Beintehaa 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Aaliya sees ear rings and says these are the ones which we selected for Barkath in mall. Zain says so what, he liked it and bought it for her. She gets happy and says she will hug him, but Zain gets shy, says guest have come and runs from there.

Fahad and Zain bring Barkath to the party venue and give her a surprise. Barkath sees the party venue and gets very happy. Barkath says today is special and asks them to that what is it today. The reveal the surprise, everybody come out clapping. Fahad introduces Barkath to the guests. Guests clap. A guest sees Barkath and gets shocked. He asks Usman who is this girl. Usman does not reply him and goes near his family. Barkath blows cake candles with her family around her. She sees that guest and gets tensed. Guests signals her that he

will come near her and smiles. Aaliya sees Barkath tensed and asks what happened, she asks her to cut the cake. Barkath then cuts the cake. Her family members feed her cake one by one. Guest signal Barkath to come out. Barkath goes and hides behind the curtains, but guests sees and catches her. He calls her Pavi and asks why is she hiding from her. Barkath asks to leave him. He says till now nobody left her, then how can he leave her. Aaliya sees him misbehaving with Barkath.

Aaliya tries to rescue Barkath and asks guest why is he misbehaving with Barkath. He says she is not Barkath, she is Pavi who is a C grade film dancer. He shows her Barkath’s dancing video from his mobile. Aaliya is shocked to see that. Guest says he is a film producer and she danced in that film wearing skimpy clothes. He says he will inform Usman about it. Aaliya asks him not to tell anybody and asks him to come with her. He asks her to give his mobile back. She gives him back his mobile and asks him to get out. He says he will tell it to Usman. Aaliya asks him to go, else she will ask servants to kick him out.

Fahad and Zain see Aaliya and Barkath speaking to guest. Zain asks Aaliya him if there is any problem. Guest says there is a problem, Barkath has to be out, but he is being asked to go out instead. Usman and Surayya come and asks what is happening. Aaliya says guest is telling that Barkath dances in C grade film as Pavi. He is alleging Barkath’s character. Usman asks guest what rubbish he is talking about. Guest tries to explain, but Aaliya stops him and says Barkath was kidnapped when she was 2-year-old and we can understand what she must have gone through. She is proud of her and is happy that she has come back. She says she is Barkath Usman Abdullah, her mamu and maami’s pride and cannot tolerate any misbehavior. She asks him to go before Barkath’s brothers kick him out. Usman asks guest to get out. Guests goes from there. Surayya tries to console Barkath, but she runs inside crying vigorously.

Precap: Zain sees Aaliya vomiting. He informs his family that Aaliya is getting vomiting since morning. Surayya and Shabana get happy and says Zain and Aaliya are becoming abbu and ammi.

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