Mahabharat 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 20th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts Vichitraveerya falling to the ground. He dies. Everyone is weeping. Bheesma gets very annoyed at the doom of Hastinapur. He challenges Sun God and asks him to tell his son Yamraj to give back Vichitraveerya otherwise he will extinguish the Sun. Son God comes and calms him down . Bheesma says what will happen to this nation now. A nation which was bullt by hardships of his ancessotors . Son says there is a solution.

Satyavati comes to the room of Amba and Ambalika that its time for hair bearing. She says a woman puts ornaments on her hair to please her husband and when the husband dies she has to remain without po*naments.
Ambika says that Satyavati will never understand their pain. Satyavati says she has lost her son, her husband, how can she not

understand. Ambika says that Satyavati has ruled alongside her husband, has had children but we neither got a husband’s love nor we would ever know a son’s love.
Princesses of Kaashi have become dependent beggars in Hastinapur.
Satyavati promises them they are neither dependent nor beggars.

Satyavati says that their Sons will sit on the throne of Hastinapur. Amba and Ambalika are surprised
Satyavati adds that according to shastra if a husband dies without leaving a son or he is incapable of producing one then the wife has the right to produce a son with a learned sage. This is called Niyog and she has called her son Rishi ved vyas to complete the Niyog process. When the two try and pritest she tells them that as queens its time for them to do their duty for the throne.

Outside the abode of Parshuram Amba has built a pyre and says that as Parshuram has not given him justice she will burn herself but Parshuram had vowed to get justice for everyone so he will have the mark of the sin always
As Amba is about to enter the pyre Parshuram comes and asks what does she want

At Hastinapur Satyavati os awaiting a news and is happy and worried at the same time. A maid comes and says that Queen Ambika and Ambalika have given birth to a son each. Satyavati is very happy and rejoices the birth of two sons
Maid says three as the Dasi has also given birth to a son. Satyavati asks her to give a necklace to the Dasi and says that birth of Dasi’s son is not a matter of rejoicing
Satyavati summons the midwife (Dai)
The Midwife says the elder son is born with deformity but its blindness is not explained.
Ambika is crying with the baby in her lap Bheeshma tells her that he will teach him and the baby will become a great worrier
Amba is shown in a boat and the sailor says that they cannot move ahead. They will drown
Amba says they wont , when Time had come for Ravan’s death the sea had floated rocks

Amba tells bheesma that Parshuram has called him. Naming ceremony of the babies. War between Bheesha and Parshuram. Mahadev in Mahabharat…

Update Credit to: NandiniRaizada

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