Mahabharat 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 18th December 2013 Written Update

Arjun and Subadra retreat back to the shore after having this out of nowhere adventure. Krishna is standing there to welcome them with his mischievous smile. He teases Subadhre(that’s how Krishna calls her) a little asking her if she is all set to make Hastinapur her sasural. Subadhre blushes. Arjun too blushes at this

Then Kalavan makes an appearance and demands that Krishna fights with him. Arjun takes out his bow and arrow and keeps raining arrows at Kaalavan but nothing happens to him. Krishna says this wont work and goes past Arjun in the opposite direction. Kalavan mocks Krishna if he is not man enough to fight him. Krishna gestures him to follow him and keeps going. Kalavan follows him, Krishna irks him a lot with his disappearing acts. Arjun and Subadra follow them. Arjun

asks why Krishna is running away like this. Subadra says that Krishna always does everything with a reason.

Krishna reaches a cave and asks Kalavan to follow him as he disappears inside. Kalavan comes in but after a lot of calling sees someone sleeping. He thinks its Krishna and kicks that person. That person happens to be a sadhu who is on a penance and he has been on a penace for a long time… As he opens his eyes, the heat, transforms into fire and burns Kalavan down to ash.

Krishna makes his appearance from behind the rock. The sadhu says that kalavan got burnt without reason as he woke him up. Krishna says everything happens for a reason. Kalavan was supposed to die from the fire from his eyes so it happened. Krishna asks the sadhu to continue his penance and comes out.

Arjun and Subadra are petrified as they hear screams of kalavan from the cave but Krishna appears outside with his happy smile intact. Krishna and Arjun have a chat and Arjun is taken to Dhwaraka. Arjun falls in love with the city on first sight. Subadra asks Krishna to take him in. Krishna tells Subadra to give a tour for Arjun as he has to go somewhere for an important task.

Arjun asks if he can accompany him. Krishna says that he should take some trouble if he needs to accompany him. Arjun willingly agrees. Krishna says the trouble is of a different kind and smiles mischievously

Krishna and Arjun are disguised, they are on a mission to kidnap Rukmini. Arjun is disguised as a lady.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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  1. omg krishna is kidnapping its unbeleivable

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