? Is tara really mentally ill ?

Scene 5
Kala is sleeping. The little girl comes downstairs and slowly creeps to kala. She annoys her with threads. She sees her phone and wants to take it. She takes the phone.
Mj Is sitting outside. He wonders why couldn’t he kill that girl. He wonders why he felt like he had heard her voice. He recalls laddo saying that she will kill the little girl. he says what will I tell laggo now. he washes his face and recalls the recent events.

Precap-Mj comes in the room. Kala says my tiger is here after a long sleep. When the lion has hunted he should sleep. Balli says taro I couldn’t do it. Kala says what could not happen ? he say the task you assigned me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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