Dil Dosti Dance 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 17th September 2013 Written Update

Sharon and Aashi have an argument .Aashi accuses Sharon that she is being very selfish as she is thinking only about herself.She dont want to be a part of cultural activity so she wants the team to loose the finals.Rini tries to stop her ,but Sharon signals her to stop.She answers its her wish if she wants to win or loose.Aashi replies to her saying team won’t function according to her wish.She says in this trip they need to learn to work as a team.Sharon insults her by saying Aashi’s main purpose behind coming to this trip is getting her love.Aashi gets hurt,she says if Sharon can’t tolerate when her personal matters go public.But she insults others for their personal feelings.Aashi leaves the room.Simmi tries to say something,Sharon cuts her and replies that she knows

she was wrong.

Boys try to motivate Swayam to win the game.They make posters and put on the door of their room.They hide behind a tree and try to see if its affecting Swayam.Swayam gets to know about their plan and tells them to come in front of him.Boys get surprised and ask him how does he know that they are there.Swayam asks them why they are doing this.Boys try to convince him to win the game.Rey says if he will be mentally absent and physically present they cant win.Rey says he is apologizing but its not affecting anyone.Swayam replies that his apology is affecting others thats why they are making plans together.Boys say its only for team.They tell Swayam he cant be selfish,he always keeps team before himself.Swayam replies that his selflessness has given him pain .He dont want to win and work with team for cultural event .He can be selfish and nobody has rights to stop him especially Rey.He leaves the place.Boys are worried.But Rey assures them that Swayam and Sharon can never be selfish.Its not in their nature.

Next day all teams gather for final game.Sharon is determined to loose the game..VP explains the game to them.They have been given skipping ropes.They have to skip together in sync and reach the end point.Gang start discussing their strategies.Swayam and Sharon dont show any interest and stay out of the planning.Rey comes to them and says that opposite teams can identify their weakness.He requests them to stand with the team and show their unity.Swayam and Sharon share a small eye lock and Swayam signals Sharon to join the team.

They take positions as per their strategy.Rey and Vicky are in charge of two ends of the rope and team has to jump together.Rey gives instruction to ju,p together after his count.They show good sync.During the activity Sharon looses her balance and Swayam supports her.Fisrt she gets affected by his touch,later she gets back to her sense and snaps at him.Swayam says she wants the team to loose.Sharon replies that even he wants to loose.Swayam says he wants to see the team as winners .Last moment he cant be selfish.Simmi requests them to concentrate on game and stop fighting.Swayam and Sharon decide to win the game together for the team.Simmi gets excited and screams to Rey that whole team is together.Rey and Vicky increase the speed of the rope and team performs with more enthusiasm .

PRECAP:Boys discussing bad things about Rey and Swayam gets angry.Rey confronts him .Swayam and Rey patch up.Rey says Sharon ,after friendship its time to get back love.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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