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Madhubala 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK saying now he will be staying at her home with her, Dida and Leela. They will also have to pay for this now, and Bittu will be in jail forever. Madhu is shocked. RK asks what happened now, now see I will become the poison for your life, which you can’t swallow and can’t spit. Dau ji thinks about RK and says you have cheated me, went against my orders, I m not saying you today, but when you come to my village, I will not leave you. Bhanu hears this and thinks its right time to hit the hot metal. Bhanu comes to him and holds his head. Dau ji asks what happened, did RK and Madhu do anything.

Bhanu says RK and Madhu applied for divorce. Dau ji says I know this, why are you angry. Bhanu says RK and Madhu has to be together for six months. Dau ji says if I allow him. Bhanu says he went to Madhu’s house to stay there with her. Dau ji says how dare he. Bhanu says you called him your heir, your blood, but RK went to live with the woman who killed Bai ji. Madhu cooks food and RK gives his choice. She says I won’t take care of you, I m not cooking for you. He says I m your guest, like Lord, I m your husband. She says you are doing this to irritate me, but I won’t, as you remind me of our chawl dog.

She insults him telling about the stubborn and shameless dog. RK gets angry and says your fate is good that I did not come here to kill you, else I would have, I came here to take you back home and present you to Dau ji, you are the culprit for them, I won’t touch you till they punish you, so spit as much poison as you like. RK greets Leela and asks her can he not get his fav food here, but Madhu refused to make it, she worries only for her, I worry about you and Bittu. Leela says I will make it, Bhendi sabsi. She goes to cook. RK says wake me up when its made. He lies to rest.

Bittu is restless in jail. He faints when he tries to take some water. The inspector puts water on his face to wake him up and checks his pulse. They call the doctor. The doctor checks Bittu and says his BP is high, call ambulance, we have to shift him to hospital. Leela says Madhu sometimes friend’s enemy becomes our enemy, and enemy’s friends become our friend, we want Bittu to be free, I can do anything, and you want to take the route of law, we can’t get late. I will beg RK but free Bittu. Madhu says no, I love Mama Chacha a lot, and also my self esteem, I will die but not bend to RK.

She says I m going to bail him out. RK says Madhu is fooling you. Leela requests RK not to punish them for Madhu’s mistake. She says I can be your servant forever, but free Bittu please. RK says I told you many times, beg to Madhu, she can free Bittu, by coming my home. Madhu says no need. RK says as your wish. RK says its great to be in in laws house, Bittu is in jail and I will sleep here. Madhu says I will not be here with you, I can go out and stay alone all night. She leaves.

RK comes to Madhu and asks her to come home and sleep. Madhu refuses. RK says then this game will be all night. I will follow you. Lets start. He says he is not joking, but won’t let her sleep all night, as he sees Bai ji’s face when he closes his eyes, he can’t see Bai ji’s murderer to sleep peacefully. Madhu leaves. Madhu comes home and hugs Dida. Leela is bored seeing their drama again. She says these two are so selfish, no one cares about Bittu. RK asks them to open the door and bangs it. Madhu says I won’t. RK says fine, I will break it. He asks Leela to open the door. Leela says Madhu open the door.

Madhu says I can’t be with this animal in one room. Leela says then go down and sleep there, everyone will wake up by this drama, whom will we answer, else I will open the door. Madhu signs her to stop. Dida asks Madhu to open the door as RK will break it if she does not. The chawl people come and RK complains about Madhu. Leela says he is insulting us, open the door. Madhu does not. RK angrily kicks the door and Madhu is about to fall, but RK holds her hand saving her. He comes in and shuts the door.

He says I m feeling sleepy and lies on the sofa. Leela gets a call and is shocked. Madhu asks what happened. Leela says how can this happen. She starts crying and says Bittu is in hospital , he is serious, I m going to meet him. Madhu says I will go with her. RK hears this. Dida says if anything happens to Bittu, I will not forgive him, why do you want to kill him, free him. The inspector tells Leela and Madhu about Bittu’s high BP and serious state. The doctor says Bittu is not fine, he has kidney problem, his BP is high, we have to keep him in ICU, bail him out, its not good to send him back to lockup after recovery.

Leela asks Madhu to free Bittu soon, she requests Madhu and asks her to go with RK. She says if anything happens to Bittu, she will never forgive her, she has killed Bai ji, now want to make her a widow. Madhu cries. Leela goes to see Bittu. Madhu thinks what to do now, shall we go back to RK’s home, how can she be there with that man who has raped her. She prays to Lord.

RK tells Leela that Madhu can enter his house and Bittu will be out of jail. Madhua grees and says bring him home. Leela and RK smile.

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