Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s and bani’s place
In her garb of making up for bani’s tacky song, she says that the party shall begin now, and goes into a peppy dance number, while bani is humiliated but still carries on. balbir and parmeet enjoy gagan’s performance, and bani’s discomfort. Bani is ostracised at such a behaviour. Others are thoroughly amused. couples begin dancing, and parmeet too comes in front of bani and gets her to dance, while all other couples enjoy it too. but bani doesnt dance much. Parmeet’s client comes up to her, trying to get into proximity with her, while parmeet seems unfazed. he tries to get her to dance but she doesnt really comply, feeling awkward in this kind of a party. She goes into a dream sequence where only she is

with parmeet and romance is in the air. She ios jolted back to reality, with the loud music, and finds the client intentionally wanting to dance with her, despite her protests, wheras bani doesnt realise that she is in the middle of switching dance partners. Parmeet’s special client tries to kiss her on her hand, as is common in western culture, but bani slaps him instead. While all others who are dancing, are shocked, parmeet and balbir arr tensed, yet amused too. He goes onto reprimand bani, while bani tries to protest her innocence. gagan reprimands at her naivety, while the client is furious himself, that she made such a big deal out of it, when he was just trying to par respect. all people support in insulting bani. bani says that she isnt mad, nor has she done anything wrong. She says that in their culture, they greet with folded hands, not with kissing on the hands. she says that adopting western culture doesnt mean forgetting one’s own, and that this wasnt what he was trying to do. Bani says that what he tried to do, he knows well, and thats why his eyes are lowered, and hers arent. The client takes it on his prestigem and reprimands parmeet, saying that all their business dealings are cancelled and he would make sure that he isnt able to do business with anyone else. parmeet apologises. The client says that person would have to beg for an apology who insulted him. gagn asks her to comply, but bani says that she didnt do anything wrong, and that he being guilty would apologise to her. all are shocked. she turns to parmeet and says that she respects him, but this time, its her self respect and if she apologises, then she wouldnt be able to face herself or any other woman. Parmeet is stunned. the client begins to leave, along with others, while parmeet tries to get them top agree. After they are gone, parmeet, gagan and balbir eye bani curtly, while she leaves the party.

balbir discusees with others, that bani is a gutsy girl, who didnt bow down, despite the insults. Parmeet says that she’s becoming unbearable now, and doesnt know how to get rid of her. balbir says that she would repent soon about his business, as she maybe strong to the outsie, but she gets soft in front of him. He tells parmeet to go to heer, as this is the right time. parmeet complies, and finds bani sitting sullen, in her room. He goes over and in the garb of being sad, he tells a sob story as to how everything’s finished now because of the slap. bani tries to say that bhe was wrong

parmeet says that he doednt know who was wrong, but understands her, that the socierty that she hails from, these things are considered taboo, but not in their society. He all the more makes her feel guilty, that despite everything, he would stand by her, even at the cost of everything else in his life. He says that he should get habituated as this would continue for all his life. bani is distraught as his eyes well up with tears. He asks her to rest as she must have worked hard, while he returns in a little while. bani is tensed while he leaves.

The next morning, parmeet is fast asleep, when he finally wakes up and doesnt find bani by his bedside. He wakes up with a start.

Outside, in the lawn, bani remembers gagan’s and parmeet’s words that reminded her of her incapacity to be able to cope with his lifestyle. Meanwhile, balbir tries to subtly ask dadji on the phone, after saying how much he misses him, as to when would he return home so that he can sign the will, giving everything to balbir’s custody. bani, outside is unable to bear those thoughts any longer and is highly disturbed. She calls up rajji, and she immediately gets concerned hearing bani’s tensed voice. She asks bani if she’s okay. bani says that she cant understand anything. bani says that parmeet is hurt because of her. she goes onto tell the huge disparities between her and parmeet’s lifestyle and that she doesnt match to his standards, now can sit in his culture and type of society and hence she doesnt have the right to stay here. rajji says that sometimes, situations have to be compromised with, not for ourselves but due to others, petting her belly. rajji tells bani that if she isnt able to compromise, then she should leave him, and rajji would be there to support her descision. She asks bani not to think that she is insufficient. bani says that she has understood, that parmeet and bani can never be together, as they both have different lifestyles, and none should try to change the other. she says that if they are unhappy together, then its better that they part ways, and thats the best solution to this problem. rajji is tensed, while bani cancels the call. parmeet hears this from the roof and is happy. Bani apologises in her mind to parmeet, that she dooesnt deserve to be with him, and that she would have to leave him, and everything else, as its for his well being only. parmeet, standing on the terrace watches her and is amused at her descision. the screen freezes on bani’s distraught face.

Precap: rajji tells kuki that she says that everyone loves her eher. She adds and says that the one she loves and gave everything, he still doesnt care for her, and has feelings for bani only. Kuki is surprised. she says that night, she was with him, and he was thinking of bani. She tells about her problem, as to how he uttered bani’s name, after their night of passion. kuki is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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