Ek Boond Ishq 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
nandu is tensed, tara comes there, she ask what happened, why are you sad, oh now i understood, nothing happened by talking to kala, nandu says you are having fun in making joke out of me, tara says no nandu i love you alot, you know that i care about you, remember i used to not tell to maa about your mischief, nandu says dont do drama, tara says i am not doing drama, you are married but to a eunuch you wanted adi but he is also not with you, kala got everything, money, property everything but you couldnt do anything, nandu who said that, i will talk to adi.
in jungle, mj recalls how tara was about to remove veil, guru comes, mj says i have to be more careful from tara, the way she looks at me, talks with me, it seems that she is having doubt on me that who i am, guru

says a husband cant hide himself from wife by just hiding face and that too with a wife like tara, who loves her husband alot, guru ji says she can’t say anything because she saw her husband dying. Mj says okay i’ve decided not to come in front of her. Guru ji says she’ll ask a million questions. Mj says make any excuse. Guru ji says what excuse will you make to your self. Can you live without her? mj says only you’ll talk to her now not me. He leaves .Meethi is praying. Adi is standing besides her. She asks what are you thinking. He says i was thinking i an so lucky that i have a wife like you. I know you need time but we should be closer to forget the past. Nandu won’t come between us now. Nandu calls adi. Tara says to nandu he must be with meethi that’s why he isn’t receiving. Meethi is leaving. Adi says its nandu who’ll leave not you meethi. He receives the call on speaker. He says why have you called? Nandu says you know very well. You know how much i love you. I can’t see you in trouble why don’t you come here to me. Adi says i don’t wanna be with you. She says why ? I love you i can give you all the happiness. Meethi says you only love yourself. The happiness he needs is in love. He is with me because he knows my worth. You can never make him yours. What you thought that forcefully taking the signs from him can make you yours. We are getting married again and you’ll never separate us. Adi says we are one and a third person can’t come between us. So get lost. Nandu throws away the phone. Tara says what are you doing. Nandu says i did so much for him. nandu says he is filling meethi’s forehead with sindoor, tara thinks that i always wanted meethi and adi together, and now rudra and nandu will be separated, she says why didnt you bring adi here after he signed divorce papers, now dont be sad everything will be fine, tara leaves. nandu is fuming.
rudra comes to some garage, he meets with some man and slaps him, man points gun at him, rudra says i was just checking that with time you are soften, he ask will you do this work? man says nothing is difficult for juggan, rudra smirks.

tara is in jungle with guru ji, she looks here and there, he ask what are you finding ? she ask where is your leader? guru says he will not here today, mj is hiding behind tree listening to them, tara says i wanted to talk t him, guru says he doesnt talk on someone’s insistence, tara informs him that i made nandu angry and against rudra, guru says now you are learning, tara says but who is teaching me this, why is he not coming out, she ask what is his name, why he is against kala? guru says kala has hurt many people and he is one of them, she ask about his name, he says leader, for now its enough, tara says i find him familiar to me, guru says there are two kind of persons, good and bad and when you will meet a good person you will find him familiar, remember when i met you 1st in jail, i found you familiar, tara says no this feeling is different, PRECAP but before that never try to look behind that mask, focus on your mission,

adi comes to buy sindoor box, some men comes and kidnaps him, nandu from other car smirks. in stable, meethi is looking beautiful, meethi says to nimmo that adi and me decided to start our afresh, adi has gone to bring sindoor, she takes their blessing, nimmo says wish you both become three from two, meethi runs from there being shy, nimmo jokes with jairaj, tara is seeing them from far hiding behind tree and thinks hope baba remain happy like this, mj is also standing on otherside of tree, he thinks to forgive me, he says you are living in stable and your son cant do anything, tara is stunned to listen mj’s voice, she goes to see him, mj is gone, she thinks why i feel like mj is alive, no this cant happen, he will meet me if he is here, she is about to go but sees footmark on ground and is stunned.
in stable, nimmo gifts ganesh murti to meethi for her new life, she ask her to call adi, she says its unavailable.

adi is being tied to chair. nandu comes there and thinks that now you cant go awya from me, you will not go from here till you become mine.
outside stable, tara thinks that mud is wet this means this footmark is made now, this means there was someone here, a person who has same voice like mj, someone pats on tar’s shoulder, she turns and looks stunned.

PRECAP- nandu says to tara that what you said that i lost in this game, i know how to make it my winning, she drags tara and opens her room, tara is stunned to see adi being tied up to chair.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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