Savitri 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 20th September 2013 Written Update

Veer tells Damyanti if he even accepts for a while that Damyanti will be dead to the world and be living as Savitri has she thought what would happen to her parents, the kingdom, the people.
Damyanti agrees Veer is right. She tells him she never thought of this when she fell in love with him but she should have. Being a princess has become a curse for her. She isnt entitled to live her life the way she wants or to be the with person she loves. She has no right to fall in love. Veer tells her she has but not with a mere soldier. But with the prince her father has chosen for her. Damyanti is upset. Veer tells her if them being in love comes out then the king will be dishonoured and he cant tolerate that happening to the king. Veer tells Damyanti to think of her father and marry the prince he has chosen for her.
With his back to Damyanti, Veer tells her to go back to the palace where the prince is waiting for her. Damyanti holds out her hand to touch him but stops herself. In tears she runs away. Veer is upset too.

At the palace, the king is telling the queen how Damyanti and CB have been gone a while now. It seems Damu is liking the company of the prince. The queen too wishes for that to happen but is in thought. The king tells her if that is the case then he will get Damu and CB married as soon as possible and hand over the responsibility of the kingdom to them.
Gulika is listening to all this and is beaming happily saying, not only the kingdom but also the Parasmani.
Gulika sees Damyanti walking in and leaves from there.
As soon as Damyanti enters the hall, Nakshatra, Uttara and Vishki follow her in. They ask how it went with Veer. Vishki asks if CB didnt suspect anything. Hearing this Damu realises she forgot about him and he must be waiting for her outside the temple. Damu tells Vishki to go in her disguise to meet him as shes not up to it. Vishki agrees to help her.

RK is waiting outside the temple. Vishki as Damu sneaks in to the temple. As RK turnas around he sees Damu coming out. Damu apologises for making him wait too long in the sun. He tells her not only the sun but he tolerate anything for her. RK askse her if she takes so long in the temple then how will she spend time with him. Damu just smiles and tells him that they should go back to the palace since its late.

At the palace RK and Gulika are talking. Gulika tells him they now only have to wait for the princess to say yes. Then the king will hand over the kingdom to them and he will retire. She asks RK how far have things gone with him and Damu. RK tells her he finds the princess’s behaviour to be indifferent. Theres something going on and he will find out.

Veer is carving a stick with a knife he looks upset and angry. Vidhu noticing this asks Veer why he wants to leave the kingdom. Veer cuts himself with the knife. Vidhu asks him why he’s so hellbent on punishing himself.

Damu is sleeping but is upset and is calling out Veers name. She sees his hut on fire. Damu wakes up from the nightmare shouting out Veers name. She is worried as to why she is having such a bad dream about Veer. She decides to go see him. Dressed as Savitri she leaves the palace. RK sees her and follows her.

Vidhu asks Veer whats wrong. Savitri watches from the side of the hut in worry. Vidhu keeps on insisting Veer to tell him whats wrong. Veer angrily tells him nothing is wrong. Damu watches in tears. Vidhu forces Veer to come and eat. Veer goes in, Damu watches from outside. Veer is unable to eat. Damu is crying. After one last look she leaves from there. She turns around again to look at Veer, she seems unable to leave but eventually leaves, still crying. RK angrily watches her leave.
As Damu leaves RK puts the hut on fire and laughs his evil laugh. He too then angrily leaves.

As Damyanti enters the palace she hears footsteps behind her. She turns around to see RK there. She asks him what he’s doing there. He tells her since he couldnt sleep he decided to take a walk in the garden. He asks Damu what is she doing dressed as a commoner. Damu stammeringly replies she too couldnt sleep. RK offers to take a walk with her but Damu says shes too tired and wants to go to her room. As shes leaving RK asks her if shes made a decision on marrying him yet. Damu without turning around tells him she needs time. RK angrily goes to his room.

RK is extremely angry and starts to kick and throw things about whilst muttering Damyanti is only his. Gulika enters and anxiously asks him whats wrong. She tells RK to calm down. RK remembers Damu leaving Veers place in tears. RK tells her the princess is in love with Veer. Gulika recalls their mother Vishgati cursing Savitri that she would never get her Satya. He will have a new face which Savitri will never recognise. Gulika asks RK how does he know Damu loves Veer. He tells her he himself saw her go to see Veer and saw love in her eyes for Veer. RK has the same anger and hatred for Veer which he had before. He tells her he couldnt tolerate it so he burnt down Veers hut and starts kicking things again. Gulika asks him how could he use his black magic to kill Veer. What if they get caught. But RK is not bothered and falls flat on the bed laughing evilly. He gets up and says if Veer survives then he will make him regret being born and whoever looks at Damyanti he will kill them. Damyanti is only his, Rahukaals.

Damyanti is with Veer in the garden. Uttara and Nakshatra tell her about the fire and how both Veer and Vidhu cant be found. Damyanti is shocked and excuses herself from RK, who is not happy. Damu goes to Veers place which is burnt down and everything is lying scattered. She call out to Veer. As shes looking she sees something on the ground.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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