Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th December 2013 Written Update

he Episode starts with Maa making Akshara eat food. Akshara tastes some and goes to Naitik. She gets hurt and Maa worries for her. Bhabhimaa asks what happened. Maa says I m worried about Antara, don’t know what is going to happen with Akshara. Bhabhimaa says you are over thinking. Ananya tells Shaurya she won’t go on rope climbing. Varsha says even Naksh is going. They convince Ananya to go and participate. Rukmani calls Maa and says how can you take Yash without asking us. Its very risky. Maa says Naitik asked Mohit about it.

Rukmani says I don’t know about it. Maa says ok I won’t take Yash if you say. Rukmani says you have told him, now he won’t stop, take him now, but focus on him too. Maa says Yash is my grandchild, I are for Naksh and

Yash equally. Rukmani says it won’t be good if Yash is hurt. Maa tells Bhabhimaa what Rukmani said. She says Rukmani worries a lot about Yash. Akshara says we will cancel it if you don’t feel it safe. Maa says no, the kids are very happy, let it be, I will learn something new with them. Rajshri and Kaki talks about jasmeet and her family.

Ananya says take Anshu along with you when you are going to meet jasmeet. Anshu is shy and Varsha teases him. She asks whats her fav color. Anshu says she loves pink color. Akshara calls Rajshri and they talk about the rope climbing event. Rajshri says I don’t know how your Maa agreed for this, she is brave, Naksh is lucky to get her. She says Varsha will tell you later when to leave. Dadda ji comes in the hall coughing and Maa cares for him. Maa says now I will leave. Maa says I will give surprise to everyone in the evening.

She takes Naksh and Yash and leaves. Anshu tells Ananya don’t come if you don’t want. jasmeet calls Anshu and asks did everyone leave to come here, I wanted to ask what does everyone like. Anshu laughs. Maa tells Naksh and Yash that she will take care of them. Naksh says my Dadi rocks. Yash takes their photos in the car. They reach the event place.

Naksh and Yash are excited. Maa asks them to listen to her else she will take them back. Anshu is coming here with Ananya, Maa asks Naksh to do as everyone are doing. Naksh is happy to see Anshu. Anshu asks them to go and get registered. Maa is scared seeing the ropes. Ananya does not come with Anshu. Maa is making sure that the act is risk free. Maa goes to register and gets a form where she has to sign stating that they won’t blame anyone if any accident happens. Maa says whats this, you say this place is safe, and now you are saying we can’t blame you.

Anshu says its only a form. Naksh says please sign it. Anshu says its formalities. He explains her. Maa says they have to climb the mountain. Naksh says we want to go please. Maa agrees and signs the form. Naksh and Yash are excited. Everyone come to meet jasmeet and her family. Varsha says Ananya was ready to come here but she went to visit her friend. Akshara asks jasmeet how does Anshu knows about your room. jasmeet says we do video chat sometimes so. Akshara says don’t worry, we were teasing you. They gift her teddy bear and some gifts.

Everyone are happy. jasmeet’s mum says jasmeet is very lucky to get a loving family. They have a laugh together. Akshara says even I m lucky, Maa and Bhabhimaa loves me a lot like they love their daughter. Dadi says yes, its same in every house. Maa comes to know that Naksh forgot his shoes at home. He needs his shoes as it has grip.

Maa is hanging at a cliff. She is shown live on tv. Akshara sees her on tv and is shocked. She calls Naitik and informs him about Maa. Naitik is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena hasan

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