Uttaran 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 17th September 2013 Written Update

It begins with Mukku saying I helped a person who took everything away from me (looking at Meethi). Tappu tells her not to talk like this. Mukku loses her calm. Till when am I supposed to think about others? I want to think about myself and when I am doing that then why is everyone getting bothered about it. I want to be alone…especially I shouldn’t be seeing someone around me whom I hate immensely. Meethi stands shocked and hurt. She glares at Meethi who walks out from there crying to herself. Mukku lies down again. Some sad song plays as the screen flashes on all the ladies turn by turn. Meethi recalls her sweet moments with Mukku whereas Mukku recalls the wedding. Meethi cries recalling Mukku’s harsh words.
Vishnu cleans the doc in which he had written V <3 M. he too is sad recalling

how hurt Mukku had looked when he and Meethi were standing together. Scene keeps shifting to all three of them one by one. Suddenly Mukku notices the picture of her and Meethi together. Mukku picks it up and looks at it with all the hurt and anguish. She throws it on the floor thereby breaking it. Picking the photo again, she tears it into halves. She crumples Meethi’s pic and throws it away. Meethi is nearby the porch. She thinks….ma you can see what dilemma I am into. I cannot see the hatred in Mukta’s eyes….I don’t want her to hate me. I want to see her happy always. I want to return Vishnu back to her but I don’t know how. Please show me some way. Damini calls out for her. She quickly wipes her tears and responds to her Anni. Damini says why are you out here alone….who stays alone after marriage? Where is Vishnu? I had actually told Surabhi to plan a surprise for you. She was about to come but was a little tired so. She spots Mukku and calls out to her to join them. Have you seen your brother-in-law (jija ji)? Mukku is super shocked and glares at Meethi. Mukku says I was in the room only. Damini tells Mukku to take Meethi to that room. She joins their hands. Mukku and Meethi leave…with neither of them looking at each other. Mukku opens the door and the room is all beautifully decorated. Both are equally taken aback. Mukku says come your husband would be coming soon. Meethi walks inside slowly and Mukku too storms in angrily. Congratulations….on being with my Vishnu…..my love’s Uttaran. I am not happy that’s why you too can never be happy. Congratulations…for getting this pain. Meethi turns to look at her but Mukku leaves in a huff. Meethi stands there helpless, crying as Mukku’s words echo in her. She wipes her tears. Vishnu comes there and looks at the arrangements. Meethi is facing the other way. He walks inside and looks at her and then at the room. You can rest here on the bed I will sleep on the couch. He starts to walk away but she firmly says….we will have to end this relation. He stops in his tracks. -Break- She turns to look at him. Or else we will have to see tears and hatred in Mukta’s eyes every day….if we don’t stop today. This relation can never prosper. We will have to tell the truth to everyone right now. He says what truth. She calls their relation a sham. He says it was a drama and you and I are the puppets. Someone else was selecting our moves. We got married following all the rituals and we are here now right? She says your every word and Mukta’s tears are too much. If we take one step further then it will be an end for your and Mukta’s relation. I can understand why you are doing this. I know you cannot disrespect these relations and rituals but do they matter when neither of us is happy. He stays put. My answer is the same. We will have to live this relation now. She too thinks of something and agrees for it. She closes the door. Fulfill every ritual then. Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu plays as he absorbs the meaning of her words. She walks up to him. We are husband and wife and you must know why the room is all decorated. She starts taking off her jewellery….now let us celebrate our wedding night. Fulfill this ritual too. He looks so taken aback. What happened Vishnu? You have fulfilled every ritual with a pure heart till now then would you not do this one? Do it. Why are you quiet? I am your wife. Do it! (God I am feeling sick) Her words echo in his head loud and clear. Yada Yada hi dharmasye plays in the background. He looks at her….having made up his mind. -Break- Taking her hand, he removes the rest of the bangles one by one from her hand throwing them on the floor. She looks at him shocked and scared. He pulls her closer and she closes her eyes in fear. Suddenly he lets go. She sits on the bed scared. He asks her what happened. Why did you stop? You were ready for it right then why did you turn into stone as soon as I touched you? Answer me. Why were you not ready to take it forward? What do you think I want all this from you? How will we fulfill the ritual for which we aren’t ready? Neither of our souls is willing to do it. He shakes his head. Look at the décor carefully. You Anni got it decorated thinking about the ritual. An illiterate woman knows so much about this ritual. We will have to fight with ourselves a lot to fulfill her wishes. We will have to make it work. There is no other aim of mine behind breaking this relation. I am not taking revenge from anyone. I just don’t want to insult anyone’s feelings…your Anni’s, Tappu Massi’s, everyone’s. I only want to respect this chaste relation. Everyone has some beliefs, values which they follow in life….and these are my values. If I break this relation thinking it is you instead of Mukta then I can let go of Mukta too in case I get into some problem in future. What you tried to prove today was right. We cannot fulfill every aspect of our relation today but breaking this relation is just not my thing. My decision wont change ever now. Epi ends on Meethi’s face. Precap: Mai (Gunwanti) and Umed Singh are at Thakur House. Mai gives something (keys) to Meethi and says from now on Bundela House is yours as Mukku looks on from far. Vishnu folds his hands and very politely thanks them for the gift. I understand and respect your feelings. You can give it to your granddaughter but how can I take it?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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