Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi reading the chit left by Revathi and goes after Revathi. She spots Revathi outside their home and asks her to stop. Revathi sits in the car and leaves. Pankhudi follows her and tells her this is not the solution if you escape from home. Revathi says she don’t want to lie anymore. Pankhudi asks about the lie. Revathi says she is already married. She says her husband had died. She hugs Pankhudi and cries saying I am a widow. Pankhudi is shocked by the revelation. Vikram comes and tells Adi that reports came for the test and you are clean. He says his judgement proved wrong. He says our interrogation will go on and you have to cooperate. Adi feels happy to come out clean. Revathi says 2 years ago she got married. Her mom got her

married to an elderly rich guy for his money. She says he was good and we started a new life. She says he died in a car accident and I couldn’t tell him that I loved him very much and loves him even now.

Pankhudi asks why Chachiji didn’t say anything about her marriage. Revathi says she wants me to get married as she don’t want me to stay with her. She asked me not to say this to anyone. She wants to get rid of me. Chachiji tells Chachaji that she suspects Revathi might do something wrong. She says she can’t sleep. Chachaji asks her not to scold Revathi much. Chachiji says she is not her real mom but. Chachaji says you are her mom but we have to think about her mindset as she went through much. Pankhudi asks why Chachaji didn’t say anything. Revathi says maa didn’t allow them to talk to her dad. She says she can’t be able to say anything about her past and doesn’t want to spoil that guy’s life. Revathi asks Pankhudi, not to stop her. Pankhudi asks her to go but then asks where will you go. She says stand against Chachiji and I hope everything will be alright. She urges her to come back home and have strength and be courageous.

Vikram asks Avantika and harish, why they are here. He says he has decided that your son will get bail tomorrow morning. Harish is surprised. Vikram says I am releasing him, take him tomorrow morning. Avantika thanks him. Vikram says credit goes to you. Chachiji comes to Revathi’s room and gets shocked as she is seen nowhere. She thinks she left home. Meanwhile Pankhudi and Revathi comes back home, Chachiji is searching for Revathi. Chachiji sees Revathi coming from outside and asks her from where you came. Revathi says she didn’t get sleep, so went for a walk. She hesitantly says this, Chachiji threatens her not to think of escaping. And says today you will sleep with me. Pankhudi hides with Revathi’s bag in her hand. She thinks Chachiji and Revathi must have went inside and decides to enter the house. Meanwhile Chachiji proceed towards the door to check if anyone’s there. Revathi is tensed. Pankhudi hides on time. She decides to call Kaira as Chachiji closed the door and went. Pankhudi remembers Adi and says when will you come Adi? I can’t manage alone. She cries while the PKDH song plays in the BG.

Vikram says he doesn’t like to lose but he agrees that the proof is bigger than trust. He says today truth has won and so is the parents. He hopes to get their cooperation. Harish says yes and thanks him.

Chachiji calls Shanky but he didn’t come. She says he is sleeping and I woke up to open the door. Pankhudi, who is outside thinks Shanky kaka came to open the door. Anuradha comes and Chachiji asks her to get milk. Anuradha opens the door and finds Pankhudi. Adi greets Avantika and Harish, after he is freed from the allegations. He hugs them. Vikram looks on and asks them to complete the formalities. Adi says I will go home now. He looks happy. Vikram asks Adi to sign on some papers. Pankhudi asks Anuradha, why you are feeling guilty. whatever had happened it is ok now. We have to take care that nothing shall happen against Revathi’s wishes. Chachiji overhears them.

Chachiji asks Anuradha to get Revathi for the engagement. Meanwhile Revathi walks down the stairs in a white saree ( widow dress) and everyone looks shocked. Chachiji shouts Revathi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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