Mahabharat 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with shakuni saying to duryodhan that today night pandav wil kill kichak and was eager to hear the fight between kichak and bheem and they will catch pandav and they will make their agyatvas unsuccessful . on the other hand arjun tells rajkumari uttara that it was right time to teach her dance. KIchak tills his soldiers to wait outside and goes inside and why it was dark and sees bheem and tlils come on my side or else i will call duryodahn on the other hand arjun starts dance dancing in loud noise nakul amd sahadev makes their cows and horses to make noise hearing this mamashri and duryodhan goes in kichaks room but they were late . when they entered the room they find kichak dead.

And maharaj virat comes and says as senapati kichak was killed he was to foundthe killer of senapati and duryodhan says if he wants he would find pandav because they had killed him and maharaj says as he is dead there is no need to find them .duryodhan says i will kill your whole country . and maharaj goes to raja sabha and there yudhisther your good king as you have identified our dharma. And maharaj says you should leave now because duryodhan is going to attack but arjun says it is not only your your war but also our war but maharaj says you have to gofor vanvas once again arjun says it is okay for them because it was their bhagya.

Bheem says that if duryodhan doesnt identify us then we will fight. On the other hand duryodhan says we will attack on masya because they have insulted yuvraj of hastinapur . but bhisma says it was possible only if maharaj virat doesn’t say sorry then only we will attack.

Pre-cap:duryodhan says to bhisma to announce for battle and from either side arjun comes with rajkumar uttar .

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