Madhubala 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK looking at Madhu. He tells her that’s its not easy to light such small diya all night. Madhu keeps lighting the diya. She sleeps. RK puts water on her face and she wakes up. She sees the diya blown off. He says I told you not to sleep. He says but you want to be punished, now take the oil in your palm and burn the diya in it. Madhu does so. RK did not expect this and is stunned. She says you were scaring me to make me beg you and bend, but no, I won’t break, not be scared and not be quiet, as this is a small thing, but the wound you gave me will be forever. She says light the diya, take out your anger, come on. Some mantras play in bg……………

She asks what happened, I should be scared, why are you scared. RK sees Bai ji’s pic and thinks she has not melt for your serious state, then why should I have pity on her. She lights the diya in her hand. Madhu holds the flame. She makes expressions like its hurting her a lot, it hurts RK too, he wants to take it away but she signs him to stop. She says the man who gives pain, does not give medicine, you brought me here to trouble me, so se my palm is burning, and its paining to me, see now, you wanted this, you wanted to make my life hell, so see now I m in pain, why can’t you see it, if you turn, my pain won’t be less.

Agni sees this and thinks RK is turning seeing Madhu’s pain, if he gets love for her again, then….. RK leaves. Agni hides. Bittu tries calling someone. Dida comes to him and says world changes in 20 years, you think people will help you, they will deny to recognize you. Bittu says I m trying, there is no harm in this, maybe they don’t have my number and their numbers can also change, they are rich people now, I will go their home again and again, but I will not stop trying, I will tell them that Madhu is in trouble and they have to help me.

Leela comes and says you won’t go anywhere, just take rest, you started again to service them. Leela says if RK knows you are working against him, he will put you in jail again. Bittu scolds her. They have an argument. Leela says I understood everything, Dida and Madhu make you against us, they want to kick me out and take over this house. Bittu says just leave. Dida cries. Agni tells Dau ji that RK shows us that he brought Madhu to trouble her, but he is still feeling for her, he is showing hatred, but still loves her. Bhanu says so we can trouble Madhu.

Dau ji says yes, we don’t care about RK, Agni can teach Madhu a lesson, make her scream in pain, if she suffers, Bai ji’s soul will get peace. Agni says fine, see how I make her suffer, I will make her sweep all house and then cook. Dau ji says I just want you to trouble Madhu. Agni smiles. Bhabhi treats Madhu’s burnt hand and talks in support of Madhu. Madhu says if this can give happiness to my Dida and Mama chacha, then I m in peace. Agni comes and taunts both of them.

She asks Madhu to sweep the house. Madhu says I will do it, she does not know my limit to bear. She comes to her room and stands out thinking about the rape incident. She says the room where my life ruined, how can I go back in there. She says time has made me helpless to live with the man who ruined my life, so why to be afraid of this room, I will have to clean dirt from this room, and everyone’s lives here. She starts cleaning the room.

RK comes and tears a bean bag this putting all of it on the ground. He says now your work has increased. Madhu looks on shocked. RK says do the work by all your heart, you have to do much more. Madhu looks at him angrily.

RK thinks he is feeling sleepy, but Madhu has been awake all night, she might be feeling sleepy too, but I should let her sleep now, what work to give her now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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