Beintehaa 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya says Zain that she will not step out of house if he does not like it.

Surayya calls Shabana that she was proud of her daughter, but she was caught red-handed. She gives phone to Aaliya and asks Shabana to speak to her daughter herself. Aaliya picks phone and cuts the call saying she will speak to her later. She says Surayya that she made a mistake by not informing her mother.

Badi phupi says Rehan that she cannot manage 4 lakhs as she does not have money and nobody in her relatives can help her. Once she goes, Rehan calls his friend and asks him to check balance in his account. He informs him about Zubair and says if nobody comes to help Zubair, he may need money to bail him. Rehan gets a call from his daughter who informs that parent’s meeting is next month. Rehan thinks his daughter cannot lie at all and what will happen to her in the future.

Zain informs comatosed Usman that Aaliya has asked him to take a decision to help Zubair or not. He is confused whether to help Aaliya or not and asks Usman’s decision. Usman blinks twice and signals Zain to help Aaliya. He happily informs Fahad that Usman blinked. Fahad says it cannot be and asks Zain to be patient.

Zain sees Aaliya sitting near swimming pool sadly. He gives her money and says he brought it for Zubair’s bail. He says dad blinked twice today signalling to help her. He says we both don’t know if Zubair is culprit or not, but it is our love’s test, we will be together if we win or lose.

Shaziya sees Aaliya getting trying to go out and stops her. She calls Nafisa and Surayya. They both come. Nafisa and Shaziya ask how can she go out before 12 hours breaking Surayya’s order. Aaliya says she does not have time. Shaziya asks if she is going out to bail Zubair. Aaliya says yes. Shaziya asks how can she betray her family. Nafisa says whole family is at one side and she on the other, when Zain and Fahad does not want to help their cousin, how can she. Surayya asks how can she disobey her and go out. Zain comes and says Aaliya will go out and come back also. He says Usman approved Aaliya to go out and he is also with Aaliya. He asks Aaliya to leave as it is getting late. Aaliya walks out while Surayya and her bahus angrily watch that. Shaziya asks Surayya how can Zain disobey you and says Zain is completely under Aaliya’s control and starts brainwashing her. She says everyone used to tell Fahad as wife’s servant, but Zain is wife’s servant.

Surayya comes to Zain’s room, calls him near the door and chants prayers for him. Zain asks she can inside his room. Surayya she is afraid of entering his room and may need Aaliya’s permission. Zain says he believes Aaliya is right, Zubair is innocent. Surayya asks if his parents are wrong then. Zain says he believes in truth. Surayya says that means he is against her decision and says his mother may accept defeat, but Usman’s wife will not accept defeat. She says he is not doing good by going against his parents and asks him to do his work while she does her. Zain says it is unfair to blame Aaliya and says if Zubair is culprit, he will be punished, but the question is if he is really culprit. Surayya says how can he percept himself. Zain says he believes Aaliya more than himself. She hugs him and says he will repent when he will know that he has gone blind in love.

Precap: Judge asks Aaliya where is govt lawyer. Rehan enters there. Judge angrily gives 15 July as future hearing date. Aaliya angrily says Rehan that because of him, Zubair has to be in jail and says she will hire a best lawyer. Rehan’s daughter asks Aaliya to hire her father. Aaliya asks who is it. Rehan says it is him.

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