Mahabharat 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 17th September 2013 Written Update

Devrath calls devi ganga to be present as proof of his pledge, he cuts his hand n the blood drops in the river n the water explods, dark clouds gathers, satyawati was amazed, devrath takes the pledge that he’ll secure the future of her sons, he’ll make sure that they sit on the throne n for this he’ll not marry, he’ll follow brahmacharya for lifetime, satyawati was shocked, shantanu reached thr n was shocked n hurt, he ask devrath y he has taken such strong pledge, how will he pay for this favour, devrath says its his duty. Shantanu ask devrath to ask one wish n he ask to grant him wish that until thr’s not establishment of peace n justice on the throne of hastinapur, he’ll not get death, shantanu bless him with the wish of “iccha martyu”, he’ll not die until he want to,

he’ll choose the person who’ll kill him, n for this pledge he’ll be designated as “bheeshm” in future.

Scene changed, after 25 years, in Panchaal, thr king has captured vichtrvir, prince of hastinapur, he has burnt the crops n entered thr illegaly in the dose of alcohol, n he shud get death punishment, but he was sure that bheshm will surely cum to save him, the king orders to stretch his hands from both sides, as they begin 2 arrows came n cuts the rope, n he fell down, bheshm warn the king to leave him n says that vichtrvir will surely be guilty, but the king dnt listen, n then thr’s attack from both side, soon the king lost n bheshm take vichtr away, the king curse him that sum day sum1 will take birth in panchal who became the the reason of his death.

Scene changed, kashi’s princess amba got informed by his guard that thr’s no way to reach the other side, amba orders to burn the crops, he dnt listen, amba burnt it herself n reach the otherside n meet a man there.

Scene changed, bheshm was forcing vichitr to hold sword n practice, but he was really week due to alcohol, bheshm was disappointed, satyawati saw his strict behaviour n got angry on him, she says that vichtr dnt need to do thz as bheshm is thr for him, he try to make her understand that he’s going to be the king n he shud understand the responsibilities but she dnt get it.

Scene changed, lord krishna, he says that sumtimes parent forget to develop the character in order to secure the future of ther children, but the truth is if thy develop the character thr future is already secured.

Precap: Satyawati ask bheshm that kashi’s king has organised swayamvar for his daughters, so he shud go on ther behalf n get them, bheshm reached the swayamvar.

Update Credit to: Amor

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