Mahabharat 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bhishma says tomorrow morning i will enter battle as an animal emotionless jst to shed flood . dritrashtra says to sanjay its like the end of war today n that is bcoz of bhishma he will take us towards victory, sanjay says on Warfield pandavas are making arrangements of vyu , arjun asks drishtvyum to assit yudishtir n me abhimanyu n king virat will attack on bhishma .
Duryodhan asks bhishma to memorise his promise n give orders to make arrangements , bhishma says i know the right time u need not tell me. Arjun asks Krishna why aren’t kauravas attacking yet ,, in mean while bhishma asks guru dron to stay with duryodhan n asks duryodhan to watch him how he fulfils his promise. Bhishma when comes to attack Krishna says look he is not ur pitama but kauravas senapati ,bhishma says pandavas be ready today u won’t get any of the options of running away or surrender but only face death n begins to attack pandavas , destroying a large amount of army.
Day three : drishtvyum says today bhishma has destroyed a lot of our army, shahdev says i thought bhishma will only save kauravas from attacks but will never attack us , Krishna says thats bcoz now its the question of his dharma n so he has changed, arjun says this means we are on mission of killing bhishma for our victory.
Day4: drishtvyum says on day 3 bhishma has destroyed a huge number of soldiers , wat we do today, yudishtir says to win the battle we have to stop bhishma but it’s also true that defeating him is next to impossible . battle begins bheem fighting with his gadha is stopped by bhishma n the war continues.
Day5: draupadi is in tears watching the dead soldiers family mourn , sanjay informs abt this situation to dristrashtra . bhishma n arjun attack each other.
Day 6: guru dron says to bhishma u have almost killed pandavas army , bhishma says it will wnd only when yudishtir dies. Bhishma attacks yudishtir n injures him.
Day 7: bheem says we have very little army left we have tried to attack bhishma but couldn’t defeat him, Krishna says we have to wait for right time, bhishma says if we wait anymore we will lose the remaining army as well i think we shd attack quickly now.
Bhishma keeps attacking the pandavas .
Day 8: sanjay informs about bhishmas act of attacking pandavas, dritrashtra says this is because of his promises he has to fight.draupadi joins in healing the injured soldiers. Uttara walks to draupadi why is bhishma still standing on warfiled dosent he need rest , food etc. Draupadi says he is guilty abt his deeds n so he is standing here, uttara asks wat deeds , draupadi says he is facing the effects of being loyal to his promises n dharma.
Day 9: bhishma lifts his weapon n attack abhimanyu , n asks him to surrender , abhimanyu says u can kill me im ready for it but will never surrender, bhishma attacks abhimanyu but arjun interrupts it n asks him to fight with him , bhishma says im bound to my promises arjun n so whoever comes in way i have to kill him.

Bhishma says no one can kill me, Krishna says i need no weapons to kill u bhishma i can kill u even with this raths wheel.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. nice n interesting. i wanna know whn wd bhishma die

    1. He dies on the 10th day

    2. No bhisma is not gng to die. he will suffer in bed of arrows because of draupadi curse @suganya

  2. No bhisma is not gng to die. he will suffer in bed of arrows because of draupadi curse @suganya

    1. Not bcz of draupadi’s curse… It ws coz of Amba’s curse..

  3. Bhisma dies on 12th before

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